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Thermal Light is the first of its kind app that uses black body radiation of an object (iron/steel, copper, ceramics) to determine temperatures between 1000F and 2700F. Very hot objects irradiate light; the app uses this light to determine the temperature between 1000 and 2700F. The app has been calibrated against a certified IR thermometer. Why spend $900 for an IR or optical thermometer when you can convert your iPhone to do the same thing? This is great for knowing the temperature of your steel for working. Temperature increments are 50F.

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Customer Reviews

  • Don't melt your phone

    by CappsPotts

    I tried this app out on my ceramic kiln. Worked very well. impressive. Handy backup for my high temperature thermometer.

  • Useful tool for the shop

    by I_rivera79

    Well worth the purchase. Simple to use and very helpful.

  • Amazing

    by Abracadabra66

    Thank you. I used it to measure the temperature of my brick forge. Seemed right on!

  • Good purchase!

    by Get it right now!!!!!!!

    Calibration takes some practice but overall it works well. A nice effort for something that would cost a lot of money.

  • Works well.

    by SomeRandomName

    Takes a moment to calibrate, and it will only work with really hot objects (>1000 deg F) but it works surprisingly well. Be sure to read the help for calibration instructions.

  • Thermal Light App.

    by HoJo7

    At first, I was unsure as to whether or not it would really work, but it did. Not only does it work, but it works well! Very user friendly and self explanatory. Really great app. Works exactly as described. Two thumbs up.


    by Mb4908

    Pice of crap app

  • No luck.

    by Ruger. Colt. Winchester.

    I thought this would be handy for HTing knives, but I haven't had any luck with it. I tried calibrating then using it to read a steel that I knew the austentitic temp for, in light and dark, but could not get an accurate read.

  • Metal casting furnace

    by Bill T2

    Of all the apps I have bought this one is almost totally useless. To calibrate you are supposed to point it at a light and keep trying until you get the x in the magic spot. So I do this for the low temp then the high. But find out that whatever one you have it calibrated it losses the previous calibration. Oh well I think I can work around that so I calibrate it again for the low temperature. Note: I did this in my garage at night. Then stepping outside to where my metal melting furnace is running. Now the thing says it needs calibrated again. So one more time trying to calibrate this at the operating furnace. I can not get it to calibrate looking down in the glory hole where my crucible is. This even though the crucible is red hot . At this time on a scale of one to ten = 0

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