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Seller: Double Dog Studios

* Fixed bug with sensor angles.

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"Love this app makes my job much easier." - Danny O'Dea

Thank you for your calculator suggestions. Now with 400 home improvement calculations and unit conversions Home Builder Pro Calcs gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations including hours and cost estimates and take off quantities. Calculations can be saved and emailed.

Easy to use and understand inputs and results in either decimals or fractions. Rich support for U.S., imperial, and metric measurements. Built-in calculator with support for ft/in and fractions.

Current Calculators include:

* 28 calculators for loans, pricing, travel costs, and more.

Concrete & Paving
* 11 calculators for asphalt, concrete, paver bricks, and more.

* 5 different calculators

Floors, Walls & Ceilings
* 13 calculators for carpet, drywall, wall covering, tile, paint, and more.

* 33 calculators for foundations, soil, grading, rebar, etc.

* 19 calculators for balusters, joists, studs, siding, stairs, and more

Heating & A/C
* 8 calculators for airflow, attics, fans, air conditions, insulation...

Hours Estimates
* Effort Factor
* Over 55 different estimators for:
* Carpentry - finish, siding, stairs, walls, ...
* Concrete - blocks, bricks, concrete, reinforcement, tile, ...
* Doors & Windows - garage doors, glass, metal, windows, wood, ...
* Finishes - carpet, paint, wood floors, stucco, plaster, tile, ....
* Roofing - roofing, sheathing, sheet metal, ...
* Site Work - concrete demolition, excavation, stumps, trees, forms, culverts, landscape, ...

Landscape & Yard
* 15 calculators for fence, fertilizer, mulch, seeds, trees, mowing and more.

* 8 calculators for walls, joints, core filling,...

* Area, Volume & Angle - 24 calculators for a variety of shapes.
* Conversions - 26 different unit conversions
* Glossary - Over 370 terms
* 11 calculators for tanks, pulleys, weather, wrenches, ...

Roof Framing and Roofing
* 22 calculators for rafters, ridges, gables, pitch, trusses, shingles and more

Wood & Materials
* 20 calculators for lumber, nails, plywood, caulking, etc.

You may also purchase add-on packs within the app. There are currently two add-ons available:

Project Dates & Times
* Over 35 calculators help you understand and manage project timing and deadlines.

Sensor Angle
* A set of 10 calculators that use the angle sensing ability of your iPhone or iPad to easily and accurate measure an angle and calculate a variety of other angles and lengths.

Map Estimator
* Estimate the distance and area using a map. Great for estimating size of yard, length of fence, etc.

If there's a calculator you'd like to see added, visit our website and send us an email.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Ricky James bobby

    This is a good app for anyone needing rough estimates on construction project. Wish there was a way to remove signature on email sharing option.

  • Awesome

    by Howards09


  • SGale

    by StephenGale

    I find this app extremely worth while and I know very little about building. It's easy to use and gives answers you need, when and where you need them.

  • great app

    by tim burdue

    does everything you could ask for if your in the world of construction love the app keep up the good work


    by dok2000

    Made building our home so much easier

  • Jack of All

    by Mudhogark

    Bought APP for Map Estimator as shown in app store. Can't seem to find it after purchasing app.

  • Great Great but overwhelming

    by What I think about that

    Hundreds of programs in one. Number one go to program for construction.

  • Great App

    by Nor-e

    Great app!!! Use it all the time

  • Well done

    by tonyg868

    Overall a fairly thorough app. I wish more time could be put into the hours estimate portion of the program. A material price guideline would be icing on the cake. Great app though.

  • Mortgage calculators are outstanding!!!

    by indexwiz

    This app is a great tool for doing loan comparisons, down payment calcs, maximum loan calcs, loan comparisons, and amortization schedules. Just awesome!!,

  • Great app

    by Corduf24

    Love this app....

  • Worth the miner

    by Lexkyusa

    Works well and has much handy information at my finger tips.

  • DIY

    by TomTrubac

    Very good app for quick estimation of projects. One of my favorite apps.

  • Nice

    by Directors1

    Works very well. I had suggested a couple of calculators and the next update they were included. . When I have contacted the developer they got back to me fast and with what I needed. You can't ask for any better service than that! Thanks

  • Framer

    by Bobby 02649

    Lovin' it!

  • Great app!!

    by Slant78

    I am a project manager of animal housing. I use this app everyday it is great.

  • Excellent


    Excellent tool, specially for non professionals. Needs wood sanding information.

  • Home Builders Pro Calc

    by Big Cemore

    Best source for referencing and checking projects for the DIY person. Will make you glad to know that you can get excellent results following the calculations and materials needed, plus allowing you to plan out future projects and knowing the cost of materials without overspending.

  • Awesome App

    by I-Know-People

    I ❤ it! Must have for tradesman, I am an California HVAC contractor and this the most program I use in my field. I wish they have more Calcs related to HVAC stuff. Keep up the goodies coming you guys!

  • Useful apps

    by 3rwin_8247

    This apps help me to determine all types of technical terms and knowledge of construction.

