D-ViewCam Mobile Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: D-Link Corporation

What's New in this Version

1. Support push notification for DNR-322L/326 NVR with FW V2.0
2. Support iOS7

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Keep an eye on your surveillance cameras anytime, anywhere with D-Link’s D-ViewCam Mobile app. The D-ViewCam Mobile app makes it easy to check on your home or business no matter where you are, no matter what time of day it is. D-ViewCam Mobile uses your 3G or WiFi Internet connection to remotely connect to your D-ViewCam server or D-Link NVR, giving you instant access to all your cameras’ live video feeds and recordings on your iPhone. View up to six cameras’ live video at the same time with grid view, or view previously recorded footage by selecting a camera, date, and time. Now you can keep a close eye on what’s happening, even when you’re off-site.

- View your surveillance cameras’ live video
- Listen to audio picked up by your cameras
- Get a quick overview of what’s happening with a grid view of your cameras’ live video
- Use pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) controls to adjust your view for supported cameras
- Supports camera view preset points to quickly view specific camera angles
- Take snapshots of live camera video and save them to your Camera Roll
- View saved recordings from your cameras
- Send DI/DO signals to trigger devices such as alarms or lights
- View cameras from multiple servers

Supported D-Link products:
- DCS-210 D-ViewCam Standard, v1.1 or higher
- DCS-220 D-ViewCam Professional, v1.2 or higher
- DCS-230 D-ViewCam Enterprise, v1.2 or higher
- DNR-322L mydlink Network Video Recorder (NVR), firmware v1.2 or higher
- DNR-326 2-Bay Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR), firmware v1.1 or higher

Supported Video Codecs:

Customer Reviews

  • good


    i havent downloaded

  • Great quality! If only you could...

    by Revd^Imagery

    The app is great but it lacks the ability to take video clips. Pros- Easy to use Ability to take screen shots Cons- Lacks the ability to save video clips directly to your iPhone/iPad. I would have given it 5 stats if you could save video clips

  • Not many cameras supported

    by rstark17

    It's very disappointing that Dlink isn't allowing all their consumer cameras access to this software. After all they do have a Windows desktop version of this app that supports all their cloud cameras.

  • Worst customer experience I've had in a looong time

    by Igotoxtremes

    I bought the camera the other day (DCS-930L) and noticed that 1-the website won't actually send the registration email to verify your account 2-the website won't work on my Mac. 3- phone support told me to download this app, which was not mentioned in the documentation 4-this app makes no sense and doesn't work. I spent 28 minutes on the phone with the guy on support when he finally said at the end "oh, none of this will work until January 2nd." Worst product experience I've had in a long time, and I'm not a person who gets mad easily at all


    by USolivo

    I have no clue what to do with this app. No direction is given and it is not obvious what needs to be entered. Maybe my IT guy can figure it out but not me. BIG FAIL. I'll try it again later when thy figure out they forgot to make it useful by all the 1 star ratings... Wish I could give less...

  • Broken Eco system

    by Darveesh

    The dlink website seems to only allow download for d-viewcam software model dcs-100 which per the mobile app release notes is not compatible and indeed live streaming doesn't work. So it's a mobile app for a non existing sever software.

  • Worthless

    by Onetuffdude

    Does not work. Never connects to server.

  • DCS-6620 and 6620G

    by Sam THE Man! from LA

    New update still will not work with DCS-6620 and 6620G. Will not play under live view. Playback will work only with DCS-6620 and will not playback with DCS-6620G footage. Server is on current version 3.20. Always gets bandwidth insufficient errors.

  • Critical Security Flaw and doesn't work

    by Baysail

    This works with the Dviewcam v3.2 s/w running on a pc at your home. However this software requires User Account Control UAC to be turned off. This will make your desktop very insecure for all modern versions of windows (vista and above I think). I addition, the email notifications only can be only configured for port 25 (it LOOKS like you can use any port but check the forums). Virtually all email services use port 465. So unless you are hosting your own email server, motion event email notifications will not work. Even with UAC dangerously set to OFF under windows 8, this remote app would connect and log in to the dviewcam server, but would not display or play back video. Firewall was open for testing. You may have better luck under windows XP.

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