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* Fixed bug in sensor angle.

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You asked for more calculators and we've added them. New calculators include mulch, fertilizer, attic insulation and insulation R-value. Thank you for the suggestions.

Home Improvement Calcs has over 170 do-it-yourself and home improvement calculations and unit conversions. Home Improvement Calcs gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations from your iPhone or iPad.

Easy to use and understand inputs and results in either decimals or fractions.

Not just calculators but the ability save and open saved calculations and add calculators to a favorites list. You can also email calculator inputs and results so you can easily share your calculations. Search functionality enables you to quickly find the calculator you want.

Current Calculators include:

Concrete & Bricks
* Asphalt
* Block Wall - Based on Area
* Block Wall - Based on Length and Height
* Brick Wall
* Concrete Column or Circular Slab
* Concrete Footings
* Concrete Post Holes
* Concrete Rectangular Slab
* Paver Bricks
* Sand
* Stone Retaining Wall

* Amps from Watts and Volts
* Amps Required for Circuit
* Electricity Cost
* Volts from Amps and Watts
* Watts from Amps and Volts

* Rafter Length for Common - Pitch
* Rafter Length for Common - Pitch Unknown
* Rafter Types
* Roofing Terms
* Roof Pitch
* Roof - Degrees to Pitch, Slope and Grade
* Roof - Pitch to Degrees, Slope and Grade
* Roof - Slope to Pitch, Degrees and Grade
* Roof - Grade to Pitch, Degrees and Slope
* Square Construction
* Staircase
* Stairs Best Step Height
* Stairs Best Tread Width

Heating & A/C
* Airflow
* Attic Ventilation
* Ceiling Fan Sizing
* Exhaust Fan Sizing Based on Fixtures
* Exhaust Fan Sizing Based on Room Size
* Heating Estimator
* Whole House Fan
* Window Air Conditioner Size

* Carpet and Linoleum
* Interior Paint
* Tile
* Tongue & Groove Flooring
* Wallpaper

Lumber & Materials
* Board Feet and Cost
* Caulking Length
* Caulking Required
* Drywall - Advanced
* Drywall - Basic
* Insulation - Attic
* Insulation R-Value
* Lumber Dimensions
* Roofing Materials from Area
* Roofing Materials from Pitch, Length and Width
* Studs

* Belts and Pulleys
* Cylindrical Tank - Horizontal Level
* Cylindrical Tank - Vertical Level
* Leaking Faucet Water Usage
* Tank Fill Time
* Weight of Liquids
* Wrench Conversion

* Acreage
* Backfill
* Backfill on a Slope
* Driveway Sealer
* Fertilizer Coverage and Cost
* Fertilizer - Nitrogen
* Fill & Ground Cover
* Grade from Rise and Run
* Grade from Slope Length and Rise
* Insecticide Coverage and Cost
* Plant Quantity
* Lawn Grass Coverage and Cost
* Lawn Mowing
* Sand Box
* Mulch
* Tree Height
* Yard Area

Area, Volume & Angle
* Arc Length, Area, and Perimeter
* Circle Area and Circumference
* Cone
* Cube (or Box) Surface Area and Volume
* Cylinder Surface Area and Volume
* Polygon Area and Sides from Apothem
* Polygon Area and Sides from Radius
* Pyramid
* Rectangle Area and Perimeter
* Trapezoid Area
* Triangle Angle and Diagonal
* Triangle Rise and Diagonal
* Triangle Rise and Run
* Triangle Area
* Sphere Surface Area and Volume
* Square Area and Perimeter

* Airflow
* Air Pressure
* Angle
* Area
* Density
* Electrical Current
* Electrical Power
* Electrical Voltage
* Energy
* Flow Rate
* Fluid
* Fuel Mileage
* Length
* Mechanical Power
* Money
* Speed
* Temperature
* Torque
* Volume
* Weight

Linear Measurement
* Adding Lengths
* Subtract Lengths
* Divide Lengths
* Multiply Lengths
* Multiply a Length
* Divide a Length

More calculators coming soon in free updates!

If there's a calculator you'd like to see added, visit our website and send us an email.

Customer Reviews

  • Extensive number of calculators

    by Northwestflyby

    I'm really surprised at the number of calculators on this application. From building to landscaping and gardening. I added the project calculator and cost calculator and at first glance they aren't as intuitive as the other features but to be fair I haven't given them too much of a look yet. I would recommend this for a Do it yourselfer such as myself.

  • Handy app

    by BAMBAM*69

    This app is a very useful tool on the job site.

  • Home Improvement Calcs

    by BigSib47

    Great app. I use it all the time.

  • Thanks

    by Aos McLain


  • Super Home Improvement App

    by Lesview

    Very Very helpful. It teach you things you might not know.I love the sensor level. Works great.

