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Seller: Digital Mind Co., Ltd.

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Acc Calculator offers basic arithmetics with two line display and paper tape. Displays the calculation formula with its result at the same time. Beautiful interface design with big button.

- Big buttons for ease of use.
- Two line display
- 10 digits
- Paper tape
- MC, MR, M+, M-, Display current MR value (Lanscape only)
- Percent operation
- Thousands separators (Support multi format,xx and x,xxx.xx)
- Rounding Mode (Down, 5/4 and up )
- Decimal Points Mode (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
- Large size '+' button
- Copy/Paste button
- Sound Setting (on/off)
- Click sound

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect little calculator

    by Simbadw

    I love being able to see the past calculations. Works smoothly!

  • Big, bright & fun

    by rokdad

    Simple math.

  • Awesome calc

    by Lynyrd Freebird

    Being able to see your history as you input a ton of calculations is a must. Love this app. It could use some color change options though. But still great app.

  • Sawett

    by Sonteen99

    I love this app


    by Ed's iPad_Mini

    Everything you need in a basic calculator, nothing you don't. Five stars.

  • Perfect

    by Rwajr12

    Was looking for a calculator that has the adding tape. Nice design.

  • Great calculator

    by DaiDeqi

    Love it

  • Sweet calc

    by OviedoRick

    Does what it's supposed to, looks very nice.

  • gerd1241

    by gerd1241

    Best calculator I have seen on App Store. I hope they will make an App for the MacPro.

  • Perfect

    by Gutred

    As a longtime officer worker, I appreciate a good calculator, and this one is. It's simple and easy to use, and so handy having it available on my ipad. I recommend it.

  • Best calculator for iPhone

    by WayneK54

    This is a great app with tape to track your calculations. Well worth the .99 price. Replace your calculator today!

  • Perfect

    by Jennyjennyjenny64

    I was looking for a tape-less digital calculator to purchase for my office... How awesome is it that it's in my phone and with me all the time? Very awesome!

  • Just what I need!

    by Fire Dragon

    Very simple to use. Tape is the feature that I use a lot. I can come back days later, look at the tape and review calculations if needed, instead of doing calculations over again.

  • Love it!

    by mercatino11

    Best calculator I've tried untill now!

  • The best standard calculator!

    by Loggie9

    Nice. The paper tape makes it easy to review input.

  • Great calculator

    by Ski ASIs

    I like the fact that I can see my calculations. I know this does more, but I haven't taken the time to work with it.

  • Impressed

    by Needaview

    I love your calculator. Just an idea, how about adding in a place to make notes by the $ amounts, or someplace for references? Thank you.

  • Desde Coamo, Puerto Rico


    He utilizado muchas App's de calculadoras y ninguna me agradaba hasta que probé esta, es la mejor por muchas razones y una de ellas es que tiene la cinta para poder verificar los números entrados y poder rectificar o adjudicar como correcta la entrada. Gracias Daniel Funeraria Coameña

  • Ballhog

    by Bosspaul

    Look no more best of the best

  • Works great!

    by Esmerelda52

    This has the percent key, and doesn't make annoying noises. It does everything I need.

  • Great!

    by YnnejF

    Very easy to use and worth the $ to not have ads!

  • Perfect

    by Barrelrunner66

    I love this app. Perfect!

  • Calculator

    by Comstock19

    Works great. Love the tape feature.

  • Great application

    by Manena11

    Useful scientific calculator lets you keep track of processes.

  • Nices

    by Esteban uresti


  • Like

    by Marion99999

    It is nice yo use and i love the erase button.

  • Very nice

    by Marvin Martian01

    Very good product. Love the inning tally.

  • Nice

    by The Great Scrabini

    Easy to use. Keys are large enough. This one has %. So many apps don't.

  • Calculator

    by Akfxdl

    Works great nice to have the virtual tape so you can see your entries

  • Good but...

    by RKR7

    Got this app for iPad that I use at work. Really obnoxious to be in a meeting and using this app with the lousy clicks of the "keys". Hate having to turn my volume completely off just to use this app. Can you just put in a simple, soft key click...please?!!

  • Best little calculator

    by Samscustomer

    I no longer carry a calculator. This is a great calculator. I use it often. I like the ability to look back at the tape.

  • Great Calculator!

    by Radioactive1

    Great Calculator!

  • Great app!

    by John - Fresno, CA

    Good looks, sound, & function... Also like the visual of the calculations on the adjacent page.

  • It's ok

    by GMJameson

    It is good for adding and subtracting one item at a time, but if you need a calculator to due multifunction division and addition this is not the one you are looking for. I due a lot off profit and margin multipliers, which need use of continued multifunction work and this won't keep up. I must write down a number and then re-input it into the calculator and then carry on. Simple stuff that my Radio Shack calculator or my adding machine can do, this will not. I cannot take a number divide it by a number the add or subtract it back and get the right profit or loss.

  • Best calculator app!!!!

    by Navy1028

    Best calculator app!!!!

  • Very nice

    by Thunt2

    Nice, trim, easy to use calc. Digital "tape" and backspace key are essential and function superbly.

  • ACC Calculator

    by Ovrquota

    I tried several, and this is definitely the best.

  • Calculator

    by Digital mind sec

    It is great love it best one I have used

  • The best calculator.

    by nala07

    I was looking for a calculator that did percentages and this one is perfect. I love how colorful it is on my iPhone screen too. This is the only calculator app that you will probably ever need.

  • Rwk

    by Quase14

    Really works well. I like it.

  • Fine app

    by KenC22

    Straight forward and easy to use. The tape feature is also helpful.

  • An Opinion

    by C&VYanco

    Absolutely great calculator in every respect. It is a joy to work with it. Vassil Yanco

  • Great Calculator

    by KPW24

    Note pad is a nice feature. Easy to use

  • Great Calculator with tape

    by Lots of numbers

    I've tried a few calculator apps. If you are adding a series of numbers and want to review what you entered, this is the best I found out there.

  • Great program

    by Hiwayrider

    Works like an adding machine. Shows last calculations performed which helps in back tracking your steps.

  • calculator

    by More tables

    really like this app, very easy to use!

  • Easy to use

    by Big-F00T

    Simple and basic - no problems and really lightweight on iPad resources..

  • Excellent App

    by JPH53

    I was looking for just a good basic calculator. This one does so much more. I wouldn't use in a calculus class, but for day to day task it is perfect.

  • Useless!!

    by poopjanitor

    I was hoping it would work like an adding machine, but it does not!!! It is very difficult to add multiple numbers and then subtract from that total. Ex: on an adding machine you type 10+10, and hit the + key again you get 20, then type 5 and hit the minus key, and you get 15!! On this app your total would be 25!!!

  • The best!

    by sdcbde

    Quick, simple, awesome!

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