  • Mas o menos

    by cepazc2

    Buena guia pero no sirve el angle sensor

  • Misleading

    by Mrtomleb

    Bought app for the primary function of measuring yards from maps similar to the example. This feature is appears to only be an idea for the future and not yet available. Wasted money

  • Electric job calculator???

    by Drakelucian

    Most trades have a list of items pertaining to their specific trade so you can calculate job costs. What happened when you guys did the electrical portion of the app.? Did you fall asleep? I'm an electrician, to me this app. is useless. The math calcs. I can do on my own, cute for someone who doesn't do them everyday for a living. On a high note for other trades I think you did good.

  • Not too impressed

    by Caleb Call

    Doesn't do or provide anything you can't get with a minute or two with a pencil and paper. Not worth it.

  • Crash every time

    by homer beer me

    You can't delete favorites without the app crashing and closing down. How do you delete your history??? And I would like to also see a "better calculator" like turn iPhone or iPad on its side to add more calculations buttons. And more info pictures and how to info for the days your having a brain fart :-p.... Plz fix then ill give 4-5 stars

  • Can't get any better!

    by Aydan2010jorge

    This app is super cool and easy to use. I'm a roofer and their wasn't anything for tile and I emailed and next update there you have it. They really know what people want and need!

  • Great

    by Samray81497

    Very helpful great app !!!

  • Love it.

    by Woman with power tools

    For the novice DYI'er this is a great app.

  • Can't calculate anything that isn't square

    by Razorturf

    I teach phone apps to landscape and golf professionals and this looked interesting. Unfortunately, all the area calculations in the app are based on rectangles/squares. Very few people install square lawns and landscape beds. At least change the app so you can enter an area measurement that you determine yourself (there are some great apps for that) and then the calculations may be more useful.

  • Great reference

    by Dixieoutlaw

    Does what it says. Good value. Takes a little playing around to find all the features.

  • Great App

    by George Baginyan


  • Good tool!

    by Kastan96

    Plenty of resourceful tools and info for the money. Great value app!!

  • AV8R


    This is the BEST app. I have ever used so far. I also spent the extra .99 cents & got the angel app. BEST $5.99 I think I have ever spent. Super EASY TO USE! Thank-you to who ever made this app.

  • Great App

    by Ironhead70767

    I really love this app it's been a huge factor in my field of work. I'm still learning a lot from it. I like how versatile it is

  • More Than I Expected

    by NolanB2

    This is an amazing application. It seems to have every conceivable calculator. I expect to use this often. Well done!

  • Nice but...

    by Cyclops1

    A lot of nice features and apparently a good value for the money but it can be a little awkward to use and one of the stair calculations was just wrong so it makes me wonder how many other results are wrong.

  • Five Star

    by GenexHome

    Great App a Must Have.

  • Fantastic

    by LesnTea

    More info than I will ever need.

  • A carpenter must

    by alpine40

    The calculator alone is worth the price of admission with the functionality of the construction master but with a smoother user interface for fraction input. There are also tons of great calculators for quickly figuring out all sorts of situations. The only drawback is a clumsy interface for selecting between different calculators. There are actually almost too many and you have to search for the basics. But I'm sure with a little more use and some customization it will become less awkward. Buy it.

  • Great Ap!

    by StormLakeIA

    This is an amazing ap to go with me everywhere. No more calculator, pen and paper or trying to work on my phone. This ap is like a contractor's leatherman!

  • Simply the best!!!

    by Brian from Barbados

    I have used many calculators and apps to accomplish certain measurements and quantities on site, but this one simply is the best. It can make the average tradesman seem very competent when requested to perform certain calculations or deliver certain materials quantities to the owner. Very nice and easy to navigate around and filled with many, many calculating facets. GREAT!!!

  • Fantastic

    by Capn Pete

    So much functionality for so little price.

  • Excellent Apps

    by Pgraphics

    Wish I had this years ago. So easy to get values to so many handyman issues. This is like 10 apps in one. Worth the $4.99

  • DIY guys will love this

    by CraigTBailey

    I really like this app. It's vey helpful, I am determining costs, quantities, and I love the diagrams. It's worth the $5.

  • But buy buy

    by ECM4

    You'll love it Very informative

  • Versatile

    by gonertribe

    Great tool while in the field. Handy app for more than impressing the other guys!

  • Incredible

    by LIrog

    Even though it doesn't open after the last update ....... I'm still going to give it FIVE STARS with the hope they get this fix within a day or so ..... Or I'll be back to change this rating .... This app has amazing details that can be drafted into a PDF ...incredible.

  • Framing

    by Hulk(man)

    I thought it would be much different. Not really happing with it. When you put in your dimension it doesn't change. Confusing. Need more pictures and demonstrations on what you are doing. Dimension should show up in a diagram.

  • Incredible

    by paradigmfox

    At first I thought this was a simple calculator with a lot of pages of "How to do it" info. Then I realized the whole thing is a calculator. Simply amazing app.

  • Building calc

    by Fuzz-E-Bare

    Nice app. Works very well!!

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