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Languages: English

Seller: Darren Jones

I'm bringing you yet another huge update that adds a lot of the stuff you have asked for. Thank you for your feedback and reviews, you have all helped make the best third party Snapchat client available.

So, what do I have for you today?

First of all you may have already noticed the message asking you to receive notifications. (iOS 7+)
Yes, Snaphack™ now has notifications.
Let me explain something about the notifications.
The notifications are NOT in real time like you'd expect from the Snapchat app, however they will regularly check for new snaps at random intervals and notify you if any are available.
Also i'd like to clear something up, your snapchat login details never ever leave your device except when sent to Snapchat the same way the Snapchat app does. There is no 3rd party server sitting collecting your details. I have no interest in your account and don't need your details for the notifications to work.

You will also notice a completely new design.
You can now choose from 5 fresh color schemes in the settings menu.

Next, we have a completely custom built camera.
This new camera itself has a few new features:
Full screen captures.
Photo or Video from the same interface.
Front camera no longer mirrored.
Front flash.
Flash on/off and Camera front/rear is remembered from the last use.

When viewing a snap/story you can now swipe left and right to view the next/prev snap.

Stories now also shows your own stories too, as well as now being grouped by user with new stories shown at the top.

Snaps are now grouped by time.

Enjoy :)
You can follow me on twitter @Venderbase

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747 Ratings
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Snap-Hack™ - The ultimate and most feature filled Snapchat client

Save your snapchats to your camera roll without the sender knowing and view them as many times as you like for as long as you like!
No more 5 second glimpses.

Send snaps and stories using the feature rich camera and editor.

Log into Snap-Hack™ with your Snapchat credentials and it will download any images and videos that you haven't yet opened in Snapchat.

When you get a Snapchat notification or see that you have new snaps, simply open Snap-Hack™ first, pull down to refresh, and it will grab your new snaps.

* - Supports both photos and videos.
* - Supports Stories.
* - Save received photos and videos to your camera roll/photo album so you can back them up and share them.
* - Notifications when new snaps are available (iOS 7+)
* - Quickly swipe between photos
* - Forward photo's and video's to your other Snapchat friends.
* - Forward your snaps via email.
* - Post your received photo's on Facebook & Twitter.
* - The other user will never know you saved the message.
* - Send your own snaps, even from your camera roll/photo album.
* - Front flash feature.
* - Send video's longer than 10 seconds **
* - Post snaps to your story.
* - Add stickers and draw on your snaps, or send edited snaps back to others.
* - Choose from 5 fresh colour schemes
* - Very simple to use.
* - Native layouts on both iPad & iPhone/iPod

NOTE: Once you have viewed a snap in the official Snapchat app, it is deleted forever, so be sure to open them in Snap-Hack™ first.

*Disclaimer: Snap-Hack™ is not affiliated with Snapchat, Inc and you are advised to read the Snapchat terms of service before using Snap-Hack™

**There is no limit on how long your video's can be, however they will be badly compressed if long and will not even send if too long. Snapchat limits the size of file that can be uploaded. The official Snapchat app will only show the first 10 seconds of your video. Longer video's can be viewed using Snap-Hack™.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app - new idea on future update

    by Swavey_Williams

    Accidentally deleted my saved snaps . Snaphack should let you to be able to recover deleted snaps in a certain amount if time if you delete all by mistake !

  • Great app!

    by Timmy 112233

    This is one of the best apps I have ever downloaded! Thanks.

  • Good!

    by Riley.A.S

    Awesome app

  • Great idea, well implemented

    by Shadowhidan

    Wonderful app, I highly suggest this because it's very easy to use and retains quality.

  • Unbelievable App

    by Jglizz

    Def get this app, it's everything that snapchat isn't

  • Must buy!

    by ratoncitablanca

    I love this app turnup!

