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  • Publisher: Hamway
  • Updated: Feb, 22 2011
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 18.95 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Seller: Heather Yoes

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We are proud to present.
- All Level System HD

This amazing bubble level application is great for leveling pictures, tabletops, pool tables, or reading angles of any object. Whatever you might need to even out with the simplicity of this awesome Level app. It’s ready when you are.

Get it for all your Apple devices for free .
get it now.
(Complete Retina Support)
That’s right enjoy this beautiful application in high resolution on your iPhone 4.

( Bigger is Better! : )
With iPad Support
This is the first and only level application for the iPad. Making full use of the iPad’s size will improve on all of your projects that you may use it for.

It just works! The display will automatically adjust to whatever position you place your iPhone , iPad, or iPod Touch. We've tested it against self adjusting laser level’s and many other leveling device’s and it is spot on every time.

(Simple calibration)
Once you have properly gone through the simple calibration procedure, you’ll never have to re-calibrate the app. It will save all of your precious effort.

(Double tap the screen)
Double tap the scree anywhere to hide and unhide the buttons.

Stylize your app to fit your personality. With six themes to choose from at launch date. Many more are on there way!

Languages supported, English, German, Spanish, French

Give it a try.
& Have fun with it.

Be sure to tell your friends about this great application.

Customer Reviews

  • Gorgeous App!

    by sir Apps A lot 91

    beautiful app! I got this app a while ago, and have used it many times for my home projects. I just moved it to my home screen. I must say it's very easy to use. And it gets the job done with style.

  • Nice free app

    by Penny89

    Very useful app. Works without fail.

  • works well

    by jAmEs the CyyyR

    It's so easy to use and works pretty well. Great!

  • pretty good app

    by Joelito2300

    I just think this would be funny to use with an ipad

  • Super cool

    by app dude*

    Great job. The themes are a nice touch. Very easy to setup, and use.

  • Fun, easy to use

    by Recommended App

    Nice graphics, enjoyable. I liked how the UI worked.

  • Great iPad app

    by sirClicksAlot129

    nice, clean , easy to use.

  • Level

    by molSol777

    Straightforward and simple level tool, beats a $ 10.00 real level. It even shows you the degrees.

  • Awesome!!!! love it. Thanks

    by I M72

    Awesome gadget! After calibrating, i compared i to my real level. "It's Spot On" I can't believe it's free

  • Works

    by snoopy@#$

    Simple, works, useful. This app is really basic and does exactly what it should. The animation is amazingly accurate. Love it.

  • Annoying

    by Arsey Rob

    How do I remove the permanent (1) in the icon corner?

  • Bad update

    by Lukerl

    On the latest update, an annoying #1 appears on both the icon and folder the icon is in. Uninstalled and reinstalled but still there. Can't calibrate now either. Told it is same with paid version. I used to like this app but getting rid of it.

  • Annoying

    by DrewMerkle

    First, the ad behavior is a deal breaker. I deleted the app rather than look at the (1) always on the app icon. I understand the developer would like some cash flow but this was just plain confusing because I didn't even know why the notification was there. Second, if I had a known-level surface I wouldn't be using a level app. Requiring that to calibrate is, to say the least, impractical. Third, the user interface for calibration is unclear. Finally, even when "calibrated" it doesn't seem to work consistently (tested against both real levels and other level apps on same iPhone). I'll try again and re-rate if/when ad issue is fixed. ;-)

  • Persistent advertising is a killer

    by Saguaro Sam

    Very nice app - nice level; BUT, the free version is ad sponsored. The ad is for a "free" game ... that costs money to play. The really annoying thing - unless you download the game, the level icon displays the red-circle "update" symbol. Sorry, too annoying. I would pay the $2 to buy the app to get rid of the advert and update symbol, but that kind of persistent advertising really chaps my hide. I'll delete the app and find another level app.

  • Uninstall after several attempts for starting the app.

    by Suramog


  • Crash!

    by karenhedlund

    It wont open and keeps crashing! I deleted it!!!!!!

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