Action Scanner - Police, Fire, EMS and Amateur Radio Utilities App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Geoffrey Rainville

We've been listening to your feedback and are happy to provide the following user-requested updates:

* New search listing to easily find the most popular feeds by state, country or world-wide
* Significantly improved help file
* Compatibility with M3U and PLS files in personal feeds
* Improved compatibility with future iOS releases
* Minor visual tweaks and bug fixes

If you enjoy using Action Scanner, please take the time to rate or review each new release - it matters!

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Keep up to date on all of the action with Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance, Amateur Radio, News and more all in the palm of your hand! Now you can hear it all right as it happens around you or from around the globe.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on an old-fashoned police scanner that will only receive local frequencies, when Action Scanner can tune you in to over 3,600 feeds in 19 countries worldwide?

With so many feeds to choose from, it would be crazy to expect you to pick just one. That's why we've designed Action Scanner to automatically scan up to 4 feeds simultaneously and seek out the action in real time. No other IOS scanner application can offer that!

* Scan up to FOUR stations at once - An Action Scanner Exclusive!
* Scan in the background - Action Scanner continues to run while you use other apps or turn your screen off to conserve your battery
* Find the most popular scanner feeds by state, county or world-wide
* Organize your favorite feeds into banks and switch between them instantly
* Find the active feed at a glance on the integrated map
* Configure the sleep timer and listen to the action as you fall asleep
* Beautiful user interface optimized for the Retina display
* Extensive coverage of Police, Fire, Emergency Services, Aircraft, Railroad, Amateur Radio Repeaters and more!

Please note that like all of the scanner apps in the App Store our feeds are provided over the Internet by individual volunteers, and we can't add or guarantee the availability of feeds for any particular area. We are confident that you will find plenty of information and entertainment regardless. If your locality isn't listed, consider becoming a feed provider - information is available at This application and those like it in the App Store do not allow you to receive police radio frequencies directly on your device.

Action Scanner is the official iPhone app of Edmonton Fire Radio.

Customer Reviews

  • Best Police Scanner App

    by Ms1212

    I'm a long time, over 35 years, of being an avid scanner fanatic & this is the closest to a real scanner as you can currently get on a smart phone app. I've tried nearly every other app & none are this good. It lets you have four banks of four channels to scan. You can set one bank for your favorite county or type of radio to monitor. So instead of only hearing one channel at a time you can monitor four at a time. You can switch to another bank of channels also. This is useful if you are in various locations. This will run in the background which is nice. It has several nice features. Now the bad. Not nearly enough coverage of agencies. However, this the case with any scanner app. Give it a try & I think you will like it.

  • Great app

    by Great Big Bear

    I listen to it all the time

  • Best Scanner App

    by Old gamer44

    By far best scanner available with 4 programmable and scannable separate banks with 4 slots for each bank. Comes with interchangeable map/ten code screen. Developer says he's even working on improving that.

  • Great app

    by Playball16

    It's a great app but it keeps breaking out in mid sentence so I don't get to hear it all. Good otherwise.

  • Prepare4 - Scanning The Roads

    by Prepare4

    When I'm out on the highways & bi-ways of my county I want to know what's going on - Scanner Alerts keeps me informed as I can scan through several agencies at one time.

  • this is the # one scanner app!!

    by Tilemedallion

    I have use a few other scanner apps, this one is the best!! It would be even better if you can see the number of listeners. Overall excellent

  • Great app

    by Funtwin

    Easy to use and very versatile.

  • Cool app

    by EFF2855

    Cool app love it

  • Great app

    by bigtyme175

    Great app it does what it says it does no more no less and no fuss it just simply works!

  • Fantastic Scanner App but there is a better one

    by Vic Healey

    Yes I was just telling a nation wide group, Crisis Alert, about S. R. Deluxe and this app when I discovered this app has been updated to a new one that adds more channels. S. R. Deluxe will continue to be my favorite app for discovery of hot channels any where in the world when news breaks but this one or the Pro version will allow more details to be found by bringing other related channels in a region to the table. Look for the Pro Version of this app. $3 And to think I have thousands of dollars in radios and this type app allows me to have just about all that and more on the Apple iPad. Ki4je FANTASTIC!

  • What happened!

    by Rotes Motorrad

    I used this app all the time but suddenly my county is gone! What happened to it??? Trying to find another app to use.

  • Action Scanner

    by Turbo-Look 911

    Great app. At least as flexible as my $500 scanner. Easy to use. Could use a help menu. Use it a lot.

  • The only scanner ap that lets you scan with banks

    by Adma101

    Wish other scanner aps could do that!!

  • Love it

    by Shadynfs420

    Still waiting for a iPad version please posted many times love the app bet it works better if made for iPad any iOS please..crap ill rebuy it for the iPad if u do use it every dat love it again must have

  • Outstanding

    by gb1xyl1

    If you're a scanner fan, just buy this. I use it more than my "real" scanners!

