PowerCam Client Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Japanese


Ver7.4 >> 2013/11/23
BUG Fix : The login error is corrected.



PowerCam Client is the official application that can read WEB camera registered with PowerCam server on iPad & iPhone.

This application realizes remote control of the WEB camera of your company possession, reading by comfortable operation only by the exclusive application.
* Please talk about the method to access PowerCam server in the company from the outside with system administrator.

■ About outside access
PowerCam Client does a sink via a database and the network of the PowerCam server.
When I can access it from the outside in Safari of PC and iPad, a connection method includes a condition to access PowerCam server from PowerCam Client.
Please refer to system administrator for the environment.

In addition, I recommend the use of the VPN connection when access from the outside is not done.
It is not necessary to show a server on the Internet and can access it safely from the outside if I use VPN connection.
Please talk about the introduction of the VPN connection with system administrator.

○ Main function of PowerCam Client
* List of WEB cameras indication
* List of groups indication
* List of WEB cameras indication in the group
* WEB camera raster display
* A lot of WEB cameras operation

iOS : iOS5 iOS6


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