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Updated for iPhone OS4 compatability.

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The Moiré Gobo Library from Wybron, Inc. lets lighting production personnel browse, search, and experiment with more than 3,600 different A-size gobos from the following manufacturers:
- Apollo
- InLight
- Lee

With the Moiré Gobo Library, you can:
- Adjust the focus of gobos to simulate blurred effects
- Spin gobos at different speeds and in different directions
- Use the TwinSpin™ feature to overlap and spin any two gobos at different speeds and in different (or identical) directions
- Search gobos by name or number
- Sort gobos by name or number in ascending or descending order
- Display gobos on black or white backgrounds
- Review last 12 gobos in "Recently Viewed Gobos" list
- Flip a single gobo by swiping horizontally
- Flip the two gobos in a TwinSpin by swiping horizontally for Gobo A and swiping vertically for Gobo B
- Use the "Feedback" button to send comments directly to the developer at Wybron

Ideal uses of the Moiré Gobo Library include:
- Theatres
- Churches
- Concerts
- Corporate events
- Nightclubs/bars
- Casinos
- Cruise ships
- DJ events
- Theatrical dealers
- Educational theater programs

TwinSpin is a trademark of GAM.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App (I bought version 1.2)

    by Jules Lauve

    To those who complained about no Rosco or Apollo in v. 1.0, check out v. 1.2 -- Apollo is included! I'd guess that since Rosco appears in Wybron's "Swatch" App (as does Apollo), it's just a matter of time before we see Rosco included in "Gobo" as well. So reviewers, go update your app (you did buy it before reviewing, right?) and see what you think. And, hey Wybron folks -- nice work.

  • Another Tool at your finger tips

    by tm204

    Remember when we chose gobos from a catalog and we had two or three catalogs in a file folder. Then we would just look them up on the internet but still had to manage several different sites. This app puts over 1500 gobos at your finger tips. The interface is easy to use and I am constantly experimenting with new gobo combinations and I am finding new gobos to use in future shows. I have all ready found that my color palate has expanded because I use Wybron’s Gel Swatch application just as my gobo palette is growing with this application. There are some things I want in future versions and I did send feedback through the application and got an email response within 24 hours. I want the ability to set focus in twin spin mode, and the focus feature to react more like the focus on an ERS. I would also like to see color gobos in future releases. One of my biggest complaints in the initial release was the lack of Apollo and Rosco gobos. This has been partially fixed by the addition of Apollo, in Wybron’s response to me, they said currently Rosco does not wish to be involved in the project and I should contact Rosco to get there gobos on the app. I was assured most of my suggestions could be dealt with in future updates. At first I was put off by the price of this application but I am finding it to be a valuable tool that I use weekly if not daily. I am more than willing to pay ten dollars for an application that saves me time and expands my design choices.

  • Agreed

    by Lighting1

    I agree with the others here. Mobile access to this kind of information is wonderful. However, when it is incomplete it becomes less helpful. Rosco and Apollo really should be added to make this a very useful app.

  • Great Start

    by lekoguy

    This is a very useful tool. But I agree with the other postings, we need Rosco and Apollo in here. Lee is not that common in the US, but it's great to see those options in there when searching for just the right gobo. I do find the search interface very sluggish. Probably from having to load all those thumbnails all the time. I'm sure this will be fixed in the next version.

  • Shows Promise, but Incomplete

    by nvanhouten

    Slick interface based off the Gel Library. Not particularly valuable until it includes Rosco and Apollo.

  • Great app, but incomplete

    by JRsct

    This is a great app, I have wanted something like this for some time (the gel swatchbook has spoiled me), but it is missing Rosco and Apollo gobos. I hope they will be added soon, then this will be perfect. I love being able to pull the gobos out of focus, the online gobo catalogues don't let you do this!

  • Great but limited

    by cleverpun207

    This is a wonderful app for reference on the fly, but without one of the most common brands I am often disappointed by its lacking. Otherwise it is outstanding.

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