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  • Updated: Jan, 04 2010
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Seller: Heather Yoes

-Minor memory improvements.
-In-app-Mail web link correction.

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Animal Personality Test
Take this chance and give it try you'll be amazed what you learn about yourself.

We've all encountered people who remind us of animals. They act like bears, monkeys, hyena, Lions, and vultures and often even look like these animals. This correlation is rooted in nature's need for diverse ecosystems - the food chain requires the interactions of many different types of creatures to remain stable, and it is the interplay of these niches that gives rise to enduring and healthy populations.

Humans so completely dominate their environment that our social structures have become an ecosystem unto themselves. This means that the same rules apply to our circles of friends, family and co-workers, because attributes that provide equilibrium in the animal world (aggression, stealth, wariness, etc) also provide stability in our own society.

How do you determine your animal personality? It's easy!
Pressing the scan button will fire off our advanced algorithm engine.
Animal Personality Test will match your traits to the animal species closest to you, and help you discover where you fit in this wild world of ours.

Take this chance and give it try you'll be amazed what you learn about yourself.

All photo's are of the highest of quality , and are made available by..

Customer Reviews

  • Cool pictures!

    by MistralWinds

    A fun way to kill a few minutes, and the pictures are awesome!

  • Fun app

    by I M72

    I have been using it all day. My boss got a little upset with his result. lol Great UI

  • Confusing

    by Blais083

    I knew it was stupid, but I thought I would try it. Every time a picture popped up I picked up my finger, and it started rescanning! The pictures were random, doesn't even tell you anything about the animal. Waste of a 1-minute download

  • Random!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!

    by Fhgfhlgg

    They stink do not get

  • Pointless

    by J. Andrew Salo

    Pointless. Random. Not even good pictures.

  • Needs improvement.

    by Supersmasher

    All you do is push a button and it gives you a random pic. It's different every time! If you took a quiz it would be more accurate.....

  • Wow what the!!!!!

    by HLD123

    It was bad it was boring and I wonder wat the people who made this were thinking

  • Get it when pigs fly!

    by choo choo chewies

    Great not! What has this world come to it just scans your finger and comes with a different picture everytime it just pretends to know what animal you are like if you do get it delete instantly I am warning you

  • Rip off

    by Reach for stars

    Just shows random pictures I scanned my finger 3 times 3 different pictures so deleting

  • What a rip!

    by Samh4415

    I know I didn't have to pay, but COME ON! It did a different picture every time!

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