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Minor bug fixes only. This version is backward compatible with version 3.0.

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Simple and lightweight application that allows opening/closing/monitoring your home garage door or just about any other device that be can be relay controlled, such as: alarm systems, gates, gaz fireplaces, lamps, electric motors, etc. Let this application be the remote control to your home automation system.

Supports the operation of any number of devices as well as an unlimited number of controllers. Multiple iPhones can control any of the devices. This is an ideal replacement to your original/lost remote control.

See for compatibility details, more information and support.

Customer Reviews

  • My Door Opener

    by FaceFusion

    This may seem trivial to some, but I can't believe how important this has become in my life. I can open/close my garage door from anywhere on the planet AND know if it's open or not. Hundreds of times I've driven half way across town and couldn't remember if I'd close my door or not. This has saved me tons of money in gas alone. For someone not familiar with any of these circuit boards or modifying code, this was in the end a fairly easy project. When I didn't know something or ran into a problem, the tech support is always there to answer your questions. It is well worth the money invested. You can control up to 4 devices if you want to. The only suggestion I have for the company is to update their "how to" PDF to reflect the new hardware you have to use to build this. It would have saved a lot of time on both sides in me asking questions. Great App! Would recommend to everyone!

  • This app works wonders!!

    by Shawn M

    I can finally use my iPhone to open the garage! Setup was not that hard; but being tech savvy certainly helps. Please get if you can! I love this app!

  • Great app!

    by Bheil123

    great feature updates! on my third version. running with ArduinoEthernet board and RFBee relay board. Have been using this app to control my garage doors for almost three years. Requires and IOS device, arduino boards, low cost relay and some rewiring of your garage. Took me about 2 hours to complete the setup (mostly running wires and door sensors for my three doors), and a quick and easy modification of the arduino code for my configuration. Updates continue to provide powerful functionality (prowl IOS notifications, SMS, email), camera images and device changes. Well worth the investment!

  • My Door Opener

    by Justbnice

    Makes life so convenient to be able to allow my friends' entrance remotely. Always have my cell phone handy so I always have easy access to my gate opener! Thx.

  • Great app

    by mikedibble

    Great App! Works perfectly as promised. It's a DIY project and a little teche, you need to buy some additional parts. Wired properly you can tell if you left the garage or gate open from miles away and open a door from miles away. Or you can open the gate for the UPS man watch him leave a package and then close the gate or door when he leaves. Rated five stars. It does everything it says it will do.

  • This is a great DIY project

    by Sdsixpack

    Not only is this a great project but very useful too. I've been using it for several versions and it keeps getting better. If you love to tinker and build your own solutions this is a great place to start. Introduction to the Arduino technology opens the door to so many possibilities.

  • Great App!

    by Robjamben

    Works well and does what it says. Great peace of mind when you second guess yourself.

  • Well done

    by Mrpibb

    This app is quite good and the arduino web server code is great. There are a couple minor UI glitches but that's common for iOS 7 apps at the moment and I assume they'll get smoothed out over time. The thing that pushed this to a 5-star rating is that it's finally got password protection so that people borrowing the phone (eg. kids) don't accidentally open or close the door. Thanks devs!

  • Great app

    by Jc 3640

    I love this app and the new update!

  • GreatApp

    by Mybuzztech

    This App is everything that it says it is. Works great.

  • Exceptionally done!

    by ToddJulieCayleigh

    Very nice upgrade! Love all the new features! Works like a charm. If you want to verify status and remotely control your garage doors, this is the app for you!

  • Good improvement, and worth the upgrade.

    by Colm's Account

    I like the app, and once I figured out the set up process then I found it was much more capable than before. Only downside is that I use auto update, so I didn't have a chance to record my device's information. Luckily I had a good memory and was able to get it working again. App looks great, is stable, and adds many desired features. Love the ability to add security cameras!

  • Nice update!

    by coldweather42

    Nice job. Changes look great! For future release, it'd be super cool to have an optional setting that triggers my door upon app launch. Then I could use Siri when I drive up to my door to just launch the app. Great app!