  • Totes worth it.

    by Connor murphyyyyyyyy

    Now I can save my friends boobs without her even knowing

  • Missing one thing

    by Whatthefiierce

    It just needs to be able to add friends

  • Optional notification for viewed snaps

    by Moddedmodder

    I think you should make a optional notification to notify when someone views your snap. So you know when they are about to reply

  • The Best SnapChat Client

    by Granular

    This is absolutely the best SnapChat client out there. It has been leading the pack for some time, and one of the first alternative clients to allow sending of photos, but the latest update makes it incredible and largely capable of replacing the official client. The developer is very engaged in adding new features and resolving any bugs. Whether your interest is in saving all the images and videos sent to you, sending images with advanced editing and the ability to send images and video from your camera roll, or demonstrating to your teenage children that just because they didn't get a screenshot alert doesn't mean the photo they sent isn't getting passed around the school, this is the one and only app you need.

  • Send Pictures From Camera Roll

    by proveittomeifyoucan

    It does just what it says and gives me no problems.

  • Yes

    by Toas797

    So stoked on this app, only way to save nudes!

  • Perfect

    by Lildroony

    Great , keep it coming ! Thanks !

  • Perfect

    by Lildroony

    Great , keep it coming ! Thanks !

  • Great app!

    by Duck on Quack99

    Great app push notifications need work though!

  • Good app

    by Ghostman312

    Very good app that's easy to use. Just don't like how I have to re-log in to refresh stuff.

  • Good app but

    by Spencer1818

    Great app but what does It mean when it say uploading after you take a photo

  • Awesome App but..

    by Idkwhatnametousehelp9485

    This app would be perfect if when you sent a photo from your camera roll it wasn't cropped. I hope thats what you're working on next!

  • Great app!

    by Winkler22

    App works great. Love it.

  • YG

    by Sippleb


  • Great app.

    by Vinny2026

    Everything you need to make snapchat better!

  • LOVED this app before it's recent update..

    by Peter Buchan

    This app was PERFECT before the recent update! I with I could turn off the notifications so I don't have to sign-in on snapchat every single time I get a snap even if I haven't opened the snaphack app prior to opening snapchat. Please change! :)

  • Love the app!

    by Chicha 205

    This is my second review and i come back a happier customer! I love how the app gets updated frequently and how the developers listen to the customers! only thing that bugs me is how it's not as smooth as snapchat but other than that, everything is great!

  • Worth the low cost!

    by Billicus

    This app is great. It is everything that we all wish Snapchat would be. Very reliable app and the updates continue to make it better. The only thing that would make it better at this time would be to have notifications for the app push like the real Snapchat, but this is a 5-star app despite not having that option (yet). Thanks!

  • Friends List

    by Zackfish12345

    there is no way of viewing your friends list or seeing who your best friends are. please make an update and I will gladly rate 5 stars! otherwise it is a great app that I recommend buying!

  • LOVE IT!!!!

    by DeLo1832

    Best app ever!

  • Great app!

    by Fishgggod

    Does exactly what it says it does!

  • Great fuxking app

    by Kiid_attom

    Great app man

  • Great, but plz fix the update !

    by Swavey_Williams

    Liked the app Better when it didn't open the messages in snapchat . It gave us the chance to open messages whenever we wanted without letting the senders know when we viewed their message ... Plz change it back !!!

  • Amazing app

    by Drew the benton

    I love this app it saves all your snaps you receive and the stories save also... Great app just need to be able to change names and add people from this app instead of actual snapchat

  • Worth it

    by Loool14783379

  • Awesome

    by Eori

    Awesome tool it's almost perfect, the only thing that could be added is friend management, but that is understandably difficult.

  • Great job!

    by Zehe2642

    Overall fantastic app. It would be nice to have a contacts view, the ability to toggle having sent and received in the same category. And maybe live notifications? Other than that, great work! Definitely worth the money.

  • Exactly what I want!

    by RareKoyote

    What's not to love? No one knows you're keeping those snapchats forever :)

  • If Snapchat had a Pro version...

    by elynch285

    Then you wouldn't even need it. This app accentuates almost every feature of Snapchat itself and makes it's even better. I use this more than the actual app. 6 out if 5 stars!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • This is such a great app!!

    by Joseph0165

    I love this app! Its really worth everything :) cant wait for the new update! Hope they add where you can see your sent snaps

  • Great

    by Kendra1994

    This app is great I haven't came across any problems keep it up!!