  • Sweet. A REAL scanner

    by KapnKrunch

    This app ACTUALLY SCANS multiple feeds. Probably the next best thing to a dedicated scanning radio!

  • Superb app

    by Mr. Culpeper

    It's wonderful having an app that scans channels rather than all the other apps which limit you to one channel at a time. This app runs flawlessly.

  • Fantastic App

    by Climbermedic

    I've been waiting for multi freq scan in an app for a long time. Quick to connect to the channels. Few suggestions for future updates. Screen support for IPhone 5 and selecting which freq to scan within your chosen bank. Other than that great app.

  • Love it

    by Shadynfs

    Use it every day jus wish it would be for iPad as well plus add nearby search n other features would be nice

  • Best. App. Ever.

    by BradyHOF

    For enthusiasts like me who have been craving multi-channel scanning over the Web, this is the real deal. THANK YOU for this app!

  • A real scanner

    by F2959

    Fantastic app. How about some new features. This is as true a police scanner as you can get on a phone

  • Best scanner

    by screwlose88

    Clearly the best scanner app available by far! A must have for anyone who needs to be informed about what's really going on around them!

  • Action Scanner

    by LAHeat

    One of the best scanner apps on the market!! This is the ONLY scanner app that lets you program multiple channels into the app which makes it the only TRUE SCANNER on the market. Also the tech support is outstanding. I emailed a question w/a minor issue and they got back w/a solution immediately. This is a 5

  • Very disappointing.

    by rock165

    At one time this was the best scanner app in my opinion. But not much has changed over the past few years. It's time for the dev to play catch up and get his hard work back in line with other apps of the same type. Searching for channels by county is cumbersome. A universal version supporting the iPad would be great.

  • awesome!

    by rberta

    Everything works great now! The developer has been very responsive to all of my emails for help.

  • good app

    by Banji454

    works great but i am still waiting for an ipad version.

  • Action Scanner

    by Lebron 57

    6/28/2012. It is the best scanner yet. Best Ever. Thanks Lebron

  • Good Scanner

    by Nosweatt

    Scanner App is great. BUT, Can't run other apps while scanner is running. If I want to go to twitter or text a friend, the police scanner will shut down. It will run in the background, as long as you're not trying to run another app on iPhone 4. Programers please fix.

  • WoW Fantastic!!

    by Sound & Vision

    Hands down the best scanner app around.... And the only one that actually scans multiple links!! Also displays location and has a great multi-colored visual audio display. Amazing!! Good job guys!!

  • Unique and useful

    by jpryor223

    This unique and useful live scanner radio app has a number of features that go above and beyond what most other scanner apps can provide. The multiple feed scanning works great, and back ground scanning performs well. The quick select favorite groups are also very useful.

  • Much better now

    by bob8811

    This is a great app now that they fixed all of the issues. Works in the background!

  • My GO-TO Monitoring App

    by Punchinello III

    Latest version fixes bugs that plagued the recently update for the past week. It's now back in service. I have five monitoring apps on my iPhone and iPad but this is the best public safety monitor I've found so far for iOS. I'm in public safety and need rapid flexibility to monitor multiple systems that not even Motorola portables can achieve. Action Scanner's flexible scanning capabilities make this is my go to monitor. All monitoring apps look the same until you experience this one.

  • Update Disaster

    by Rescue Zombie

    This scanner App was by far one of the better Apps for scanning online feeds, only downfall was its inability to run in the background, annoying but tolerable. Now with the 2.0 update this app is completely useless. If you shut your screen down to save battery, the App shuts off too, unlike the last version. Now they want you to run the app, no multitasking and keep the screen up during your listening, burning up your battery. Do Not Waste your money. ***Update*** ver 2.1 tried to use new version but was even worse. Promised background running but does not work. Now any feed in first slot will not connect. Luckily I rolled back the ver.

  • Excellent App !

    by W6kbt

    Ive used radio scanners for many years and this is great. A $300 scanner in your shirt pocket,, how cool is that! Got my town (san diego) covered in one bank. My Sons town (san francisco) in another. And 4 hamradio repeater systems in another. Cool... Keep up the good work guys.

  • Terrible - Awful - DO NOT BUY

    by Stormchaser in MN

    There are no instructions on how to program the channels. In fact, there are no instructions AT ALL. The 'support' link on this page sends you to the teenysoftware website, which is entirely void of any and all user instructions. What an absolute joke. This app is a great idea, but was released in a non-operative (non-intuitive) state. Needs lots of re-development & re-design before it will even begin to be functional. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

  • Check coverage in your geography before you buy this

    by Touch driver

    I was disappointed. Great scanner interface BUT little or no useful coverage in . . . .. .get this . . . the San Francisco Bay Area! Come on guys, this is a major metro center and there's virtuallyl NO coverage of local municipalities. To be fair, whether or not a given city is covered is a function of what the local municipals choose to do but, it also emphasizes the way this application gets its "feed". Check first - before you buy. Played with this for several weeks - I'm deleting it today.