  • Awesome!

    by Nick From The Northwoods

    Great update! Definitely looking to add more arduinos now. Improvement on the app icon too. Nice to be able to have it locked down with a passcode, (would be nice to set how long after entering code I can get back into app without re-entering code). Thanks! I smile every time I open my garage door with this app. I just use on my wifi, and not cellular data, since my kids may find the icon too tempting. I drive too many cars and a motorcycle and I like the fact I always have an opener with me! Thanks! Btw, a four digit code could be helpful to stop my kids from using this app, perhaps a future update.

  • Outstanding!

    by Will_Long

    This is a great project. Works great and adds a great security feature to our home. Nice to be able to check and control the door remotely. Thanks for the great project and support.

  • Works well

    by Robmorr

    This app works just as advertised. You do need to know Arduino hardware and software and have some basic networking skills, but the ability to interface a networked Arduino with iOS is really cool.

  • Excellent App and Support

    by The Active Mind

    I have been wanting to put together a device that controlled and notified me of garage door activity for some time and never new where to start. This app and the developers website were exactly what I was looking for. It was a breath of fresh air to have a developer who is so quick and responsive to trouble shooting inquiries. If you were looking for garage door app that does what it says and does it well then this is for you. Keep up the great work.

  • Exellent App

    by Webkinzlover123

    Nice app for garage door. Now I can open or close or check the status of my garage from any where in the world. Bought this app along with Arduino Ethernet Microcontroller and DFRobot Relay Shield. Other hardwares from Craftsman & LiftMaster are not compatible with my garage.

  • Great App v2.2

    by Renegade32

    I've got version 2.2 of this app, and it is great. I had to email support when I initially was building my arduino setup, and they responded immediately with a simple fix to my issue. More apps and support teams need to be built/structured like this!

  • Great app and phenominal support!

    by bamaguy500

    I bought the boards and the TP-Link NANO router to hook it all up wirelessly. It is a bit meticulous to get the board programmed, but the instructions are complete. I did have a few questions during the process and the tech support is awesome. They responded very quickly to my questions and, together, we got it working pretty quickly. Now I can open and close my door from my iPhone from anywhere. I strongly recommend purchasing this product and the iPhone app. You will be glad you did and you will use it more than you might expect! So, if you are sitting on the fence worried about the programming and setup, don't fear. These guys will be with you all the way and you will have it working in no time! Just read and study the instructions thoroughly. If you do, then it is pretty intuitive to get it set up and working fine. I do not need the port forwarding option since I only use the app within my home network, so that is an option if you don't intend to use it off-site from your home. I also do not have any opened/closed sensors on my door, so I did not need to set notifications up, either. Go for it!

  • Very clumsy

    by VanRoekel11

    Not intuitive. Setup doesn't work.

  • Switch it back or fix it.

    by JoMaBe

    The app is unresponsive and i kept getting a "Server not found" message over and over and over, even though it was reading my door stays correctly when I manually opened and closed it. I had to remove the app and reload the previous version to make that stop.

  • Stinks

    by Vvww23 no

    Won't open, says bad URL

  • Works and good support

    by The fattest of the ninjas

    I found the web page first. This works and the steps are easy to follow. This is perfect for anyone that has some time. I have a ip webcam pointing at the door so I can see if it is open or closed, If we leave it open and we are away a quick click on the Mydooropener Elite and the door closes, even if we are miles away. Would love to see a home profile andaway profile with this app. when we are home the phone syncs to the local lan that the arduino is on, and the app has to be reconfigured for a local ip to work. Or we have to change from the local wifi to the cell companies internet. It would be great if the app could learn... "Oh you are on the home network I will use this local IP." and when you are not on the home network the app would respond with "Oh I'm not on the local network I will use the Wan IP". All in all this is great.

  • Don't Buy, extra expense needed

    by Jlawnole

    I downloaded this app for 6 dollars not knowing I had to buy hardware at a cost of $75.00 to make this app work. You have to attach a devise to your garage door opener at your house to have something for this app to interface with. I never would have downloaded the app if I would have known this fact. I had non problem with the high cost at 5.99 because I thought that cost included what I needs to make it work.

  • Excellent App

    by Wired746

    This works great. Easy to make and install

  • Works great

    by Pgo1700

    Easy to build and install. Allows us to check and close the garage door when away if we forgot to close it.

