TORUZO Utilities App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English, Japanese


Ver1.1 > 2012.10.17
Ssupported iPhone5 & iOS6.
Fix BUG of REC View.



TORUZO is a program that easily operates and displays the IP camera.
The maximum continuation 1-hour recording is possible in a camera shot on display.
(The recording preservation number is dependent on a main part opening memory.)
Since recording data can be copied to a gallery besides a program area, taking in in a personal computer can also be performed easily. (MOV format)

System Requirements: iPhone4 iPad iOS5.0

《 Features 》
・ Thumbnail display of multiple IP cameras. (6(12) units can be displayed on one page)
・ Reload displayed every 20 seconds by default. (10 - 60 seconds selectable)
・ Real-time animation of 640x480(320x240) size is displayed in the full size display.
・ Full-screen display is possible. (iPad only)
・ Pan & tilt can be operated by the screen touch.
・ The movement to ZoomIN ZoomOUT and the HOME position can be operated.
・ You can lock the startup password.
・ The order of the display can be changed, and be deleted from the camera list.

《 Corresponding Cameras 》
Panesonic BB and BL, i-Pro Series is ready.

《 Notes 》
About EX zoom
URL >>
Only when the maximum image size is set to 640×480 dots, and the zoom is done by EX zoom and a digital zoom, it is possible to use it.
It is not possible to turn around by putting out the instruction of bread and the tilt from the personal computer etc. though the direction of the lens can be changed by hand power when setting it up.
The direction of the lens doesnat actually change though the display part can be moved to bread and the tilt operation pus way.

《 About the operation limitation 》
Pan, tilt and zoom operations, such as changing the resolution, camera settings will take precedence.
Because I cannot use it even if it is the function that it can operate by this system, please be careful.
When camera setting is as follows
Example 1: Access inhibit excluding local network >> This system cannot access it.
Example 2: Prohibition of pan and tilt operation >> It is not possible to pan and tilt operate it from this system.
Example 3: Prohibition of zoom operation >> It is not possible to zoom operate it from this system.
Example 4: non-administrator operation prohibition >> Average user ID cannot access it by this system.

《 A future extended schedule 》
Made by AXIS, CANON, SONY camera will be supported.
The addition of a help view. 

《 Support 》
Support mail address:
Support site URL:


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