3D Web Browser - Browser with FullScreen & 3D Cube Utilities App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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Seller: daniel gonzalez

Better interface!!

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✔ Tired of your old Web Browser app?
✔ Ready for a fresh, new and amazing Browsing experience?

✔ Then try 3D Web Browser today!
★The Best Web Browsing Experience on iOS ★
With a beautiful interface, animations, and smart gestures for quick actions, 3D Web Browser is the easiest way to surf the web.  Besides common browser features this app supports a number of advanced features such as real fullscreen, multiple web pages simultaneously and 3D Cube interface.
3D Web Browser buffers the last 4 pages you have visited, fully rendered in memory, and they are simply switched back onto the screen as you rotate the cube. This makes for a much snappier browsing experience. 
If you like browsing speed and optimized interfaces, 3D Web Browser is the answer.
★★★ FEATURES ★★★

✔ 3D Cube
✔ Multiple Web pages open simultaneously

✔ Incredible Load Speed

✔ Fullscreen Browsing 

✔ Support for Retina Display (New iPad + iPhone + iPod Touch)
✔ Multi Touch Gesture Support


Customer Reviews

  • Wooow

    by Trobux


  • Good Idea

    by Creeper123456789101112

    This is a good idea, but it crashes alot and is very slow. The advertisements are annoying.

  • OKAY

    by Heebfnfmfmevfvvwnwfygqrw

    I downloaded this app because I was looking for more full screen web browsers. Turned out it has ads and it, compared to others, was slow and always buffering. The control buttons including the back button don't work anymore. I don't recommend this app.

  • As Advertised.

    by XEpoch

    Pictures are accurate, features are complete and to be expected. No frills no smoke. Just a straight up browser with a novel way to slide the tabs. Use of the two hexapods. while a bit redundant provides a rather pleasant and less altered approach to "Full Screen" browsing.

  • Love it but needs work

    by MildConstipation

    It is setup in the coolest style for a browser but crashes A LOT. And the ad is retarded as usual on any app.

  • Cool idea

    by Galactica._.

    Ok, has potential. Can't wait for the next update for this

  • fast and responsive

    by iq2

    need landscape to be 5 star, but i like it enough that i just put it in my dock.

  • Ehh

    by Harris Was Here

    I honestly expected more. First, you need to have portrait as well as landscape. Second, instead of pressing a couple buttons let us swipe the screen left or right to rotate the cube. Otherwise I like it :D

  • Chaotic.

    by andreiantal

    It is not a pleasant experience. You can rotate the cube only by pressing two buttons.

  • Needs work

    by Obis11

    I'll be generous giving this app a 3 star review, but it seems like a toy currently. However it does seem like it has potential. When you close the app your pages will be gone, maybe this is a good feature if you want use this as an incognito browser, but there are no settings to modify. I have no idea what is happening with my cookies or cash so it's hard to recommend using this app for anything secure. There are no bookmarks, which again might be good for incognito but I still need bookmarks for any use case. This app does 3d page flipping well but I think it needs a gesture for flipping tabs because the current iteration is cumbersome. I would show off this app as a novelty, but I cannot see using this as a serious browser until some of the important security features are fixed (along with restorable sessions, bookmarks and an iPad version (universal app preferably)).

  • Great App!

    by Vardox

    I enjoy the full screen feature, and the easy page changing. It could use some work, but a great start! Overall: 4.5/5!

  • Ads? Really?

    by Mr.651

    There isn't anywhere to put them without blocking something! Now I can't type in URLs

  • Don't upgrade to version 3.1

    by JJ_TennisFan-PingPongPlayer

    The only "performance improvements" are the addition of ads to the top of the screen, in place of the "full screen" button, which makes the screen bigger, but not full screen. This button is moved to the bottom of the screen.

