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If you are looking for an analog clock, look no further. Simple, nice and cool.

Customer Reviews

  • Analog clock

    by Wam-man

    If you are looking for a simple, functional analog clock - this is it. If you don't like having a small company ad at the bottom of the page then look elsewhere and be prepared to spend some $. The date would be a nice addition in the future.

  • Simple and FREE!!

    by grf819

    Doesn't advertise itself anything more than a simple analog clock - its exactly what I wanted - don't know what others were expecting!!!

  • A nicely done *analog* clock!

    by PhoneGui

    Clean and simple. I'd like to see the following features added: More clean, simple, and elegant faces Sounds Optional Accutron-type second hand Clock stay-on option/desktop mode Optional day-date formats No ad/website These would possibly need a pay version but I could live with that for a buck or so, maybe. As is, this is a four star app but I give it five to offset that ridiculous one star rating.

  • Simple

    by Dkinnibu

    Simple little app. I needed a standard clock for doing vital signs.

  • I needed this

    by X_zer0

    Seconds hand on a clock... Nice It does and is what it is... And it's free... Nothing to lose.

  • It's cool, but...

    by Bill Somethingorother about some more clock faces, other than this modern one?

  • Good graphic clock

    by FredRay

    Clean graphics. Should work fine to get meetings going on time.

  • Does what I need it to do

    by Guadalupeg

    Does just what it says it does. Accurate to within 1 second when compared to my iPhone clock.

  • A Regular

    by RGon

    Yep. An analog clock. No more, no less. Perfect (except for the weblink on the page... But wattayawant fer free? Rubber bisquits?

  • Simple yet gets the job done

    by zrevai

    Simple clean interface does exactly what it's supposed, make your phone an analog clock.

  • What you see is what you get.

    by Why do I need a unique nickname

    Simple app. Works fine but doesn't do much more than what you see in the picture.

  • Watever

    by App Store Critic

    This was a boring app. I still gave it a 5 * though.

  • Center

    by Dperry

    Put the clock in the center, make the ad more like the background, I love the swiss design, M&co in the 80' D.

  • Clock

    by Koolestkid

    Perfectly simple

  • Why does it turn off?

    by tellitLIS

    Not exactly what you expect from a cute little clock like this... but it shut off and ... well, what's the point? I thought a clock was supposed to be a clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, etc.

  • Just a clock, nothing else.

    by Charlie Apples

    I really liked the clock design, but there's a bright blue website button on the bottom of the screen, and there are NO settings or controls at all. Just a black background, a clock, and an ugly ad button. Very disappointing.

  • Show a true screen shot

    by jpadc

    It annoys me when an application's actual screen does not match the screen shot shown in the app store. No ad shows on the screen shot, but it is always on the screen with the clock showing. If you need or desire to put an ad on the screen, fine, just be honest and tell the perspective user about in the description.

  • Good Concept, but lacking

    by Meow12212

    I must concure, what I would like is a victorian or art deco pocket watch in my ipod. Perhaps with various optional complications such as day of month, moon phases, but most importantly I would PAY for a classier design, something in gold or silver with enough options to make my pocket watch my own.

  • Thanks but no thanks

    by doodude

    Not a very good app but it is free...

  • No features

    by ltoutlook

    It is a pretty clock - but there are no features (other than a link to a commercial website). It won't stay on etc etc - I think it's a lame ad. Deleting.

  • The fuduyfyfydyxyxysydyhx

    by Fuftfyhf


  • why does it not stay on!!!!!

    by tv1234

    If it stayed on it would be a nice clock..

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