  • OMG - It WORKS!

    by Rogefeller

    Amazingly, with no previous Arduino experience, I was able to get all of the Arduino hardware and coding setup without any problems. Whole thing took abut 2 hours of setup and it works perfectly. As a BONUS - I only have 2 garage doors so I use the 2 extra internet controlled relays to turn on lights and activate an alarm system. I got the Arduino stuff from China and was able to save a bundle. Arduino UNO + ethernet shield + 4-channel relays, 2 x contact sensors, spool of low voltage wire, and 100 ft of ethernet cable cost me about $60 for everything. I also needed to buy some $6 shield headers because the relay board would not work because all the pins were not engaged due to the ethernet port interference (you'll know what I'm talking about when you build this). Not bad - considering garage door manufacturers are charging ~$200 for similar setups. I would NOT recommend this project to anyone that is not technogically savy. The code and router port forwarding setup may scare some users. The only negatives are that the app tends to run really lagging when I first open it (Iphone 4), I wish there was some text on the door page that said "Garage Door OPENED" or "Garage Door CLOSED", and the App icon stinks. The formula 1 car does not really say "Garage Door Opener" to me when I'm glancing a Iphone page full of App icons.

  • Fantastic App

    by Naderarvanaghi

    I love it. The support team were great and very helpful and responded to my question very fast. Good luck with your future projects. Best regards, Nader Arvanaghi

  • Awesome!

    by RobM984

    I used the app and instructions on the developer's website to create a remote dog treat dispenser (using a Manners Minder - google it). Works great!!

  • Excellent App

    by erprouty

    This is a great app. I really like how It monitors both of my garage doors and tells me when they are open. I use this app multiple times a day .

  • Awesome support!!!

    by Daredevil12

    They have been the most patient and helpful. I purchased the hardware and it is on back order for about a month, so I figured I would do what I could with the software. I'm not computer savvy in anyway. I had a few questions and emailed them. I had answers in less than 10 minutes. I call that awesome service. 5 stars all the way!!!!!

  • Great App!!

    by Celesguy

    Works just as advertised. Support is amazing and lightening quick. Instructions from the web site are spot on. May have found one bug, for some reason I had to program the sensor normally open for it to work even though my sensor circuit is open when the door is open and closed when the door is closed, it felt backwards but didn't affect functionality. The icon bugs me. I wish it were more cartoonish like the rest of my application icons and who keeps a formula 1 in their garage? Might just be me being picky. All around great app! Looking forward to future updates.

  • Great App - great project

    by Phleb3

    I love the do it yourself part of this. The IPhone app is polished and easy to use. The support team is fabulous!

  • Great app. Functional product. Good support!

    by jhpeyton

    Very cool project. I had several questions during the build/setup and I usually rec'd an e-mail with an answer back within minutes - even on the weekend! Somehow our garage door gets left open frequently - we have a camera on the door that is easily seen from remote PCs, phones, etc.. - I elected not to hook up the open/close sensor since I can actually see if it is open or not. You really couldn't ask for a more simple application - click and the door opens. Click again and it closes.

  • Exactly what I needed

    by JDHDTV

    This works great, and was a cool way to get familiar with Arduino controllers. The documentation is excellent. Because of the way my door is set up, I had to make a slight modification of the Arduino code, and the documentation made this a snap. It is friendly to port forwarding and webcam feature is cool.

  • Fantastic App

    by Hi no namer

    Just finished the set up. The features keep getting better! The support is outstanding. By far the best app foor door openers

  • Great Product

    by I Remember Atari

    I can't speak highly enough about this product. Not only is it a great project that teaches you about the Arduino, but it serves an actual purpose when it's done. I really like the new features of the update. After a couple of stumbles that were supported quickly and with great suggestions, I now know every time the garage is opened and also when it is left open.

  • Great!!

    by Scottscott12432

    Love the new push feature. Just wish I could use digital pins for the status pins.

  • Fantastic App

    by Zombie Man1237

    Great app. Regularly updated with great new features. Love it!

