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- Support for iOS 6/iPhone5

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Once the most popular Music Alarm Night Clock, now FREE! LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR ONLY ONE DAY. GET IT NOW WHEN IT's FREE!

New feature: sleep timer! Get to sleep and wake up to your music! With iOS 4, alarm works even when the app is not running! iPad support! High definition UI for iPhone4/iPhone5!

Best clock with all features you want: wake up to music from your iPod library, multiple alarms, vibration alarm, weekday/weekend repeat settings, digital/analog theme, customize color and time/date format, auto-dim, portrait/landscape mode, travel time zone mode. It even comes with a bonus flashlight!

** ALARM **
- Wake up to music from your iPod library
- Direct access to all your musics
- Sleep timer. Fall asleep with your favorite music!
- With iOS 4, alarm works even when the app is not running
- Multiple alarms
- Alarm in iPhone sleep and silent mode
- Weekday/weekend repeat settings
- Vibration alarm
- Non-stop alarm music
- Whole-screen touch snooze
- Customize snooze interval
- Customize alarm duration
- 7 built-in alarm sounds

** CLOCK **
- Whole-screen touch Snooze
- More than 16,000,000 colors
- High definition UI for iPhone4
- Portrait and landscape modes
- Screen auto dim, tap to see the time
- Four beautiful Digital/Analog themes
- Show/hide seconds, AM/PM
- Show/hide date, weekday
- 12/24 hour format
- Disable/enable auto-lock
- Optional Travel time zone mode
- Slide finger up/down to adjust brightness
- Compatible with iPhone 2.0, 2.1, 2.2.1 and 3.0

- Double tap to turn on
- Tap again to turn off

** HINTS **
- Slide your finger up/down to adjust brightness
- Set alarm duration to non-stop to enjoy music
- Enable autolock or auto-dim to save battery
- Recommended to keep iPhone on external power

** FAQ **
- Q: How to adjust the backlight (background glowing)?
A: Go to iPhone Settings->Brightness to adjust backlight.
- Q: Why can't I use iPod music as alarm?
A: To use iPod music as alarm, iPhone/iPod OS 3.0 is required. Make sure the iPhone/iPod Touch is in portrait mode when selecting music as alarm from iPod library.
- Q: Why doesn't alarm go off?
A: Like all alarm clocks in app store, the app must be running to use the alarm. Make sure the volume is not zero and repeat flag is set to everyday or any weekday you want. For version 1.5.1, make sure the "disable autolock" is on.

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Customer Reviews

  • So Easy

    by Milliganmi

    Have confidence-------it really will work. This is the only answer for my wake up needs.

  • Good App

    by Andy Loven Itunes

    Works better than any other I have tried

  • Reliable

    by dins93

    Use as my nightstand clock

  • My every night alarm clock

    by fdan4824

    My only wish is that all alarms were in the same list.

  • iPad version

    by whatnicknameISNTtaken?

    Like the customizability, but the 'clock' size is pretty much the same as on the iPhone even though it's on the iPad's larger screen.

  • Clock works great!

    by tsyed2002

    It's a pretty good clock. No complaints as of yet.

  • Perfect

    by Dcdfiredave

    Live the features!

  • Works great!

    by kutenai

    No problems, does what I want it to do. What more to say.

  • Nice clock

    by TMonti700

    Great clock for me

  • Grrrrrrreatttttt

    by Neotechit

    A nice way to remind me of the things aheaf

  • Love it

    by timbojo

    Great to be able to just glance at my phone for the time. Love being able to choose the song to wake up to and set the snooze at my preferred length. Also like being able to touch the screen anywhere to start snooze.

  • A few quirks....

    by liberalMinded

    I find it works most if the time. Occasionally beeps instead of playing my requested song, but I still like it. It's still functional as an alarm.

  • Love it

    by Mr. Yokey

    On the road it's indispensable asy toothbrush. Reliable, and I've incorporated a couple of my own tunes fur alarms. Great!

  • Functional

    by Osomalo

    I wake up to the rooster every day!

  • Awesome

    by Joshraider

    Great alarm system! I use it every day.

  • It's ok

    by mike bradley

    I've been using night clock for a while. It's better than most of the clock apps out there, but seen little improvement in a while.

  • Like it

    by Donald Mick

    Performs intended function gracefully.

  • Good alarm

    by Cielodome

    Would have given 5 stars -- as this app is very nicely designed and looks great as well -- what would give it 5 stars are 2 things: 1) have all the alarms listed in one place so you can see them all together and 2) add a few more alarm sounds to the few listed. That said, I tried several other alas but this one stood out as easiest and most reliable.

