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Download XFINITY TV Remote and control the world of entertainment from the palm of your hand.

Control your TV, search TV Listings, browse thousands of movies and TV shows in XFINITY On Demand, and schedule your DVR recordings directly from your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®

Find content to watch on TV quickly and easily:

- View Customized TV Listings by area.
- Browse the XFINITY On Demand library featuring thousands of titles.
- Search for any TV show or movie.
- Quickly find what you’re looking for using: Channel Keypad, Date & Time Picker, Favorite Channels.
- Filter content by genre, network, HD, free and more.

Control your TV and DVR:

- Change channels on your TV
- Tune directly to XFINITY On Demand programs.
- Schedule your DVR remotely.
- View and modify scheduled recordings and recording priority.


- iPad, iPhone (3GS, 4 or 4S) or iPod touch (3rd or 4th Generation) with iOS 4.3 and above
- Changing channels, recording to your DVR, and starting On Demand require a WiFi or 3G internet connection.
- XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service.
- Compatible cable/set-top box (for TV and DVR control). Please see for more details.**
- Comcast ID or email address and password.

Some restrictions may apply. Not available in all areas. Streaming video is not available internationally.

Initial Setup Notes: Please be at home with your TV and cable boxes turned on. Messages will appear on your TV screen to help you name your boxes for easier identification and control.

Need Help Signing-In, creating a Comcast ID or retrieving your password? Please visit our website.

* XFINITY TV Remote app supports many, but not all, Comcast set-top boxes. Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes are not yet supported. Please see this page for details about currently supported set-top boxes:

*** Follow @XfinityTVApps on Twitter for tips and product information.

**** Having trouble with the XFINITY TV App? Contact our support team via email: We cannot respond directly through iTunes but would love to hear from you.

Customer Reviews

  • Love this thing!!! But...

    by breakslikeglass

    I wish you could save favorite shows to a list and then frequently access the list to search for upcoming show times of your favorite programs. Kinda like the favorite channel feature you already offer. Except with shows and search features.


    by DragonLover24

    For how relatively un-useful this app is in practice (if you lose your regular remote, you're screwed, and it only works on the big boxes—not the small converter whose tiny remote gets lost all the time in our household), the recent update to change the icon has made me want to uninstall the app altogether. The remote symbol is misleading, first off, and I arrange my apps by type, use, and color. Very few apps use a black background for a reason, and so this one now stands out like a sore thumb on the home screen. Change it back, please!

  • Feedback

    by etherMATIC

    From remote app cannot input parental control 4 digit password for restricted programming

  • Nice App

    by Bigshawn10

    Please give us the option to mute the ding when you change the channel using this app! It is very annoying if you use it as a remote thanks!

  • Work amazing

    by devon eldred

    I find no problems. I love it. I wish it would do volume but it goes to your cable box not your tv. That's why it doesn't do volume unless you set it up with a "smart tv" I love this app so much though.

  • I'm enjoying the app now!

    by Msdiz

    I love the option to pick a show click and it turns the channel and show right on. The on demand to go right to the tv. Downloading a movie or show to watch later. Thanks comcast!

  • I'm going to hide my icon in a folder on my second page

    by Laura forever 28

    Still no effort to make this an actual remote? Change the icon back(remember less is more).

  • Ugly Icon!

    by AQ86

    The app works really good, just please change the icon back.

  • Needs more features

    by jooolokjm,oikijonujiuo

    Overall a good concept. It needs volume button and a channel up and down. Add these and the iOS 7 keyboard the app would be just about perfect.

  • Play Now is not working

    by edcasino

    play now section is not working.

  • Works great- fugly icon

    by Buckminster83

    Seriously- great little app for Comcast customers. But that new app icon is hideous.

  • Awesome App

    by AMBSNJ

    Probably my most used app. Great for all the others TVs you have where you cannot look up the 'guide'. And when the remote control is across the room.

  • Icon missing

    by Telnikewl

    After today's update the icon for this app is gone. According to the App Store it is still installed and will open from the store, but I cannot launch outside of the store due to the missing icon. iOS 7 on 4s. App is great otherwise.

