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HVAC Refrigerant PT™ is designed for professionals in the air conditioning industry. This app provides convenient access to refrigerant pressure/temperature (PT) charts as well as other physical properties for common refrigerants. Temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Bubble and Dew Pressures are provided on the same line of the PT chart. User selectable settings include refrigerant type, temperature (F or C), and pressure (psig, kPa, psia, inHg, atm, bara, barg).

Pressure / temperature relationships are provided for the following refrigerants:
* R-11
* R-12
* R-13
* R-22
* R-23
* R-123
* R-124
* R-134a
* R-401A
* R-401B
* R-402A
* R-402B
* R-403B
* R-404A
* R-407A
* R-407C
* R-408A
* R-409A
* R-410A
* R-414B
* R-416A
* R-417A
* R-417C
* R-422A
* R-422B
* R-422C
* R-422D
* R-500
* R-502
* R-503
* R-507
* R-508B
* R-717

HVAC Refrigerant PT™ can display pressure in the following units:
* psig - pounds per square inch gauge (pressure is relative to atmospheric pressure)
* kPa - kilopascal
* psia - pounds per square inch absolute (pressure is relative to a vacuum)
* inHg - Inches of Mercury
* atm - standard atmosphere
* bara - bar absolute (pressure is relative to a vacuum)
* barg - bar gauge (pressure is relative to atmospheric pressure)
HVAC Refrigerant PT™ provides a detailed list of physical properties for the refrigerant selected including classification, density, critical temperatures and pressures, specific heat, ozone depletion potential, safety rating, applications, and recommended lubricant for the refrigerant. It also provides pressure/temperature charts for many common refrigerants used in the industry.

If you are not 100% satisfied with this app please email us at techsupport@cyberprodigy.com so we can make things right before posting any negative reviews. We are also open to any suggestions you may have for future enhancements to this product.

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  • Nice app

    by Charles_Hardy

    Very clean and easy to use interface

  • Best PT charts

    by DennisYoung78

    Very simple to use...has everything I was looking for.

  • Excellent app!

    by New Dad!

    App is well organized and easy to use. Definitely a keeper.


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