  • Awesome!!

    by mcmanus213

    The scanning multiple channels function is brilliant. Makes this app the top in features. Sound bar color indicator is also a great feature. The squelch mode makes this 5 stars!! If you can add the ability to set a priority to a channel, and a sleep timer, ill give this 6 stars. Well done on your innovation over everyone else.

  • The Best Scanner App!

    by Tlloydm

    This is a very good app. I love being able to monitor multiple sites. This is truly a scanner, not just a monitor like many of the others. The customer service is very responsive. I have had no trouble with this app at all. I have several scanner apps and this is the best! I think some of the bad reviews are from competitors!

  • What happened??

    by Catgeek

    While this is still my favorite because of the multi-scan feature, it has suddenly stopped keeping connected to my selections so I have to either change banks and go back so it re-seeks the feeds or close the app and go back in. Is any one else seeing this?

  • Great app!

    by StateCop

    This is a must have app!!!

  • Locks up iPod

    by RGNewton

    This app worked well for a while but now causes my iPod to lock up Any help out there?

  • Great scanner app

    by bradenmikael

    This would get five stars if it fully supported iOS 4 background running, not just one channel. Other than that ... fantastic app!!!

  • no support

    by me22122

    emails to their support department go unanswered. Product not supported.

  • The winner among scanner apps!

    by Revbeej

    I've been a scanner buff for many years (over 20). I own several base and handheld scanners and I have most of the scanner apps. Check my reviews of their apps. This app is the hands down THE best scanner app available. It actually SCANS your set banks. NO other app does this. Thanks for a great app! Update: Love the new update! Especially like the custom names for each bank. That is very useful! Thanks! Update: Just keeps getting better. I love being able to add my own feeds. I'm looking forward to future updates! :) Finally, yes... This IS the best scanner app in the app store. It is the ONLY one that scans multiple feeds just like a real scanner. That alone sets it apart from all the rest. * Would love to see this app updated for the new OS so it could run in the background.

  • Where's San Jose

    by 123Steve321

    I live in San Jose, Ca... The 10th largest city in the US, and I can't get the local SJPD... Don't be sure your city will be on here.

  • Almost perfect

    by oxygen646

    I have been using this app and others like it for months now I can say this app is almost perfect because it doesn't have a sleep timer. Add a sleep timer and it will be perfect and the best

  • Praise? Hang on just a minute here

    by yaesumofo

    I am not sure just what makes this really stand out. The thing is being able to scan multiple systems works fine if they are quiet systems. The minute you put in say three busy systems you end up missing more than you monitor unless you "hold" on a system. The fact is that you can't hold on a channel. That is the single biggest thing that seperates an from a real scanner. So the reality is this app adds nothing real. What would make a difference is being able to see the tags which are part of many scanner feeds. Atl east with tags you can see what you are listining to. This can give you a much better perspective on what you are monitoring. I have Most of the scanning apps they prettyuch all use the same database except this one which is using a much smaller database. Why? The number of stations which this app provides is small by comparson. Before I add stars to my review I will need to see some real improvement. If scanning multiple systems which are quiet then this could be your app. For me it just doesn't do it. I monitor systems like the LAPD & LACSO, LA CITY FIRE, LA County Fire. All busy all the time. Make this app work on these feeds so I don't miss so much action and I will re evaluate Action Scanner. YMF

  • All scanner apps bow b4 your king!!

    by lord_liam

    Excellent idea that can help in emergencies or provide info on a fire up the street. Being a scanner buff and owning a few this app has made them obselete! This app programs the frequency and broadcasts them over your iPhone ,the frequencies I use are available and can be programmed into 4 banks

  • Best scanner app by far.

    by Dracer777

    With the ability to scan more than one feed at a time, this app surpasses the competition. With the recommendations from the reviewer below me, along with the ability to record, this would be close to unbeatable. Now, to those who are not familiar with scanning.... With alot of small towns, they are grouped into one channel or talkgroup. Meaning many small towns may be on the same feed. Try your county feed if the city feed is not on there. A NOTE TO THE DEVELOPER: you may want to state some variation of this in your description. As I foresee that being a large part of your bad ratings.

  • The Best so Far!

    by hamrad45

    I have tried a number of scanner apps and this appears to be one of the best. It has a feature that none of the others has in that you select 4 stations and it does a real scan of these just like my real scanners. Two things I will like to see; 1) Ability to scan more than 4 stations. 20 would be sufficent. 2) Ability to record and include a time stamp and station ID. Even without these features this is a great app and well worth the price. Tom (hamrad)

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