  • Great app and great support!

    by Paul Watkins

    This is my first review on the App Store. Before I bought the hardware, I had some questions and the developer was very helpful and quick to respond. The assembly process was pretty easy; but I would encourage you to get familiar with the Arduino to lessen any anxiety you might have. The Arduino community is VERY active and helpful. The code is well documented - especially version 2.2 and you will learn a lot about how the solution works by spending some time studying it. I was going to suggest Prowl support and to my surprise it was added in this version - bravo! Some folks may not be familiar with compiling and uploading code; but don't let that dissuade you. Once you get familiar with the IDE it's not too complicated and it may embolden you to make your own changes to the sketch - although version 2.2 has BUNCHES of functionality already built into it.

  • Excellent app!

    by HKPTS

    Great app and great support! Awesome new features!

  • Excellent app Excellent support

    by Zoingoboy

    When installed and set up properly this is an excellent solution for remotely opening/closing garage doors and perhaps more importantly returning the opened/closed status of the door. No more going back to the house to see if I remembered to close the door. Could easily be configured to monitor other doors or windows or turn on/off lights etc. Beware: Requires some technical knowledge to install and configure the micro controller. Read the docs to make sure it's technically within reach for you. Technical support via email is excellent. App is flexible and behaves well. Highly recommended for the serious DIY'r.

  • MyOpenDoor

    by JKBLM

    This is a great app for Arduino! The author is very helpful in helping you setup or answer any questions. Other Arduino Apps on iTunes store does not have AES password encryption to your device or camera interface to give visual feedback to what you are controlling. Keep up the good work! Please add other functions like Arduino Manager and WiFi Shield.

  • Does what it says and well. Very nice project.

    by Geo_EE

    The app is great but it is only the beginning (as it was clear from the description). Building the controller and the programming of the UNO were the easy part (plenty of microcontroller and embedded s/w experience helps). The issues I had were with my router which I eventually solved by picking up a new one that supported DDNS. I got this working with all the bells and whistles (door position sensing with magnetic reed switch and ip camera for the image updates). Sure it required about two weeks of research/ trial and error but with all the kinks worked out it works great even connected through an encrypted password protected wireless bridge router in the garage (better than cat5 cable running out the window into the home router). The email support was helpful in clearing up any technical difficulties with multiple responses some days. All in all I would recommend it as a great learning experience and a very fun application!

  • average person

    by JDM58007

    This app is excellent if you want to build the controller and take the time to read the instructions and purchase the items you need. The app works very well and it was fun to build it and have success in having it work! Those that have rated it poorly did not take the time to read through what you need to do to accomplish control of your door. It is a very reasonably priced solution to have control of your door opener on your iPhone.

  • Works great!

    by intuos

    What a fun project! You need to put together 3 boards yourself and compile the code for your needs whether it's for just one garage door opener, two, or more. The instructions in the PDF posted on the developer's web site has detailed instructions. All you need is Arduino UNO board ($15), Arduino Ethernet Shield ($10), and a 2-channel relay ($3), which all can be bought on eBay. Don't bother to build the relay circuit from scratch since it's more expensive and time-consuming. By buying the relay, there is no soldering needed. Remember not to use pins 10-13 as digital I/O since they are used by Ethernet shield. Then just edit 3 lines of codes for IP address, input(s), and password. Finally compile and upload it to your Uno board via USB cable and you're done. Support from the developer is great. He was always quick replying to my emails. Way to go!

  • Works like a charm!

    by Chris (Rep)

    This is a wonderful project. And the developer gives great support. A++

  • Mydooropener

    by skewdrv

    Works perfect almost all parts can be found at RS. The only thing I would change to make it perfect is to be able to attach a picture with the door closed and the door open for the status. Then you could instantly know at a glance instead of looking at the colored dots.

  • Awesome!

    by Tomolson68

    Yes, it's true you need to build the device. An iPhone has wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular radios, not the same your garage door opener has. The device you build puts your garage door opener on your home network, and you can then open access to it from the Internet. With this app and the device, I can check the status if my garage door, and open/close it from anywhere in the world. Now I can let a service person, neighbor, family member in my house without having to be home. Did the kid close the garage when they left? Now I can check! The only thing I would change on this app is I wish the status of the door said open or closed instead of a color. Other than that, nicely done. I'll get a lot of use out of this! Thanks!

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