  • Works well

    by Chapan17

    It's a great app but it requires to log in again to regular snapchat every time you use it which can be a hassle

  • Great app

    by Colin Krull

    Works perfectly with snapchat

  • Yes

    by Stormpimp

    Exactly what it says it does. Is a little slow at some points but is totally worth it

  • Worked perfect until

    by DudeBoss!!!!!!!!!!!

    The newest update. It keeps loading and won't show the pic. ):

  • Great so far!

    by Amnesty G

    Great app that does what it says. Recent update came with some nice color schemes but not so great features/bugs: - Constantly have to re-login to refresh snaps. - Stories separated by time seems silly. They should match SC stories. - The "all" button is a great feature but needs to be moved so you don't accidentally send to all. - Add video from videos would be nice :))) - rather than just from camera roll - which is a great feature btw! Great work so far!

  • Great

    by Mike Vick (the stud)


  • Saweet

    by Isaiah444444

    Love this app. Especially after the recent updates. I don't even have to ever log into snap-chat anymore

  • Awesomeness

    by elsurferloco

    I love the new version. Gives it more life and more usable. But im having problems when i go to stories to see and save them. Fix soon. Other than that, I FREAKING LOVE THIS. Thank you so much (: keep it up

  • Great

    by Nimrod I 375

    Well done

  • Great app

    by Beezy10

    Works great

  • Decent

    by Zach the killa

    Very nice app. Would've liked to have it actually be able to save pictures though.. Currently it tells me to go into the privacy settings and allow it access to the photos folder, but it hasn't asked the phone permission to use it so I can't agree... It's frustrating since that's the main reason I had bought the app.

  • It works as stated

    by Ejh3k


  • Amazing App!

    by ToxicEdition

    I love the app and I hope to see more updates! I haven't run into any problems and I can't suggest any thing that hasn't already been added

  • Great

    by Lil dbag

    This app is one of the best

  • Snap-Hack

    by Chad Messick

    Great app

  • Must have for Snap chat users

    by Derek Abbott

    Would not use Snap Chat without Snap Hack!

  • Won't log in

    by Quanterius Jackson

    Neither snapchat or snap hack will let me log in anymore. They both have completely stopped working and I can't even get into either app. Any help?

  • Great. But one bad thing about update.

    by Shawn Koenig

    This app is amazing, I love it way better than snapchat, the regular app. But one thing you out into the update I don't like is where the stories disappear after viewing them now. Please change it back to normal, and then this will be a great 5 star app.

  • Good job

    by ajfoniusz

    I really like this app, but: - please add Polish language support - let me write and draw on video snaps - fix the bug where I cannot refresh the snaps list (logging in and out makes me crazy) - add an option to mute my video snaps - add the clock, temperature, speed

  • Awesome

    by iPhone3Gapps

    Very awesome app!

  • Awesome

    by Dtfnet

    No longer just a tool; a full-time, improved alternative to the proprietary app

  • Nice

    by Rapman07

    Way to cop flicks from the freaks

  • Great app

    by Allenemyz

    Its a great app! I would like to be able to see a friends list and write on videos. But It really great!

  • Great!

    by Benchrstnsn

    Awesome App! Love how it works, easy to navigate, well worth the money! Thanks and keep up the good work on your apps!

  • Awesome

    by Itome

    Best way to spent 2$

  • Sent

    by Lynn255

    I thought we could see the snap chat we have sent to the person....that's why I bought it ;( PLEASE MAKE THAT POSSIBLE.

  • A couple things

    by Doughboy182

    •crashes •slow now •stuck on refresh Slightly better in a few parts and worse in others

  • Awesome app

    by Moddedmodder

    This is now one of my favorite apps. Thank ou for all your hard work!

  • Camera

    by Wafflesk8er

    I love the app it's amazing all except the camera in the new update what I enjoyed in the previous was the actual camera you cold take pictures by hitting the volume buttons instead of the screen other than that it's great it would be awesome if you could see who viewed your stories though

  • Viewing Snaps

    by Fotmob123

    I cant refresh the app

  • Great

    by Martyroc


  • Great app

    by Truth1000

    Works like a charm. Everything is great. But one problem: the "send" button and the "select all" buttons are too close

  • Great app

    by Bdhrin

    Thanks love this app! So nice to check your pics later !