  • Like

    by jodawnkay

    This worked great for a while, however, it won't change channels anymore.

  • Volume

    by Rmill1120

    Love the app but needs on demand feature

  • That is the ugliest app icon ever. PLEASE change it back.

    by Adam on Syds

    I use the app regularly and you are on my home screen. but that app icon is so ugly I may delete the app just to not have to look at it. The white was a leap better. PLEASE revert to the old design. Please.

  • Awesome!

    by Pyroradio

    Very helpful when you can't find the remote!

  • The worst icon on my phone

    by Bearrito

    The app is great and incredibly useful. But seriously, who thought this new icon was attractive at all. No. Bad.

  • Love it

    by J.s$


  • Cursors

    by Dingo626

    Great app! Only one recommendation, add a cursor! Just in case somebody can't find the remote or is too lazy to get up and get it add a cursor. Not exactly a cursor but so you can select what you want like on the real remote. GREAT APP THOUGH!!

  • Needs improvement...

    by [ Killuminati ] 2010

    Remotes should be able to PAUSE, FF, & RW, no?

  • App team should try it

    by Rasfund

    Glitchie, frustrating, slow. If the app team tried it at home (eat your own dog food), they would hate it.


    by Mrs JLB

    This app worked fine until a couple of days ago...I've deleted it and reinstalled...nothing, nada, zip!

  • Has Potential...

    by zssailer

    I like the fact that you can see what's on, and it's much faster than using the remote (in my opinion), but it's only good for the guide. It'd be nice if the app was like a true remote and had channel up/down, volume, etc. Also, the OnDemand feature is really stupid and defeats the purpose of having the app. You can choose to watch something but you need the remote to actually start the program. Redundant.

  • Crashes on record

    by Naixelsyd

    Crashes every time I tell it to record something.

  • Does not show tv listing on 5s

    by Zombie :) :) :)

    App does not show tv listing on iPhone 5s. Reinstalled it few times already... It does work on my iPhone 5, though.

  • CHIME!

    by Wdecker544

    App works perfectly for me and I use it daily. I actually love it. I am giving one star for that GOD AWEFUL CHIME. Get rid of it or allow users to disable it. It is annoying as all hell! Get. Rid. Of. The. Chime!

  • It's simple...

    by CandyRoll9

    This app does not work.

  • Lacks remote abilities

    by Trailguy

    You can't rewind or fast forward!! I used to be able to access my recorded shows on my computer and control them through that interface - now I can't use my computer and must use this app which doesn't work!!!

  • Listings don't match what's being broadcast....

    by MiaNj

    So, what good is that?! Checked settings to make sure I had the right area selected, but most times, the listings in the app don't reflect what's being broadcast.

  • Not intuitive

    by Paul L

    This app is not as intuitive as you think it should be.

  • Broken remote

    by Bigmc6577

    This use to be great but since the last update the watch channel function no longer works!!! I would love it if they could that part of the app working again!!!

  • Remote???

    by Need a Remote

    This app does not allow you to control the volume, FF, Rew or Pause buttons. It only lets you record or change a channel. That is it! Please add the other controls.

  • Ugly Icon!!!

    by Davincimv

    Deleting this good app because it's ugly.

  • Need volume buttons

    by Benny boo 5

    Please add volume buttons.

  • Remote recording very unreliable w/ updated app

    by adamsfdc

    The updated app no longer works reliably for remote recording, which is all I use the app for. Classic Comcast experience - they mess up the one thing the have going for it.

  • Junk

    by Thebighouse222

    Guide always says error and never works. About as useful as there service.

  • Remote control doesn't work

    by NanH1018

    After recent updates the remote control doesn't work. Makes the app useless. Please fix!

  • Like it but......

    by FileOtech

    I like the app and use it more than many of my other apps. I like it because I can set up filters, navigate quickly through my fav channels and find something to watch. Point and click, done. However, I hate the fact it's not a fully useful remote. Hate the fact I need that huge remote around too. I've lived all over the country, used different cable systems with iPhone apps. This is the only app that doesn't function as a full remote. So it can be done and it should be done. Looking forward to that in the next release.

