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• What's New in Version 5.3.2
✔ Magic Bar remembers your last visited location
✔ Support for iPhone 5
✔ Transitionary update for Major Version Change, It's recommended to update 360 to this version to ensure smooth implementations.
✔ Other Minor Improvements

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63 Ratings
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Digital Poke brings you 360 Web Browser Lite with more features to offer than any other browsers out there with a refreshing, non-monotonous interface. Version 5 gets you Firefox Sync, Download Manager, Media Player & Dropbox.

**** Get the most awesome Browser today! Incredibly Insane Amount of Features + Download Manager + Firefox Sync + Media Player ****

✪ "360 Web Browser isn't the first Safari alternative for Apple devices, but it is unique for what it offers." - LifeHacker
✪ "Fully Featured Desktop-Like Browser In Your Pocket" - AppAdvice
✪ "Power, speed make this browser a worthy replacement for iPhone’s built-in Safari app" - Macworld
✪ Also Praised & Recommended by ApplicationiPhone, 148Apps, MACNN, TheiPhoneAppReview, AppDictions, SOSiPhone among various others
✪ 360 Web Browser is the winner of Mobile FWA Award

● Features ●

• Sync 360 with your favorite desktop browser! Your Tabs, Bookmarks & History from Firefox can now be synced to your favorite mobile browser with just one click! No other Browser supports this feature
• Long tap on Sync Bookmarks to reveal the option of importing them to 360 Bookmarks

• You can now download absolutely anything with the New 360 Browser & view all supported content within the app. Downloads happen in background so you can even exit 360 & your download will still be completed
• Multiple downloads are supported with the option to queue

✔ 360 ARC™ & 360 FS[Full Screen] ARC™
• Arcs built on Prodigy Engine* enables the users to access variety of functions with simplicity
• Access over 25 features ranging from Adding Bookmark, Search Text, Toggle Full Screen, Navigating Tabs, Plug-ins & more from 360 Arcs™

• Individually set Tab’s Privacy Mode & Browser Orientation in addition to having default preferences for all of them
• Double tap tabs opens options such as Reloading all tabs, Closing all tabs
• Long Tap on Links to access features such as Open in background, Download File, etc

• Introducing the unique Ambience Awareness. Listen to your songs while being aware of your surroundings at the same time
• Make / Listen to your playlist via the inbuilt player. Supports background Music Play

• Upload your files to Dropbox

• Choose over 20 features that can be mapped to 9 Multi Touch Gestures to define your Style

• Share on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Wave & more in a single Tap

• 360 Browser gives you the ability to add & manage the plug-ins according to your needs. Choose from an ever growing list of Plugins including Instapaper, Firebug Lite, Track This, Evernote among several others

• Easily maintain & access 5 / 10 Favs / Thumbs of user visited, bookmarked & most famous list

• Experience True Full Screen, Access every feature of your browser without ever going out of full screen, with the revolutionary 360 Arcs™ & Address Bar Commands
• Customize your Full Screen in whichever way you want

• Themes, History, Bookmarks, Sync, Downloads, Firefox Sync supports Long Tap to reveal advance options

• Some of our favorites from over 200+ feature list
-Remember Passwords
-Smart Search
-Password Lock
-Custom Cache
-Search Suggest & Many More

★★ Those who want to get the PRO Version, search for 360 Web Browser | Download Manager & Firefox Sync ★★

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Knkberry

    Far better then Safari and other browsers for the iPad. Great for java sites as well as others.

  • Great Tech! Crash! Bang!

    by Waxus De Weevil

    Nobody (except Dolphin) does it better. And Dolphin can't touch this. I don't have a browser, mobile or otherwise, as cleverly designed. But this browser has been crashing on me, frequently before it even opens. I am starting to think that they have decided to abandon the repair of this app, which is a shame. It's extremely cool. I can't quite delete it, but it is now my 2nd or 3rd browser because of this 1 defect.

  • Love it perfect for an iPhone

    by Jpskinn

    Maximizes screen space and provides easy to use controls.

  • A Geek-Friendly Browser: The Best

    by Blake Barker

    This browser is advanced, futuristic, and is pleasant to use. This browser not only has a fantastic user interface, but it loads websites well (especially those with JavaScript and HTML). No other browser in the App Store, (including Safari) loads sites this well. The functionality is great, and it's the best option for an advanced, geek-friendly browser.

  • Awesome browser

    by Dmaster73

    I like it more than safari and chrome

  • Pretty Good

    by PapiChulocx

    Not Bad Of A Browser !

