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This app will allow you to live the life you wish!

Here's how:
The improtance of having a routine is no secret. This is especially true if you work primarily at the computer or generally sitting down.
We've all been there: we get caught up reading, checking or doing something that we completely lose track of time.

In order to avoid this we set up appointment sin calendars or other more nifty tricks so that this lapsus doesn't mess-up our planned day.
However, we often forget that also the little things are important, especially for our body which is forced to sit down for many hours (not natural).

Thanks to this app you will be able set up your morning or fullday routine the way you want it and will be reminded automagically.

How many times have you read that you should stretch every so often? What about drinking water?
Have you ever forgotten to make lunch until past 3pm? I certainly have...
This is all awful for your body. Have a dog? forgot to put him out? Awful for him too!

Regardless what you element you wish to include in your daily routine, this app will let you achieve it in the most natural and easy way.

In addition, it has been proven that more time ≠ higher productivity is always true. If you remind yourself to take a quick break, you will be extremely more fresh when you return!

I made this app primarily for myself and figured many other freelancers or busy people in general will benefit from it.

Make sure you get in touch for questions, comments and even complaints!


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