  • Basically doesn't work

    by MatttStar

    If the app is 50/50 at even recording a show when I'm away from home what good is it? It should do that perfectly if nothing else.

  • Ugliest icon ever

    by Lukecastle

    Whoever made the icon is probably trying to get fired.

  • Fix it

    by Frozen beauty

    I used to love this app but now since the update it won't let me change the channels at all

  • Doesn't work with M series Vizio TVs

    by jhewolf

    App was great until I purchased a new TV and now I just get an error message. Same problem with Comcast remote. C'mon Comcast, update your software so it works with all Vizio models.

  • New Icon Looks Horrible

    by whtbst

    Great app overall. Low rating is due to the new icon design which is so ugly that I might delete the app just to avoid looking at it. I use a solid black screen background on my phone which makes the new black icon look tiny relative to my other apps. Xfinity needs to add a gradient shift or gray hue like Gilt did.

  • Update

    by Vmehlbaum

    After updating a while back I was not able to do anything with this app. Now with the most recent update I thought it would be fixed. But no, now it can not even sign in. Just terrible!

  • Worthless without volume control

    by CalTex

    App says smart phone can be used just like your Xfinity remote, but it has no volume control (as far as I can tell). So you still have to have your remote handy to adjust volume and mute commercials.

  • Not great

    by Sunmando

    Is good only for a tv guide. Rarely recognizes the cable box. Comcast should fix the bugs in this ap.

  • Still Needs total remote control ability

    by Saucerman

    Now even twice the suckiness. you no longer have speed scrolling to the right with the lastest update and you still need both remotes. Find an on demand episode select it and hit watch. Then you get a message on your tv that asks you to choose okay on your other remote. So you need your other remote on hand. Why can't this app have the exact controls as my xfinity remote - Verizon does and they use motorola boxes as well.

  • Still Needs to Catch Up With DirecTV

    by EAF220

    Until the app can do everything the hand remote can do, it's not going to be an acceptable "remote." Where's the pause, rewind, fast-forward, mute, etc., controls? Take a look at the DirecTV app and get caught up...then improve on that! (And I agree the new icon is awful.)

  • No longer works

    by tgregr

    The app no longer works after the update.

  • It's time for a design overhaul.

    by iHSE

    I'm happy with the recent bug fixes. I've been using Xfinity TV Remote app since its inception and it's more stable and reliable than ever. However, with this latest update, I was anticipating an all-new user interface that would follow iOS 7 design guidelines. Instead, we get the same old UI that looks more outdated than ever, and what could be considered the ugliest icon of all time. Needless to say, I'm ashamed to have this on my home screen.

  • Doesn't even work anymore.

    by S1 1000

    Months later and they're sill using the ios6 keyboard? Comcast's dev team are about as useful as their customer service. More evidence that comcast simply doesn't care about its customers.

  • Useless

    by L1gsxr750

    It use too be a great app easy 5 stars ... Now it does nothing....

  • What happened?

    by #SMH

    This App was excellent at one point but now, it no longer even shows that the boxes I have are linked. I've deleted the app and installed it a couple of times but it still doesn't work. It's now a glorified "TV guide". If the developers could actually fix the functionality of it, that would be great.

  • Junk now

    by Diarrhea Dave

    What's going on? This app worked perfectly for the longest time. Now it won't even recognize my devices in the house. FIX IT!!!

  • Used to great

    by Amanda "The Real Diva"

    This app used to be awesome but now it doesn't work most of the time. Currently I cannot even change the channel on my iPad. Very disappointing.

  • Could be better

    by Angmat

    Has some good features. One miner downfall. You can look at the list of shows you've recorded but there isn't an option to play the recordings from the app.

  • worst app from the worst company

    by ryt2ber

    Comcast is a piece of crap. as such this app is a piece of crap. my god can't anyone else come into the market with anything better!?!? Comcast is the anti Christ and their executives should be taken out and shot. but I say that in the nicest possible way.

  • Doesn't work!

    by BobinMI

    This app is a total waste of time. It doesn't work. I wrote to Comcast seeking help, and their response said that to fix it may take up to six and a half hours. My time is more valuable than that.

