C-130 TOLD Card Calculator (T56-A-15 engines) Utilities App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Mark Heussner

Updated code that should alleviate crashing for newly updated apps. For those that have already updated the application, deleting the app and re-downloading it to your device will correct the issue.

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Thank you to all the loyal users. As always, please email me at FlyDaddyDevelopments@gmail.com if you come across any issues or want to see any new features!

Includes the following TOLD card layouts:
- US Air Force
- US Coast Guard
- New Zealand

•If you're a C-130 pilot or flight engineer, you're going to want this app!
•Save time & increase situational awareness before and during your flights.
•Double check your manual calculations to ensure accuracy.
•Print or Email completed card so you can carry it onto plane as a reference.

This app will allow you to quickly calculate and review your Take Off and Landing Data. No longer will you have to waste time going through your charts, only to discover that you are out of limits. First, use your calculator to ensure you are within limits; then you may go to the books with the knowledge that you are not losing precious time.

I strive to ensure all data is thoroughly reviewed to ensure it's correctness, but if you find a potential error, please let me know at flydaddydevelopments@gmail.com as soon as possible so the data can be reviewed and an update published if needed.

Displays to be added in the future include:
- Belgian Air Force
- Portuguese Air Force
- SMP777 standard card


Customer Reviews

  • Navy hercs

    by hercfe9

    Can you add numbers for T models with T56A-16

  • Update crashes on 6.1.3

    by Vicex

    Just updated app to current version. It loads to red screen, press agree, then crashes. Happens on iphone and ipad.

  • Ft/nm

    by Jay3393

    Ft/nm seems to be low

  • Thanks Mark!

    by XTweet

    Highly recommended for CG C-130 use. Excellent planning tool when determining runway selection based on constantly changing weather conditions. What used to take 30-40 minutes is now accomplished in less than 2 minutes. This is one of the most useful performance planning APS I've seen.

  • C-130 systems/sim instructor

    by C130egg

    I originally used this app when teaching Coast Guard performance. It was wonderful. I really liked the way I could print out the TOLD card. After I downloaded your latest update it will only give me an AIr Force card. Is there something I am missing or can I get the Coast Guard TOLD card back? Thanks. Rdd

  • TOLD numbers

    by C130player

    I recently did an update to the app and on the Air Force TOLD the current version is not calculating the 3 or 4 Eng COF & FT/NM. It is just displaying the same climb to height value. Other that that it is a nice program to cross check your numbers

  • Nice Work

    by Rakobernik

    I bet all the bad reviews are from Stan/Eval guys or WIC nerds. I'm not exactly comfortable risking a $30 million airplane on crappy, low-res spaghetti charts either... Very helpful, nice app, they are clearly working for a better app all the time. Keep it up!

  • C130HR

    by C130H3FE

    For c130HR use the VMCG is 6 it's low. The 1 eng vmca in grnd effect are 6 kts low and the 1 eng out of grnd effect are 2 kts high. The CFL distances are from max power TOF instead of 970 TOF. It would be great if these problems could be corrected. Then would be 5 Stars!

  • TOLD

    by 130ENG

    Now that there is an air force version it's awesome!!!! Seems to be pretty accurate haven't run it completely through the ringer but so far so good.

  • Adequate crosschecking tool.

    by Carlos D.

    I use it to verify my told data just to see if I made whack mistake and catch it on time specially winds and temp-dev. But definitely needs to have an air force told data format, no more icao airport crashing and at least a recent -1-1 change update. Air force community will buy more of this app than any other branch. Not a bad app at all!

  • Problems

    by Hokies80

    Recently been having problems with app closing itself when I attempt to download airport information. This is a great app when it works however.

  • Awesome


    Love it

  • Eng

    by Jpric

    Pretty good app. Mostly accurate. Doesn't quite adapt totally for air force use.

  • Awesome App

    by Mascmo

    This is a great tool for C130 Flight Engineers and Pilots! Great way to calculate your numbers to back up your manual chart readings. Took some awesome Coast Guardsmen to make it! Go Coast Guard!!!

  • Awesome app

    by Kodiak FE

    This is a great CRM tool help to confirm my calculations also great for planning landing at different fields. Best APP on my phone thanks for putting it out.

  • Wrong data

    by Wasted ten to check it

    CFL's are wrong. The whole back of the card is wrong all speeds show a 1? Landing distances are wrong, service ceilings wrong, 3 and 4 eng Cof and ft/nm wrong. No H/HR difference on vmca and vmcg. The only thing that seems legit are the TOF and torque! Has potential but needs a lot of work.

  • Speeds

    by Bhwk72

    The speeds are non hr even when hr is selected. Needs to be fixed

  • OGV

    by BLK Hat

    This is not a good APP Data is old, would not recommend.

  • Ok

    by ExplorerFE

    Only displays Coast Guard TOLD card data. Seeing as the Air Force is the largest user of this aircraft, I think that should be included. The 1-1 is only on Change 9, while the Air Force is on change 16. I would not base your numbers on this app.

  • Needs military fields.

    by C130hercflteng

    Does not populate field information for military fields. (ex. Pope AAF, Little Rock AFB, etc.)

  • Bet a $30 million airplane on a $10 app?

    by AeroEngineerXYZ

    I've only run a few check cases, but it appears there is no increase to approach or takeoff speeds for crosswind - totally left out. The application doesn't screen invalid or missing input parameters. Unclear if 2k or 3k brakes are implemented (the source manual is baselined at 2k, but there is no option to toggle 3k). Not sure what is going on with the engine torque - seems to be accounting for ram rise... At least one airfield frequented by 130's (KMGE - home of the Herc) causes the app to immediately crash. In a nutshell, not sure I'd bet a $30 million airplane on a $10 app. This is probably something the larger aviation community needs to start thinking about. Even advisory systems should be held to standards (see Type B applications in AC 120-76B).

  • Bad data

    by Oldsman71442

    Expensive for wrong data! Same vmca and landing speeds for rosemont and non rosemont planes.

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