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A+ iSystemInfoFree provides detailed information about your iPhone/iPod Touch. Memory, battery, disk usage and running processes information are all displayed on one screen. With a quick launch of iSystemInfo, you can immediately see all of them!

- View realtime memory status: free memory, inactive memory, active memory, wired memory
- View battery status and battery level in percentage
- View free/used diskspaces
- View all running processes
- Polished UI, very beautiful

Note: iPhone OS 3.0 required.

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Customer Reviews

  • I like it

    by A person who is satisfied

    I like the fact that i can view the processes but as we know, apple doesnt want apps to touch anything systemish. (e.g. Memory, video, songs, system settings, etc.)

  • Great ap, quick snapshot of everything!

    by BorisTheK

    Does everything but free memory; very clean view of everything.

  • If all you want to do is look...

    by AlphaRapture

    ...then this app is fine. Breakdown: -Yay, you can actually see how much space is occupied w/o plugging into the computer and opening iTunes. Two thumbs up, especially if the user is d/ling apps all the time~ -This is the biggie: you can view specific system processes, but not actually DO anything about them like free memory, unlike other 'system' apps. AFAIK, this is the same in the paid version. Fail. EDIT: apparently, I've read that Apple does not want such apps (that clear memory as noted above), and some apps previously on the store have since disappeared. Changed rating to higher. -Battery view is nice to have, but there is only a general percentage that can only be rounded to the nearest 5% anyway. No breakdown screen of 3G, wi-fi, Internet use or anything. Would be nice to know, but not necessarily on the same screen if the goal is to only have one screen to look at quickly. Can be tabbed, or something. Great idea and I do love the UI... If it did the above things this app would definitely replace two of my own, but it doesn't. Still, for what it says it does, it does it well.

  • nice little app

    by ccsharp

    I can see all the information I need at launch. much better than buying several one.

  • ?????

    by Fungisimo

    IDK how to read or know why my space and stuff keep switching?

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