Binoculars HD 40x - Easily super-zoom your camera Utilities App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Seller: Idan Sheetrit

Improvements and bug fixes:
- Fix crash happened to some user on first run (and forever)
- Fix freeze screen bug

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$5.99 >>>>> $2.99

Why carry binoculars when you can use your mobile device for that?

Now you can easily super-zoom (40x) using your device. Just reverse-pinch/pinch to zoom in or out and easily take a great photo of the zoomed picture.

This is the best binoculars you'll ever use, See screenshots and try it out!

- Easily zoom from 1x to 40x using pinch or special buttons
- Works fully on every device camera: Use it as binoculars or as a zoom-mirror
- Easily take a photo of the zoomed picture
- Slick and easy to use design, See screenshots.
- HD quality!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This app does not alter the functioning of the device camera in any way, This app use digital zoom to enhance the camera ability, We use the best known algorithms to get the ultimate results but using it to full zoom (40x) or near that could result in a bit blur image (as shown on screenshots). If you need a sharp image you can always use smaller zoom.

There is no other app that gives this ability, Please don't leave a bad review because of that.
Moreover, Please see screenshots before buying the app to understand.

ATTENTION - PHOTOS PERMISSION : If you accidently didn't granted permission to access your photos please go to your settings app -> privacy -> photos -> then find the app name and grant access to photos.

If you have any issues with this app please contact us from the app store link. That's the only way we can contact you to solve it out. Leaving an issue as a review doesn't help us solve it. We promise to get back to you ASAP.

Customer Reviews

  • Wow!

    by SimonaA82

    Awesome app!

  • Total waste of money

    by darcie83

    This app does not work. The zoom is totally blurry. Don't waste your money.

  • It didn't work as advertised

    by Vinda's son

    It didn't work during the concert. Very dissatisfied. I want to cancel my purchase.

  • Horrible!

    by Chi mom

    Worst app ever. I cannot believe they are allowed to charge money for this. The binoculars do not work even the slightest bit. If I could I wouldn't even give one star.

  • Ugh. Save your money...

    by ritzygal

    ...Because this app is a total waste! Totally blurry mess. Your camera can do the same thing.

  • Dont waste your $$$

    by Mrs HB Verde

    First of all this app was supposed to be on sale for $2.99 but i was charged the full price of $5.99! Then you cant even take pictures unless you give permission for them to use your fotos. Finally THIS APP IS NO BETTER THAN THE CAMERA ZOOM ON YOUR IPHONE. I want a refund!

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