  • THE most reliable, best working alarm clock.

    by Buckarooski

    I have six other alarm apps sitting on my phone doing nothing. I was looking for one that looks nice and can be counted on. This is it! None of those others (and they were top rated...) worked consistently. Choose this if you want to choose the best.

  • Awesome

    by App r3vi3w3r

    Use it every night

  • Since iOS 7 No longer works!

    by Jokarr

    The best Alarm no longer works. Please update. 11/24/2011 This is an update. This App remains the best feature for feature Alarm Clock App...Period. I continue to download other alarm clock apps and there continue to come back to this one. The ease of use, simple design and the fact it's never let me down continues to earn my patronage. My only request would be a few more options in clock styles. Flip Clock would be cool. ************ I've purchased all the top rated apps and this beats them all. My only wish is that they'd offer additional clock styles. If they do that, they'll have an additional 5th Star.

  • Night clock

    by Sparton237

    Horrible! Don't waste time or money on this.

  • Disappointed

    by bw8

    Used to be great now not reliable.

  • I don't hate it, but there are better

    by JC3133

    See title.

  • Disappointed

    by Gonnabrich

    I purchased this clock because it shows the alarm time on the main screen. Unfortunately on a few occasions the alarm doesn't work. At first I thought it was me hitting the snooze or sleeping through the alarm. But after a few tests I have eliminated myself as the culprit and decided this clock has to go. An unreliable alam clock is worthless to me.

  • Great alarm clock app

    by Earlyrider

    Easy to use. Use it every night

  • Phone clock

    by Bmxmom 1995

    Awesome app

  • Awesome app.

    by Hilberto Zamora

    I rely on it to wake me up every morning as I have to be at work early. It has never let me down.

  • Love the Clock

    by Mentone Cabins

    I use it every night when I travel. It is best when I am on the road. Work great at the hotels. Never have to set their alarms or get a wake up call.

  • Volume Problems

    by Clarabelle28

    Great up! I really like it, however, for some reason my lately my volume control is messing up. The reading screen is to 84 and it wont move, then some times the volume resets itself down to "0" and I miss my wake up time....some help, anyone???

  • Perfect for what it is

    by susteph

    And that is a stable, reliable bedside clock and alarm. It's one of the first apps I ever bought back when I got my 1st gen iPod touch. I've used it every night for years. I've even used the built in flashlight a few times. Like the addition of music in theory, but haven't tried it yet.

  • Great app

    by dabphilliefan

    I have used this app for 4 years now an it has helped a lot

  • Night Clock

    by SandyBoyer

    Super! I use it every night

  • No longer working properly

    by pbnj91

    I used to use this everyday and loved it but since the new update it no longer works properly. Please fix this app.

  • Alarm clock

    by Madjac47

    It goes off too early in the mornings--other than that, it works great!

  • Great ap

    by Wbud

    It's consistent, and it works right. I have tried many others but this is the best

  • Perfect

    by Frank v f

    Last update fixed the bugs. Works great and iPod feature back and better than ever!

  • No iPod alarm

    by HighlanderDave

    Used to love it, not so much anymore. Bring back the iPod alarm tone. Also, somedays the alarm works, somedays it doesn't go off. Not so awesome.

  • No more iPod

    by Esquiringmind

    Can't use iPod anymore since iOS 6. Deal breaker. Used to be awesome. Will be deleted tomorrow.

  • iOS 6.0 no iPod ring

    by Southern Shopper

    Since iOS 6 you can't use iPod songs for the alarm sound anymore. Tried to use the built in clock app from Apple for the alarm sound while using this clock for the image. This doesn't work either because the Apple app doesn't play the alarm song while a different app is open in the foreground. I love the appearance of this clock! Please update. And while you're at it, also integrate hardware dimming. I always have to go into the preferences to turn the display brightness down before I go to bed. I would even pay another buck for this, maybe two. Software dimming alone doesn't do the trick. I hardly can see the numbers anymore but the black rectangle lights the whole room in Gray.

  • I wish it still worked

    by Gman4real

    Since updating to 6.0 it won't use iPod music as an alarm and also the volume settings are all wonky. It USED TO work perfect. PLEASE UPDATE!!

  • I

    by Ninja99zulu


  • Good features

    by MaineCheng

    I've been using and really love it

  • Útil

    by Curruñata

    Muy útil y practico.

  • Works as promised

    by Azhorselady

    Does what it says, recommend.

  • Love app

    by Real McCoy3

    Love this app Very reliable love that you can wake up to music

  • Love this

    by Helen Carames

    Turns your iPod/iPhone into a fantastic alarm clock.

  • bs33

    by Crazyone33

    Great app, works well, use it every day. Very functional and useful.

  • Great App

    by kenyatta dubose

    I love this app

  • Perfect

    by Coffeerealgod

    Great options and layout!

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