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Seller: Escargot Studios, LLC

iOS7 support & stability improvements

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Millions of Amazing Tattoo Designs at your fingertips!

High-resolution photos and images of the most dramatic tattoos. Retina quality pictures for Wallpapers, Backgrounds, and Lock Screens.

SAVE magnificent tattoo photos to your Photo Albums.
EMAIL / TEXT the most beautiful examples to either yourself or your Friends.

Dozens of tattoo categories including:
• Anchor
• Angel
• Ankh
• Barbwire
• Butterfly
• Celebrities
• Celtic knot
• Cross
• Crown
• Dolphin
• Dragon
• Eagle
• Falcon
• Fire
• Harley Davidson
• Heart
• Love
• Lower back
• Rose
• Scorpion
• Skull
• Snake
• Spider
• etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc!

Find ANY tattoos you like using the magic powers of the bing search.

Billions of tattoos in this FREE app for you to ENJOY!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app

    by Amasky

    This is great for letting people scroll through and get some ideas.

  • Like this apps so much.....

    by P.S I love COC

    Tnx for this apps

  • Awesome

    by Edster5126


  • Love it

    by HoneyBear228

    Lots to choose from. Awesome.

  • Love

    by 5olar3s


  • Awesome app!

    by TruKiller

    This app has a lot of great designs!

  • Love love love

    by Myskia

    Recommend this app if you are looking for ideas, has lots to choose from

  • Real talk 12 12 12 cool app

    by Monster 311

    This app keeps it real

  • Great

    by Bohoe1738

    Great app

  • Wonderful :)

    by Patrick11Brown

    I love having quick and simple access to thousands of tattoo designs. It is convenient and cute down on the hassle of prowling the web for the perfect one.

  • Great app!!!

    by Deano5m5

    Easy to use, fast big data base of tats!!!

  • Great!!

    by Megva

    Best app out there for tats. Beautiful pics

  • Perfect

    by Jayoliysykes18934

    Greatest app for tattoos so far an i love it

  • Good

    by Leyendkiller


  • Great app

    by Bigaep

    Great tats

  • Great!

    by Trissy1986

    The good, bad, and unique.... Great ideas that people are willing to share.

  • Awesome sauce :)

    by Jseay93

    Epically awesome app this is a must have if your not sure what tat you want

  • Simply a good app for getting tattoo inspiration!

    by Pyromantic

    Runs smoothly, large selection, search capabilities, share & save to favorites features. Very useful!

  • Tatoo

    by Malahap

    Love it!

  • Perfect

    by Leslie-k

    Great quality pieces, great for inspiration.

  • Great app

    by J.rook

    Any image you can ask for by talented artists ,5 star

  • من اشد المعجبين به

    by ملاك

    البرنامج بصراحه رائع

  • Love this app

    by Laviditka

    Great app!! Gives you so many ideas.


    by Edgar Lyons

    This app has gave me so many great ideas for tattoos. I'm hoping I'll be able to show off my ink pretty soon!

  • Best I've seen yet....

    by Spikeharley

    I am looking for a tattoo to cover a botched one on my neck. This app has great ideas! And I haven't been through even half of them. 99.9% of the pics are nice and clear as well! But there are some duplicates, no big deal. I can easily pick out favorites, too. I give it 5 stars because it's worthy. Thanks....keep up the great work!!

  • Awesome

    by MP+CW

    This app gave me just what I was looking for. Evolved body art here I come!!!

  • Extraordinary talent

    by Omgggggggeeeeew

    The most beautiful and unique design and textures I've ever seen . So much creativity from around the world. So many ideas to choose from on my next tattoo. ❤️

  • Great app

    by 1234dtone

    Love this app so many ideas for up coming tattoos

  • Tattoo

    by Aslaja

    Love this app

  • Absolutly Amazing !

    by Mark Clarke

    I have been trying to decide what to add to my cross. Have some great ideas now. When all done like to add mine to the collection. Thanks

  • Great selection!

    by NanaMom46

    Great selection!!! Lots of category choices and the search option hasn't failed me yet!!

  • Love it!

    by Bkrrebel

    I have received so many good ideas from this site!

  • Good app

    by halowmcphee96

    I would get this app. It is very fun to look at and gives you a lot of ideas. The all is very organized and runs fairly well. Not a bad download at all.

  • Great App

    by Olivia Buttercup

    Nice collection of tattoos of all different types.

  • Great site!

    by Plutogirl21

    A lot of designs and inspirations that I want.. Tak you.

  • art of tatto

    by Dhe van persib

    Nice and cool

  • Tattoos

    by Ironworkker

    Lots of great tattoos

  • Wonderful App!

    by Kylie159

    It helped me get an idea for my first tattoo! :)

  • Great App

    by Doughboi_10

    Luv this app has various pix awsome design

  • Fantastic!!!!!!!!

    by Kc45356

    Great app plenty of great tats to look and give you ideas on future ink you may want done!!!!!!

  • Cool app

    by Grady1337

    I like this app it's cool :D

  • Awesome ink ideas

    by SusanDugan

    I love this app! I highly recommend it to everyone that has or is thinking about getting tattoos! I say tattoo(s) because I know that you won't stop at just one! If you can count them, you don't have enough!

  • Great app

    by Nate6060

    Really nice app. I've found a number of high quality pictures for every type of tattoo I've searched

  • Great

    by Little Bit 33

    Full of great ideas!

  • Awesome artwork

    by CarlandTheBeautiful

    Great pics. Awesome artwork. If u want to b original this is a good start to c what others have so u DONT get the same thing. None of my tattoos any other persons have. Hints Original. Over all the best app I have found.

  • Pretty cool

    by FuriousFireman

    Lots of cool tattoo ideas. Definitely helps give some ideas for people lookin to get some ink

  • Awesome

    by Pizzza_kingg

    Events you search tattoos

  • Terrific app

    by Esureshot45

    I'm telling everyone that this tattoo app is the best one so far it's great

  • Cool tattoos!!

    by Swagger bomb

    Best tattoo app out there! Keep it up! Love the new designs!! :)

  • Excellent App

    by Makkah2

    Great app for ink work ideas!!!!!!! Its finally fixed again, love the app works perfectly

  • Awesome collection and quality

    by Swaggerton3000

    App offers a ton of had quality pics sorted in different categories. Easy and simple to use

  • Great & Awesome

    by Best tat app yet!!!

    This is the best tattoo app yet!! It's given me so many ideas!!

  • MWH

    by Sasori and Tusanami

    This app is awesome there are so many different designs in one app really cool

  • Amazing

    by Zodra79

    Lot,lot,lot beautiful tattoos.Great app

  • Nice

    by Joshmansion

    Great ideas

  • I love it

    by Lil' Bit10

    This has so many options

  • Legit

    by wesleykillerx

    This is awesome!

  • Star

    by Stare please

    Great app

  • So helpful!

    by Linnerbean87

    I got a tattoo in memory of my mother but the tattoo artist really messed it up so I am having more work done on it and this really helps pick designs out!

  • Sweet

    by Technopathetic

    Great for ideas

  • Great

    by Lucianite

    Gives great ideas

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