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  • Updated: May, 27 2009
  • Version: 1.0.3
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Seller: Heather Yoes

Improvements in the filtering engine.

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True Level is a multi surface level tool that fits in your pocket.
True Level automatically adjusts to whatever application you may need.

Ready to True up any surface.
Lay the iPhone/iPod touch on it's back and your shown a beautiful circular level.
Hold the iPhone/iPod touch to a painting in vertical or horizontal positions and you are presented with two more liquid level’s that are very easy to use.

Fine tune your work.
-Take your time and follow the simple in app directions by touching the (?).
(we recommend calibrating your app with a actual level. If none are available usually a kitchen or washroom counter top are very close to actual 0.0 degrees.)
-All calibration will be saved until the reset button is pressed.

Watch the bubble and make adjustments to get it close to the center. Then use the digital degree display to get your work True.

Our development & testing teams have invested much of there time to insure that this app is easy to use and is the most accurate level in the app store.

Give it a try.

Calibration instructions.
NOTE: Each view must be calibrated separately.
Once calibrated the app will save this data until reset
(You only have to calibrate each view once)

-Face up view-(surface)
1.Lay your device on a flat surface.
2.Press the calibration button.
3.Press the (Reset) button to start over.

-Vertical view-(portrait)
1.Place your device on a flat surface.
(With the ON/OFF buttons up)
2.Press the calibration button.
3.Press the (Reset) button to start over.

-Horizontal view-(landscape)
1.Place your device on a flat surface.
(With the volume buttons up)
2.Press the calibration button.
3.Press the (Reset) button to start over.

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Customer Reviews

  • The best tool in the store

    by Cooler691

    This is by far the best level tool in the app store it has more features than the other level and it's easy to use. It is very accurate i only had to calibrate it once.

  • I like it

    by Poupoue

    Very nice app, nice the idea to make an app like this one, I use it a lot. there is just a problem, do you think it's fair to pay for an app like this one when you can find the same thing for less? I think you should do this: - Or make the app totally free but keep it like this, - Or add more features but make it paid I'm going to update this rewiew if the app gets better

  • Nice tool 4 3 bucks

    by GregStephens

    Versatile and easy to use. As accurate as a liquid level. Worth the price. Thanks to the developers.


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