  • Finally!

    by nstantattraction

    After Searching so many Apps like this, this has lots of what I want that many others don't. Thanks!

  • Great browser

    by Gary Smith 9

    One of the best I had, easy to cusomize, invitation other browsers warry well, ocasionally and very rarely block or crash. I will recommend it for everyone.

  • Good!

    by Dj Vibration

    Dolphin browser was having some problems for me then I've found this one. Good browser keep it up guys.

  • Great

    by DAS_sphds

    Workable, smooth...love it.

  • Good for the job

    by Angry Negro

    Nice Strong browser little better than the boilerplate models.

  • nice one ,

    by johny boy

    thank you very much ! 360

  • pretty nice browser

    by prof. driver

    its good to have choices. other than Safari and other paid versions. good alternate if you want to try something different.

  • Outstanding

    by Dchandsome

    The paid version is even better

  • App Review

    by Kennym8635

    Great app. 5 star

  • Browser

    by Bodine1967

    Good app!

  • Works great!!!

    by raseinstein

    Great app. U can open multiple pages just like using regular computer. Check it out fellows.

  • Wow

    by Meduhh6996

    Couldnt get nö better

  • Better than Safari

    by Ajrep

    Very stable. Super fast! Nice design.

  • I am definitely quite a fan!!!!

    by Samster6969

    I'm a fan

  • by Bye

    Still Constantly Crashes & When You Restore Tab It Goes To Home Searcg Engine Instead What You Were On

  • Good but needs one more feature

    by IRA101!!!!!!!

    Can you add adobe flash to it

  • Very nice

    by Toploader427

    Works like a glove

  • Ugg !

    by Katiehanson1001

    If you are downloading this for flash player, forget it it does not work. Nice browser but I prefer the google browser and safari does compare.

  • esta chido

    by Gato5743

    estu oportunidad descargalo lla

  • Browser

    by စိုးႀကီး

    Very good application and very nice.

  • Restart

    by Cindy301

    I only use for one site but I have to click the pages several times to get to my site. Each time it loads a little farther. Irritating. Once I get in it works fine. Quite fast

  • Useful browser

    by Cyberpelon

    Easy to use. Fast loading pages. Prefer it over others I've tried.

  • Solid iOS browser alternative

    by JasonAli3

    It adequately satisfies your web surfing needs.

  • Better than chrome

    by adjustin21

    Liked it a lot has a lot of options and plugins try it

  • Worse browser

    by jattheshore

    When it doesn't crash, it freeze's.

  • Great safari alternative

    by Fr1chise

    Great safari alternative ! Also handles flash content so it reduces the amount if things you can't do with your idevice. Layout in full screen is great. It would be even better if it had a full flash player built in.

  • It's good

    by Klipf-ud-Jae

    Works for me. Occasional crashes.

  • Great app

    by KRLTJD

    Love the browser easy to use prefer it over safari for the iPhone. Only problem I have now is the app closes on me ever since I had my iPhone unlocked a couple of weeks ago.

  • Fine free app

    by Mellow 77

    Works well, no in-your-face ads.

  • Sufi

    by Riyasii

    X x xcellent

  • Good app

    by Akinotato

    Very good app

  • Has one fatal flaw

    by Hagamablabla

    When you open the menu for a picture or link, sometimes the menu will be something you weren't selecting.

  • Works well

    by S silva 619

    Does all and more

  • 360 browser

    by Dave live in Bristol ,conn

    It works ok not a bad app..

  • Good

    by LordShark5


  • Greatest browser for iOS!

    by aishan_shafii

    It's a powerful browser with lots of integration. a must for all.

  • Its!!!

    by Vultrone311

    Its... !!!fantastic!!! W0o0o0w in the harddd .,,.

  • Good

    by Cmk004004

    The browser is verry good

  • Stare

    by kevin hemsing

    Best browser I ever used

  • Awesome

    by Sarba

    Love this browser

  • Nice, but needs a little work

    by L. Silver

    I downloaded this browser because it worked with Firefox sync. I was impressed with the many features, particularly the file browser and the ability to file share. However, there are a lot of UI quirks that make browsing less intuitive than Safari or even Dolphin. For example, the one way to log out of Facebook is to clear the cookies, because the scroll bar blocks the "Log Out" pull down menu (it just looks bad when a browser doesn't work with FB). Also, a progress bar or throbbing icon is needed: that "loading" dialogue makes it feel like something is missing.

  • f

    by fbbozorg


  • Good Browser

    by The First Swordcerer

    Real good browser. Easy layout. I recommend it.

  • Other than the circle thing

    by Rlex626

    It's like the other browsers. Chrome works better for me.

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