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Seller: David Kang

Minor error fix for iOS 6 users.

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Get thousands of likes flowing into your Instagram photos from the real people.

How it works:

1. Like the photos from other users that you find interesting to accumulate coins.
2. Use the coins to promote your photos by selecting photos from your Instagram library, and setting how many likes you would like to receive for each.

Through this simple process, you can receive genuine likes from real people, super easy and fast. Try it today and become an Instagram celebrity.

Customer Reviews

  • Good but...

    by zaydog2009

    It gives you likes but says that the image isn't available sometimes, when you like the photo.

  • Good, but

    by TheiPhone5Owner

    I still can't buy pro!

  • Used to work

    by rola_2207

    At first this app did his job you will get the likes very fast but now it doesnt even give me 1like!?! not even 1 freaking like?!? i WAS really happy with this app but did his job at first time I dowload it :-/

  • This is CRAP

    by Annietranieeeee

    I did not get likes at alllll

  • Cool I guess

    by NeNe Harris

    This app use to work perfectly . Within an hour you would get your likes but it has been lagging and I paid for a lot of like and received little to nun .

  • Like4Like

    by Captinn_howdeey

    Every time I spend coins to get the certain amount of likes that I want to get I never gain the likes that I want. But I also recommend for people to have this app it's amazing in all but you guys will need to fix that minor error.

  • Usually great!

    by LynnLove94

    I just bought like 30 likes and I haven't gotten usually only takes a second before I start receiving likes but it's been over 2 hours and nothing.

  • ...

    by Meowruff11111169

    The likes take waay to long to get to my pics .

  • Reply soon

    by AliAkkam

    When do you receive the likes, I did it before 1 hour and didn't receive any likes ???!!!

  • Great... Usually

    by Goose Chick

    It's a really good app. But then sometimes it doesn't work at all so...

  • by Kill all i c

    It used to work but now it's not giving me no likes anymore plz fix

  • Good app...but...

    by gabigirl97

    I love this app! But lately it's taken a while for my pictures to receive likes:( too slow! Please fix problem! Besides that I love it!

  • Likes

    by Haitian girly


  • I love it but…

    by deathfrmice

    The app (when I do get the likes) gives them to me very slowly!

  • How much $

    by 3xtremedreams

    How much money is the pro user?

  • Danielleizabetht102938563

    by Daniezanetti4455667711


  • Great app!

    by TheAppRater Dylan

    Great app! However, I would love a update to receive desired amount of likes. Otherwise, keep it up!

  • Cttvtvy

    by Gftndfnfbfr

    It's a swagger

  • Best App Ever!

    by Sunny Bieber <3

    I love this app! So much! I cant! I cant believe it got me to almost 200 likes!!!


    by Alicialuvsjb

    Best app ever!!! It works and I love it!!(:

  • It's not working

    by Partyanimal98

    I like the pictures but it doesn't give me coins

  • Doesn't work

    by DJsv89

    Images not available error constantly and takes forever to work..

  • Won't give me likes

    by Christine_Destler

    I earn my coins and put them in and get no likes!

  • No use

    by Mhdjerry

    I want to login it shows forbidden (N)

  • Ripped me off!

    by danzgroove

    Paid $9.99 for 5,000 coins and it took my money then said error. I didn't receive any coins!! So mad. But you get likes from liking pics.

  • Waste of money

    by Alexander225

    Paid 15$ for extra likes, didn't get a single like. They never answered my email to fix the problem.

  • 1 app, 7 flaws

    by Shoutout plz IG name is @kyax_

    Fix it! It's takes to long. And it's Annoying

  • Needs update!!!!

    by Chuy_818

    Its a great app but It needs an update to make it run smoother and without it lagging. Please fix the issue.!!!

  • I guess I like this but....

    by Fjkgfhjkjfdyklgdhkk

    I love this app but it says no images avaliable

  • Great App.

    by JesusFreak0524

    But.. It keeps telling me to refresh every few pictures and it kinda gets annoying after a while and I don't know how to fix it, but this is a really good app I would recommend this to everyone who wants likes on there photos :)

  • Great app

    by Lil_say

    Great app u could like pics fast and get ur likes fast too

  • Not working

    by @_im_jorge_

    Every time i log in the app crashes please update I'm a pro user

  • 1 app, 2 flaws

    by Hcghxhxbgx

    I like the app so much. It's one of the few that actually work. But it won't let me log in because it literally says "taking too long to load" and if I do get in, I have to refresh Every few pictures. Please fix this !

  • amazing

    by GiGi-Tivs

    love it! takes a while to load pictures tho... follow me @thattagirl

  • Love it... But..

    by KatiBugWells

    It's been saying refresh and no images found after a couple pictures... Idk why. Maybe there a big or something. It's been doing it since that last update. Other than that.. This app has been 100% good to me.

  • Love it... But..

    by KatiBugWells

    It's been saying refresh and no images found after a couple pictures... Idk why. Maybe there a big or something. It's been doing it since that last update. Other than that.. This app has been 100% good to me.

  • Like4Like

    by Keljojo107

    Although you don't get your requested amount of likes every time, this app will get you more likes. You may even get more likes than you bought. (You buy likes with coins you earn, not real money.)

  • Login Glitch: FIXED!

    by Twitter/IG: @imyourshoulder

    Like4Like is a good replacement for WowLikes and 1000likes. It's very easy to add likes to your photos! [PROS] - Easy to put likes on your photos - Easy to likes others' photos for credits [CONS] - Not a lot of people use this since the login glitch appeared. It's hard to get likes now! - After a while, you HAVE to get the pro version. it's so hard to not click on ads - doesn't deliver the desired amount of likes (lower number) [RATES] 12-31-2013: 1/5 01-03-2014: 3/5 01-06-2014: 5/5 01-12-2014: 4/5

  • Great app, but theres a flaw

    by josegordogarcia

    It keeps saying "No images available" after like every 3 pictures.

  • The best like4like app

    by Nathanb3100

    Sickest app and it doesn't glitch like the others!!!

  • Good app

    by cm12354


  • Inatagram Takeover

    by E-photos

    Follow me _ericsodope also this app is pretty solid rate would be 8/10

  • Fixed

    by Obey_kidd

    Finally you fixed it, works better now

  • Love

    by Cheybbbbbby.

    Love this app but after a while you have no choice but to become a pro user

  • Good

    by We

    When I first got the app it worked great...but now it keeps logging me out and right now it doesn't let me log in ): please fix this was my favorite likes app

  • Thus is a bad app

    by markevis mcneil

    Keep saying error all the likes app I like the pictures & it's say wait,error, or it will log out itself! & these apps want give me my likes!!

  • Crashing

    by Dimitri O'neal

    It keeps crashing!!! Fix it!!!

  • Bad!

    by Little-Lam


  • BAD

    by Omgitsjulia

    I loved it at first but then, it crashed and takes FOREVER to load needs to get fixed!

  • Maaaaaan

    by Kseats

    This app used to work perfectly then it updated and now it constantly crashes and logs me out -___-

  • Annoying

    by Nailp0lish86

    It keeps crashing


    by Ur a butt head

    I get the amount of likes that i purchased within the hour it is a really great app!

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