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Seller: Deepika Chavva

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Persian Farsi keyboard to compose and send Emails, SMS or update Notes, Calender Events, Search etc... in Persian/farsi language

★ Persian/Farsi Email/SMS keyboard for iPhone,iPod,iPad

★ Send emails without leaving the app, Save/mange drafts

★ Send SMS in Persian by copy pasting text into Messages App

★ Facebook status can be updated in Persian/Farsi

★ Landscape and Portrait supported

★ Copy & paste Persian/Farsi text into any applications such as Messages,Notes, Safari, and Mail or any other app downloaded from App Store. Font and Color won't be appled to pasted text.

★ Text and keyboard selection is retained when you exit the application and open it again.


★ صفحه کلید فارسی / ایمیل / اس ام اس فارسی برای آی فون ، آی پاد ، اپل

★ ارسال ایمیل بدون ترک APP، پیش نویس ذخیره / مرض جرب

★ ارسال SMS به زبان فارسی توسط کپی کردن متن چسباندن به APP پیام

★ وضعیت فیس بوک می تواند در زبان های فارسی / فارسی به روز شده

★ مناظر و پرتره پشتیبانی

★ کپی کنید و رب به زبان های فارسی / فارسی متن را به هر گونه برنامه های کاربردی مانند پیام ها ، یادداشت ها ، صفری ، و پست الکترونیکی و یا هر برنامه دیگر دانلود از فروشگاه App. فونت و رنگ را به متن چسبانده نمی شود appled.

★ متن و انتخاب صفحه کلید هنگامی که برنامه خروج و باز دوباره آن را حفظ است.

Customer Reviews

  • Primitive!

    by Ariannathegreat!

    The app's y key does not display the two dots beneath the letter :( This app should be improved to become more dynamic and directly utilizable in texts and emails--copying and pasting make it too cumbersome.

  • Don't Waste You Money

    by MattAmiri

    There's a keyboard button with several selections. When you make a selection, the keyboard changes to some useless characters and you won't be able to get the original keyboard back. You then have to delete the App and reinstall it to get the original keyboard back! The whole app looks like work in progress!

  • اشكال فني

    by NewAtrz

    متاسفانه حرف "ي" وقتي در وسط نوشته ميشود، بدون نقطه است . البته حرف "ي" جزو حروفي است كه در فارسي زياد استفاده ميشود و عملا اين كيبورد براي من بي استفاده است

  • Having problem with launching this app!

    by Futuredentist7

    I can't get this app to launch! I click on it, then a black page opens up and that's it. The page will be closed after a second!

  • Needs major improvement

    by Irani today

    You can not use it on text app unless you copy and paste from app to app P. S. no support

  • Stargat3

    by B-777

    May problems. At first look this is a work in progress. -- Keys are arranged at random not according to real Farsi keyboard. -- When other optional keyboards selected cannot return to main keyboard. -- The middle Y "ye" does not have two dots under it. My be many more

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