  • Yay

    by Won't open ugh

    Great new update. Only thing how do I see my own story? It's not working :(

  • Greatttt!

    by Beji44

    Just one thing i think would be nice is a remember me switch on the sign in page because i know another snap hacking app that does have that so u dont necessarily have to type them in everytime.

  • Great App

    by frank eyeson

    And this app is a must have if you snap chat a lot. Guys it's worth it ;) it gets regular update which makes it better

  • Awesome! But a few suggestions...

    by tlicko

    Perfect! Everything I asked for has been fixed and now everything is smoother and the app looks fantastic! Great work, you're an amazing developer!!

  • Amazing Update

    by Stnslote

    Great new update! Been waiting for the notifications! Thanks for listening to us. I highly recommend

  • Zoom

    by Howie1398

    You should add a zoom option while taking pictures

  • *****5 Star,Awesome App. But..

    by Jhonathan1996

    Make the app faster.


    by Vinícius Porto

    This is the best ever app (related to Snapchat stuff). And the best thing... This update! It's so gorgeous and it's soooooooooo worth 3 bucks. Congrats everyone who made this. Keep going!

  • Best ever

    by Bonyto

    Great app

  • Amazing

    by Drewperry1

    Better than the snapchat app, and probably more hacker proof too

  • Add friends

    by Dameon3236

    Can you please make it to where I can search and add friends? Thanks! ^-^

  • Video

    by Mxrider103103

    Great app. I love the new update but one thing that definitely needs to be added is the capability to write text on a video. You can take a picture or use a picture from the library and then write something but if you take a video or upload a video you cannot write on it. Please add this feature.

  • Amazing

    by tusher277

    The best paid ever tbh. Thanks for the best update Just what I was looking for.✌️

  • Snaphack notifications

    by Pb19c

    The app is great overall. I just wish that either when we get a snapchat notification it would take us to the Snaphack app or possibly even have it's own notifications

  • Great app!

    by Teddy Hernandez

    This app is great! It connects to your account flawlessly, let's you view your snaps as long as you want, and even separates the stories for easier viewing.

  • No regrets!

    by Ruheru

    Awesome app only thing I would like to see in the future is perhaps letting the app allow us to view the photos that we send out to our friends. Other than that, this is such a solid app!

  • Great!

    by Skyrimjunkie

    This is a great app if it had a notification system and taking snap was faster I would solely use this.

  • Perfect App

    by R in R

    I love it. it does every thing perfectly. never had a problem with it

  • Great app

    by Rico70458

    Works perfectly, I'm totally satisfied

  • Dis is da shiat

    by Thundamasta

    Mmmm I really like dis app if you ask Franz you'll like it to

  • Great app!!! Everything works great

    by Kephart87

    Update Review 2/4 Could you please get some sort of a notification up and working, I always have to check the app and gets frustrating when I forget for a long time and miss it, perhaps a sound, vibrate or both? Maybe even add the badge's and notification on lockscreen? Also maybe video add and save videos? I also like the idea of having a seperate album for saved pictures. Also save your own pictures Old review: Finally everything is working and fixed!! I'm so jacked. Looks super nice and is really clean setup. Much appreciated for your hard work!

  • Heck yes

    by Luniz G

    Great app my friends

  • Great app, just a few things to add

    by collin345

    Perhaps a contact list, and there's no way to add new people. Besides that it's great.

  • I am wondering

    by Are_you_cereal_right_now_

    It's a really great app way better than the lite version. I just wondered if since the app itself is so better than original SnapChat, can I delete SnapChat on my iPad and nothing will happen to my Snap-Hack?

  • Excellent

    by Yo friendo


  • Perfect

    by Jh8424

    Does exactly what it advertises! Save ALL snaps with ease!!!

  • Great app

    by Colin Krull

    Works perfectly with snapchat

  • Flash

    by Hcsubdjbducd

    I love this app! Though a screen side flash would be wonderful in the next update

  • by Danielle Boland

    Very useful

  • Great app!!!

    by Lil T from the pack

    Great app but Can you guys please make it so the front camera mirrors me and can you guys make a save option to create a gallery within the app? Also, swipe features to move between the three screens. Last, I want to see the number of people that view my snapchat story? 10/10 app if you guys added those features.

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