  • Not for interior estimates

    by House hunting hobbyist

    As an app I think this one is probably excellent, per many other reviews. However if you're looking for something like, say hardwood floor or interior estimates, these materials are not included in this app but appear to be items you can buy as an add on. This app is more for professional / serious builders, not consumers.

  • I finally found a "home run!"

    by LogicalPop

    This app is great, VERY useful and has ALL of the formula's that seem to slip your mind with age. I love this... there are sooooo many DISAPPOINTING apps out there and I seem to find them. NOT THE CASE WITH THIS ONE THOUGH!!! Great job guys!!! Now for all the "petty" complainers out there..."yes" I found the ONE spelling error! Still a FIVE STAR APP!

  • Joel

    by Family man 50

    Handier than pockets on a shirt.!! I use this all the time. Love it

  • Great app.

    by Partypooper419

    I was looking for an app to make remodeling easier and I have found the best ever. If you are not sure about a lot of aspects in the remodeling area this is a great app for you. It's shows you instructions on how to do things and it shows you how much money you will need for a particular project. I will be using this app all of the time in my business.

  • Good app

    by Solitaire king pin

    Good app

  • Grumpy

    by Grumpy4457

    Nice app

  • Excellent app

    by David Cummins

    I use this app all of the time. Sure saves a lot of time. A Great Reference. Definitely worth it.

  • Home improvement calc

    by Paosb

    This is a must have for a handyman great app

  • Mac8

    by Macalinao

    Its a must for diy's

  • Worth it!

    by Sofiasdad22

    This app has it all! It has been a real help for me in the field. I'm very impressed with how easy it is to use... The pictures are very helpful for me. Best couple of dollars I've spent in a long time.

  • Tool man

    by Toolman 67

    Great so far, just got app so will try it out over time to see any short comings.

  • Senior expert home handyman

    by Mels-man

    Great app! Navigates differently, so read the instructions when they pop-up. Great calculators - just about everything you can imagine.

  • Awesome App!!

    by -Derrick

    No need to break out calculators and high school math textbooks to figure out rafter length, brick count, tile count, etc. Seriously, this is a very helpful app and I saved both time and money by getting an adequate amount of materials the first time. Also, I can see how things should look as well as what & where to measure to make sure your project meets code and looks great. This app even lets you price materials needed for your project! Hey developers! Great job developing this app!!!! -Derrick

  • Great!

    by hellothere...

    Very easy and flexible!

  • Handyman's Best Friend

    by Bob Haas

    This is a great app! Very helpful and easy to use and apply to a job. Time and material saver.

  • Complicated and worthless

    by forrest44

    Unless you are Einstein, you will never figure out how to operate this app. Confusing, complicated, and very disappointing

  • Usefull!!!!!

    by Brizzain

    Tons of useful basic formulas & calculations. So easy and usefull!

  • Diy handyman

    by Meekulin

    I love this app .

  • Handy App

    by CraneGuy165

    I like this little gem of a app. Has the calculator for fractions and computes many measurements for framing and concrete so I can finish the job quicker and less hassle.

  • Great

    by Moestyle2000

    I love this ap. it has everything. I'm building a shed and it has helped me a ton. Mostly with calculations and the roof pitch/slope. It tells you what angles to cut your wood. Great work on this ap.

  • App

    by kerry kennedy


  • Very helpful


    Really woeks

  • Lots of help!

    by Brudog351

    Very handy!!!

  • Good but go for the Home Builder Pro Version

    by DR.ankin

    Good but go for the Home Builder Pro Version by the same company, it has the same information but twice as much; don't make the mistake that I made and buy both. It's a great app with lots of useful information.

  • Really, really good

    by Dalex1953

    I really like the variety of features on this calculator. Many are really handy and really useful. Some I will never use, simply because I don't need them. But hey, for $1.99 how can anyone complain?

  • Need basic fractional calc

    by Hergy_1

    Lots of useful info but really needs a fractional calculator so you can add 1/16, 32nds etc. Also a table comparing nail sizes would be helpful......4 penny, 6 penny etc.

  • Don't waste your $$$$$

    by Tim1324

    Not good .

  • Terrible

    by Petie_G

    Save your $$$$. I bought this for some help on windows and doors. They have info on installing wallpaper, but nothing on windows and doors. Who uses wallpaper these days.....not many!! This app needs a lot of upgrades before they charge $2.99. Give me a break!!!

  • Wow

    by ttt486

    Wow does so much more than all the other apps on here and then some.

  • Just what is was looking for!

    by WJKramer

    Starting several projects around the house and was looking for an app that I could use for adding and subtracting fractions for wall framing. As a 1.0 app it's a great start. Would like to see it polished up a little more. The top menu buttons are sunk in for some reason. Also the tile calc I did in inches however it emails out in feet but the math might still be right. Keep updating to get 5 stars!

  • Clever!

    by Sven from Wisconsin

    What a great app! The calculators are categorized so they are easy to find and use, limiting human error. Handy to have!

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