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  • Updated: Sep, 27 2010
  • Version: 2.7
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Seller: wang jiali

Add 2-dimensional bar code Reader to read url or keywords from 2-dimensional bar. You can open the url, or search the keywords by google.

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►►Support iPhone5
►►A perfect browser for iphone and ipod touch!
iBrowser is the fastest and most advanced feature-packed Fullscreen browser to date. Experience Better-than-Desktop Class web with breakthrough features never before seen. Upgrade your browsing experience!


✔ 2-dimensional bar code Reader
Add 2-dimensional bar code Reader to read url or keywords from 2-dimensional bar. You can open the url, or search the keywords by google.

Surf the web in Full Screen. 40% more screen space available compared to Safari!

- Minimize/Maximize the address bar to see only the title bar
- Show or hide the toolbar at the bottom
- Show or hide the the tabs and the time bar
- Plenty of other options in settings

iBrowser provides UNLIMITED number of desktop browser tabs, with advanced features like background loading.
- Hold on a link to open in a new tab.
- Tabs are rendered asynchronously and simultaneously so it runs fast even while multiple tabs load!

Tabs switch instantly and don't reload when switched, no matter how many tabs are currently open.

- Easily find text in a page with BIG yellow highlighting.

iBrowser can display web pages just like Internet Explorer (6,7,8), Safari, Firefox, Opera or Chrome browsers! Websites show up as if you were surfing from a desktop.

✔ ROTATION LOCK, ANY Orientation
Prevent screen rotation when lying down. Rotation locking works on all
devices and in all orientations.

✔ PRIVATE MODE [OFF by default]
Nothing is ever recorded and cookies are automatically discarded.
Two levels of strong security with option to block cookies.

- Fully supports bookmarks
- Infinite (sub) folders.
- Add/edit/delete/Move

You can setup iBrowser to launch all previously open tabs, the last viewed page or your home page.

✔ Ope page in new tab or in the same tab


iBrowser can COMPRESS web pages so you can surf the web 10 to 15 TIMES FAST and SAVE A LOT on data usage.
Eg: Wikipedia ~336KB vs ~15KB

iBrowser's advanced caching system reduces load times significantly (as much as 30-40%) on frequently visited websites. Cache is auto-invalidated.

iBrowser barely uses any memory at all.

Access secure + https web sites.

✔ Mail Page link

✔ Bookmarklets compatible

Thank you for the user Blue 'Bumper'(New Zealand), 'CMF03'(USA),'Zoulhh' and 'Doerk Itouch'(Germany), xsoldier777(USA), Brian(From NWA). They gave me some useful 'Reviews' for app 'iBrowser'. Thank you!
In order to thank them, I plan to list all user's names who had gave me some useful 'Reviews' at the end of the description.

★★★★★ Thanks List:
★ Bumper(New Zealand)
★ CMF03(USA)
★ Zoulhh(Germany)
★ Doerk Itouch(Germany)
★ xsoldier777(USA)
★ Brian(From NWA)

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Lukesolo77


  • Great!

    by 1112228496099

    Love this app, it's just like safari. I have restrictions on my iPod, so I don't have safari, but this app makes up for it. I use it all the time. It's great to finally have the internet on my iPod!

  • 1.1 was better

    by Fubuki Arashi

    I bought this as 1.1 and it was great, but it didn't stay that way. Now on 2.2 and zooming in and out doesn't work. I hope this gets fixed.

  • Great, but...

    by CMF03

    It says that you can lock when either orientation, but I don't see the button anywhere! Please fix!

  • iBrowser

    by awesomedude395

    Nice app. But if you guys who made this are seeing this, you should change the icon to where it has no white background. Other than that, good browser!

  • Ok... Jerky scrolling

    by outofajam

    I like the interface but the buttons are too small, I can't get them to respond easily. Also especially while loading a page, scrolling and zooming in and out are very jerky and sometimes unresponsive! I would not have bought this app if I tried it first but for now I guess I'll have to wait it out... If these issues aren't addressed my rating will go down... If they are, up it goes! It is indeed nice and fast.

  • I like it a lot, but....

    by Brian from NWA

    Everything is perfect with this browser app, except: When in portrait view, Zooming in and out and scrolling is only possible when "pinching" or sliding the upper 2/3 section of the screen. You can't have one finger at the bottom and one at the top, both have to be in the top. That is a little frustrating. And i would assume, a related issue is that you cannot click a link in the bottom 1/3 section of the screen. So far, those are the only issues i wish were fixed.

  • Good but not perfect... Yet

    by xsoldier777

    This is a VERY fast browser on the iPhone 4! It might even be faster than the Perfect browser or Atomic... Which are my favorites right now. There have been a few errors during use ... Mostly when I would click links... But once I clicked ok on the errors the page would load ok. Also when you click on favorites it sometimes puts http: twice and then doesn't direct you to the right site. Anyway all that to say, Good effort and keep up the good work... I love the speed!

  • Beautiful & Perfect

    by Condon JB

    It's so perfect and beautiful. I like it very much!

  • Change?

    by Jtm312

    How do I change the browser type when I first purchased the app?????

  • I would not recommend this application

    by J_Bonilla

    I purchase this app to see my cctv cameras online via ie web manager and its never load the page. They announce that you can surf internet explorer 6,7,8 pages and thats not work for me. Web Manager only run on IE browsers. Thank God it's cost only $0.99 cents. I delete it.

  • Doesn't work past the first page

    by BigG55

    I down loaded this app to get connected to my work portal. It does not work pass the login page it also does not respond to any tabs.

  • crap

    by satish PATEL

    I downloaded this so I can get into my work server. when I log in it needs to pop up another screen and the pop up blocker is on, BUT I can find a way to turn pop up blocker off! help!

  • Just Awful

    by Langy2014

    Its so slow waste of money i would not buy it very horrible app wish i could get my money back

  • Not a COMPLETE waste, but...

    by Bilgoat

    ...I don't think I'll be using it. Tabbed browsing is nice, but pages often seem to freeze for a bit while loading. Plus, am I an idiot, or is there really no way to save a picture from a website? Seems to give me the option of emailing a link to a pic, but not just saving the pic. I kind of need to save me some pix. Farewell, 99 cents.

  • Waste of money

    by brewman9

    This app is a complete waste. Nothing works the way it's supposed to. None of the multi-touch gestures work. If you put it in full screen mode, you can't access the address or search bars. If you hide the bar at the bottom with the controls you can't get it to come back. This app is complete junk. Save your money!

  • Not worth the money

    by Amora Mio <3

    Very unresponsive and laggy. Freezes when scrolling a web page, it is so frustrating that I switched back to safari. Deleted.

  • Crashes A LOT!

    by Direkturofseeds

    Super buggy crashtastic app. Do NOT recommend.

  • Boring

    by Tom-tom is funfun

    Boring how can u get out of portrait mode?!?!?!?!

  • Horrible

    by SchmitzOG

    Super ugly app. Takes forever to load sites. Save your buck and avoid this trash!

  • So......

    by lgcw_jcfury

    Wasted a dollar. Lacking something. Can't put my finger on it. Safari is better. I couldn't even save a pic by holding it down. Disappointed.

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