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Languages: English

Seller: Double Dog Studios

* iOS7 compatibility
* Added map measurement tool
* Bug fixes

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With over 130 calculations and unit conversions, Pilot Calcs gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations from your iPhone or iPad. If you are a pilot you’ll want Pilot Calcs for trip planning, in flight calculations, and maintenance.

Most E6B apps include 25 to 50 calculators and conversions. Pilot Calcs includes over 100 calculators and conversions plus include descriptions, equations and graphics.

Not just calculators but the ability save and open saved calculations and add calculators to a favorites list. You can also email calculator inputs and results so you can easily share your calculations. Search functionality enables you to quickly find the calculator you want.

Current Calculators include:

* Airflow
* Angle
* Area
* Air Pressure Conversion
* Density
* Electrical Current
* Electrical Power
* Electrical Voltage
* Energy
* Flow Rate
* Fluid
* Fuel Mileage
* Length
* Mechanical Power
* Money
* Speed
* Temperature
* Torque
* Volume
* Weight
* Weight of Liquids

* Aviation Fuel Density and Weight
* Fuel Consumption
* Fuel Economy
* Fuel Required
* Fuel Weight
* Maximum Fuel Load
* Maximum Flight Time
* Tank Fill Time

* Amps from Volts and Watts
* Chart Distance
* Distance to Horizon
* Obstacle Height
* Volts from Amps and Watts
* Watts from Volts and Amps

* Future Value Lump Sum
* Loan Payments
* Operating Costs
* Operating Costs ⇐ Direct Costs
* Operating Costs ⇐ Engine Reserve
* Operating Costs ⇐ Prop Reserve
* Private Pilot License Cost

* Climb - Best Rate vs. Best Angle
* Climb Gradient
* Descent Distance
* Distance from Speed and Time
* Glide Distance
* Hydroplaning
* Pivotal Altitude
* Propeller Tip Speed
* Rate of Climb from Climb Gradient
* Rate of Climb to Clear Obstacle
* Speed from Time and Distance
* Time from Distance and Speed
* True Airspeed
* True Airspeed Via GPS
* Turn - Bank Angle
* Turn - Rate of Turn
* Turn - Turn Radius
* Turn - Performance

Trip Planning
* Time Zone Converter - 12Hr Time
* Time Zone Converter - 24 Hr Time
* Trip Estimator
* Trip Estimator ⇒ Fuel
* Trip Estimator ⇒ Costs

* Cloud Base & Temperature
* Freezing Level
* Density Altitude from Air Pressure
* Density Altitude from Pressure Alt
* Dew Point
* Frost Point
* Heat Index
* Lightning Distance
* Mach One
* Pressure Altitude
* Relative Humidity
* Standard Atmosphere
* Wind Chill

Weight & Balance
* Adverse CG Check - Forward
* Adverse CG Check - Aft
* Arm
* CG Alteration - Weight, Arm
* CG Alteration - Weight, Moment
* CG Change - Shifting Weights
* CG Change - Distance to Shift
* CG Change - Weight to Shift
* CG Change - Total Weight from Shift
* Finding CG - Scales & Moments
* Finding CG - Nose Wheel - Forward
* Finding CG - Nose Wheel - Aft
* Finding CG - Tail Wheel - Forward
* Finding CG - Tail Wheel - Aft
* Finding CG - As % of MAC
* Finding CG - From % of MAC
* Moment
* Permanent Ballast
* Temporary Ballast
* Weight & Balance - Arms/Moments
* Weight & Balance - Loading Graph

Wind & Ground Speed
* Course, Ground Speed, and WCA
* Heading, Ground Speed, and WCA
* Runway Wind Components
* Wind Speed & Direction

More calculators coming soon in free updates!

If there's a calculator you'd like to see added, visit our website and send us an email.

Customer Reviews

  • Love the new UI

    by 66 V-Tail

    This app has been updated to use the slider menu from the side. Really makes navigating the app so much easier! I've got too many E6B apps (it's a personal problem, don't go there:) this app has a very unique approach. At first I didn't like the graphics that goes along with each solution but now it helps me visualize the problem! e.g. Best Rate of climb vs Best Angle has a very nice pic which is easy to see the difference! Plus Double Dog Studio does a good job with there apps!

  • Excellent

    by Ksp_530

    Must have for ipad.

  • Great pilot tool!

    by Drkusa

    Excellent cockpit tool...easy to use for quick computations in-flight as well as on the ground.


    by 5710F

    This app is absolutely amazing. I recommend it for all pilots weather you fly a Cherokee like me, a GV, or a 748.... It provides so much valuable info, heck more than I need, but since I am in the field of aviation, it will help tremendously with the addition of Foreflight! Can't wait to go flying with this great program..... Oh, and for my first app purchase, I'm VERY satisfied.

  • A lot of calculations

    by EvilSpudBoy

    It has a lot of calculations and the layout is nice. It doesn't seem to have the ability to carry values from one calculation to another. For example, if I calculate heading and groundspeed, if I want to use the groundspeed in a time and distance calculation and then use the time to calculate fuel consumption for the leg, I can't do that.

  • Alot of options

    by airwolfbell222

    This is a cool and unique app, it goes way above and beyond your normal E6B. You can calculate simple things like pressure altitude to complex things like aircraft loan repayments and aircraft operating costs. The one thing I struggle with in this program is there are so many conversions and calculations, it can be overwhelming in finding basic stuff that your used to seeing on your basic electronic E6B. But they do provide a solution for this by allowing you to favorite/bookmark important calculations. some of the names of the formulas seem to differ slightly from what I'm used to seeing, but that being said, you get a lot for your money. One thing I would like is also just a basic calculator function.

  • New version screwed up

    by Zbuilder

    Under the TOUR, the icons do not match the descriptions. The fields need more description of what exactly is need for the type of answer. No where is there any place to set your airplanes defaults even though it reads that one screen feeds another, this does not seem to always work.

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