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Seller: Fox Dragon Design LLC

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★★★ Increase Your Signal Bars Today! ★★★
For Entertainment and Prank Use Only.

Problems with the signal strength on your new iPhone? Is your iPhone dropping calls or showing fewer signal bars? Death grip issues? Pretend to enhance your iPhone with antenna booster!

Locate cell tower, test signal strength, then active antenna booster!
Enjoy a stronger signal now!

Fox Dragon Design LLC is not responsible for the use of this application once it is in the hands of the end user. This is a gimmicky application. Results of actual signal strength will vary by user, iPhone, geographical location, carrier, and other factors. Application can only help increase signal strength by hand position when using app and iPhone 4.
Download today and see the benefits of Antenna Booster!
✔ Supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!!

    by Love app! For free too!!!

    I moved to what seemed like a dead area inside my home, used this app & f gained 2 bars!! Must have!

  • Scam

    by GIOVANNY 5

    I want my money back this scam don't work and do nothing

  • الرياض

    by Abdullah sultan

    برنامج رائع

  • Pull this

    by casey whitmire

    Needs to be pulled

  • Epic Fail!!!!

    by GameDover

    I simply would like my money back please! This app is garbage!!!

  • Piece of crap!!!!

    by Hescmd

    This is a fake and waste of money, it doesn't do anything I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!

  • Fake App

    by Goweye2012

    This is a fake App. Does not work a bit. Total reap off.

  • Crap

    by Chasti1974

    Want my money back

  • Hate it

    by Will232

    I want my money back

  • Rip off

    by Bryan Singleton

    Want my money back!!!!!

  • .99 bust

    by P3ach3zNCr3am

    Total waste of time and money

  • Does Nothing

    by mekayb

    What a waste! In desperation I was trying to find a way to get some signal when visiting in a remote area. I usually read the reviews but this time I just clicked and purchased -- what an Idiot I was!! This is nothing but a toy that makes sounds

  • Save your money

    by Svfd1201

    All it does is beeps and if you it info it tells you what a cell phone does one star is way to much

  • App antena booster -- para los que ablan español


    Esta Apple no resuelve nada es 0.99 $ botado por gusto

  • Worst app ever!!

    by J.Jones55

    Crap!!!! If the app store was underware this app would be the stain on it!!! Waste of 99cent

  • Rip off

    by secocastro

    .99 cents I'll never get back. Crappy app.

  • Seriously??

    by Billythebarber

    What a joke.

  • Lost Bars

    by Pbrown78541

    I lost a bar, instead of gaining them! What tha...???

  • Just lost 99 cents

    by Mills187

    What a scam this needs to be taken off the app store what a scam

  • Waste of money

    by Evlas1013

    This app does nothing. The description kinda says that. Don't waste your money.

  • Crap

    by Zarin

    This app is worthless and does nothing

  • App review

    by Ranger49

    STUPID!!! Just a frigging noise maker!

  • Total Crap.

    by skfkd

    Save your money for a cheeseburger. It will do a better job of what this app promises

  • Antenna Booster

    by HondaS2K


  • Rip off

    by HandySmurf2011

    This app is a rip off, listen to the other reviews. I think apple should give us our money back also. This app doesnt deserve any stars.

  • Ripped off

    by Another ripped off person

    Total ripoff 99 cents wasted!!!!

  • Honest iphone owner

    by Captain J L Picard

    Total waste of money. No signal strength meter. Just a series of noise and beeps regardless of strength. Apple should pull this app and return money to buyers.

  • Signal booster

    by BK3993

    More like they are boosting ur wallet

  • Antenna reception

    by Fritovic

    This app is trash. All gimmick and no actual results!

  • Rippoff

    by User1alpha

    Apple should not allow such fraud on here in the end of the day we buying it from apple allowed store no stars

  • Not worth it!

    by Ms.KJ

    Listen to the reviews, wish i did.

  • This App is a Scam

    by shreditman719

    This app clearly does not work. I only bought it because I wanted it to determine my signal strength at the time (with the "test antenna" feature). I was surprised to find a screen with a button that you can press, but it does literally NOTHING.

  • This app stinks!

    by Babalouie Music

    Dont waste your time or money!

  • Crap!!!!

    by Dagame13

    Don't waste your money this does not work it BS!!!!! I wouldnt give it no stars if I could

  • Bull crap

    by Akflyer1

    Don't waste your money; rip off; bull crap

  • Junk

    by voity

    Do not waste your money on this. It doesn't work.

  • Crap

    by Micah Joe

    It won't actually test the signal, much less strengthen it. Can I rate it below one star?

  • Never negative -11118388290100101010

    by Dontbuy!!!!!!!!!!-1000

    Don't work just reset Internet if you have iPod please don't buy

  • Chuck

    by C. Stoner

    It's a Hoax. Don't waste your dollar. I give one star for the design

  • Garbage

    by Hayjake1020

    Apple let this through?!?! Fake, junk, trash. REFUND!

  • Everyone deserves a refund

    by Radionet

    A real p.o.s. app. No software can fix ip4 antenna problem. Only a mechanical fix can. The only thing software can do is add bars to the display. No star for this bs app.

  • This dose not work!!!! This dose not work!! This dose not work!!!! !!

    by Tony Cole

    This dose not work!!!! This dose not work!! This dose not work!!!! !!

  • No star

    by queeeeeeeeen

    This app is a full of BS. Does not work, just makes annoying sounds for imitation purpose.

  • Just crap

    by Juan Garcia

    This does NOT work at alll !!!!!!!!!!

  • Zero stars!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Another Oregonian

    Don't waste your money. Useless

  • CRAP!!!!!!

    by Selvan


  • None

    by RR1234567890xxx

    Worst app that I have ever purchased I give it -3 stars if I could


    by McSpanky87

    Ok got iphone 4 yesterday and there are some spots in the house that do not get good service , so i seen this app and i Downloaded it , and all it does is make stupid sounds and then does nothing i still only have 1 or 2 bars after this app , " PEACE OF JUNK DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME , THERE ARE OTHER THINGS U CAN GET FOR 0.99 "

  • Waste of $$


    This is a waste of money I can't believe they let them sell this worthless crap a str8 ripoff!!!!

  • What???

    by Rene Eliesen

    This is a joke.. really dont buy this its not even nice to look at..

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