  • Terrible

    by Total horse s$!t

    Just like the ice age always frozen

  • Bug

    by Askrater

    It keeps freezing

  • Huh???

    by Seatac33

    I had downloaded it a few months ago, and it was awful then, but I was hoping maybe they had improved it, but no such luck. Ads, terribly sluggish, non-intuitive, just loves crashing all the time. Well, they can sure take THIS joke of a browser and "Johnny Paycheck" it, in my humble opinion! :( (For those of you of a younger generation than some of us, Johnny Paycheck sang a song a few decades ago with the words "take this job (app) and SHOVE IT!"). LOL :)

  • Good idea but bad exicution!!

    by Aramis knight

    To many adds get rid of them and I may consider this app 3 or 4 stars!!!

  • The tale of the web browser app

    by --AdRiAn--

    Once a pon a time there was an app named 3D web browser. He decided one day to stop by the app store to finally sell his app. He charged $9.99 to buy the app But when people got a chance to get to look at it, this is what happen. So as time went by he had little or nothing bought. So he came up with the idea of selling it for free long enough until people see everyone buying it and starts getting a lot of customers from it being free. But ever sense then no one with an iq over has bought it. THE END -.-

  • $9.99?!?!?!?!

    by qqwweerrttyy

    When I got this it was free and I still deleted it!!!

  • Good idea

    by The McKeester

    The app crashes a lot and the adds are really annoying. You can't switch the screen back and forth between vertical and horizontal either. Consider it DETLETED.

  • Not that bad

    by call me crazy...

    It's not as bad as in other reviews. I found the ad small and inconspicuous, though I'm a little annoyed there is an ad in the first place. Controls are confusing, and I think there are a few commands available on safari that are not available here. The picture does look great though. Make it a little more user friendly for another star or two.

  • Horrid

    by Kataki88

    Most horrid browsing experience.3d browsing is a joke

  • Terrible

    by LegenKiller666

    Terrible. Dont get it. Tons of ads and freezes all the time. Even though it was free it is a waste of time

  • Don't buy

    by 2TerabyteBox

    I got this when it was free, not even worth my time

  • Does not even look like that

    by sneedmd8496

    Doesnt do anything it says. Would be cool if it worked or done half what it says. Let me know when it's fixed and I'll get it again. 

  • Worst Web Browser Ever

    by Kyuuchiuga

    Safari works much better than this useless piece of trash (to not say a worse word) The 'cube' is a ripoff, there's no portrait view, no bookmarks, and it's not full screen. TREMENDOUS false advertising. NEVER will it be worth $10, let alone $0.99!

  • Horrible

    by Breaker264

    Do not buy! Listen to other reviews

  • Full screen?

    by take_me_seriously

    There's an ad banner at the bottom. How's that full screen?

  • What happen!!!!!

    by kiba030

    Before the update I was actually, telling my friends to get this. An you do promote it for having a full screen browser, so what's up with adds at the bottom. Guess I'm going back to safari thanks allot

  • Terrible

    by Dude45678

    It freezes to much


    by AJAX 747

    OMG BLOWS!!!!

  • Awful & now ads too!

    by Mac100

    It was bad before, but now it's worse since the "update" that was supposed to improve it just added ads underneath the web pages! I want my $1 back! This browser is almost impossible to use, has few features and now they have the nerve to put ads underneath the sites you visit. I mistakenly paid for this app, yet it still displays ads. THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG! (And yes, it's definitely the browser that adds the ads because it did it on a site I know for a fact doesn't have ads.) Don't support this app by downloading it unless they stop the ads & add features that actually make the app useable. Btw, It's terrible business practice to (1) start selling app for $10 only to give away to others free, (2) tell people an update is for performance improvements but not tell them either what those are or that the 'improvements' will include ads, (3) display your own ads in a browser that people paid for, (4) include ads underneath other people's sites -- since the browser puts ads under EVERY site you visit.

  • piece of trash

    by MagnumShot

    dont buy it i got free too but this is not even worth 1$

  • Blah

    by Elligah

    Nothing speacal at all. i got it for free but im shocked that these idiots think their app is worth 10 bucks. its realy not even worth 1 buck -_-.

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