IR-Thermometer Utilities App Review (iOS, $1.99)

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  • Updated: Mar, 14 2011
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Now use your iPhone to measure the real temperature of the engine block of your car, the interior temperature of your freezer and the roasting temperature of your steak at the next barbecue grill!

The IR thermometer app is suitable for contactless temperature measurements from -40°F to 250°F object temperature and -40°F to 185 °F ambient temperature.

IMPORTANT NOTE! For the real measurement of HMB is | TEC test adapter MLX-IR required. This adapter is simply plugged into the headphone jack and requires no additional power supply. The app is suitable for all iOS4.x iPhone, ipod touch. The measured value is in the form of realistic digital and analog measuring instruments with a resolution of 0.1 °F/°C. In some screen can be displayed simultaneously both temperature values - the object temperature and the ambient temperature, both the minimum and maximum values. The peak values can be reset with a reset switch at any time. The course the object temperature over time is shown additionally in the form of a histogram, or Y/T diagram. Here, too, in addition, the extreme values are always recorded and reset.

The temperature readings can either be in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.The setting is stored in the setup, so that these effects are selected each time needs can still be switched at any time very easily with a rocker switch on the main screen.

The adapter used in the measuring sensor MLX60915 is calibrated at the factory, so no additional calibration settings are necessary. For the correction of various interfaces and object materials, a selection list is available with over 100 different calibration settings Mater IALI and their emission factors (emissivity) are available. Here in the simplest manner, the material impact will be corrected. For more than 90% of all measurements, however, no adjustment shall be made, as is the default emission factor of 0.95 applies here, so the emission factor will not be saved, so that automatically each time reverts to the default value is set.

Important Note! This app is not a medical application and may not be used for human measurements


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