  • Cannot change channels

    by Seattle1974

    This app used to work perfectly up until about two weeks ago when I was unable to change any channels. I'm able to set recordings, but it will not allow me to change channels with the app? Otherwise it was a really cool app.

  • Needs work

    by R&A Hutcheson

    When I was with DirecTv, their iPad remote also allowed you to pause/play so you could get up and take care of a child and it had volume control capabilities also. Xfinity/Comcast really needs to up the game and catch up in this area! I love how Xfinity is compatible with Disney Jr apps for the kids and how the onDemand is better in my opinion then DirecTv's is, but this app needs to catch up and even supercede them :(

  • Comcast stinks.

    by xpreston

    My fios remote app worked perfectly. Had a full virtual remote control you could pull down for total functionality of play, pause etc. this stupid thing doesn't even have a play button after you select an ondemand the show doesn't actually start. Brilliant.

  • It used to work. No longer!!

    by Bhs AL

    It no longer works. Says I don't have a cable box. Have same one that used to work with this app. You need to start over! (Or switch to satellite)

  • Needs updating big time!!!!

    by dave phillips

    When is this app going to be fixed??? Crashes all the time when trying to schedule a recording.

  • Cool but ....

    by Shelbel73

    It does stink that you can chose on demand program but yet you have to have the actual comcast remote to hit "play" to start it. Kind of pointless. Would be nice to have channel up and channel down buttons along with volume and on/off. I am paralyzed and have a hard time using remotes so this app could be a God send for me. I am enjoying changing channels with ease and the guide.

  • Erratic

    by Deborah Gaither

    Some days it's fine, then suddenly loses scheduled recordings and program descriptions. For the past 2 weeks it gives a problem notice and blank program grid. Now it doesn't show my recordings, only scheduled recordings. A trashy app.

  • Useless

    by JamYoa

    If it didn't constantly shut down, it might be useful. It's as undependable as Xfinity.

  • Crashes Immediately

    by Muldurath

    I downloaded app for the first time. As soon as I log in, it logs me out in 3 seconds and crashes.

  • HELP

    by Crafter14

    Just downloaded it but every time I open it, it crashes please fix this

  • Access to app

    by Samfox737

    This app does not open more than it does. Useless!!!

  • No good

    by medic236

    I used this more for the tv listing than for the remote option. Starting yesterday it says that it won't work in my area! What's up with that?

  • Pause, play, live TV

    by hamishdunn

    Why call it a remote? We all use pause, play, live more than anything else. Big miss!

  • It used to work but it no longer the case

    by AbasJ

    I used to like this App since it was helping me brows and select the channel I want using my phone from literally anywhere around the house, but after latest update it has stopped working; it's giving me a message that an error has occurred during the request and no matter what I do ( restarting receiver, reinstalling app ...) it does not work. Very disappointing!

  • Ok, but needs more functionality

    by Greyhame62

    The app is good for finding shows to watch, but with kids in the house, and parental controls it's nearly useless without the remote. Also, it'd be really great to be able to control the TV volume, or at least mute the volume. Player controls for On Demand would be terrific as well.

  • Comcrap

    by DaBunkster

    Crashes, very unstable and not useful. My remote is still king in the house because this is pretty much useless.

  • Eeehhhhh....

    by Smanit

    The concept is great! Especially when you can only erase & record shows from one room....but the constant crashing is awful! I usually have to relaunch this app 2-3 times to get it to work! Please fix it!!!

  • Junk

    by Rick-Hollywood

    I finally got them to publish my comment. It's junk, don't waste your time.

  • Comcast NEVER Fails 2 Disappoint

    by OldSchool007

    They say it won't work w/ DCH 3400; need DCX 3400. Took 3 different boxes in first 2 weeks to get decent HD signal. Not excited about changing my working box. Wasted hours & hours. FAIL!

  • On demand??

    by bos_ke

    4 hbo titles show up. I think there may be more available.

  • Not as good as before. :-(

    by Yacht_guy

    Crashing. Unable to search.

  • Brutally useless

    by Tracktoys

    True to form, comcast falls waaay short in delivering any functionality in this app. I can't even say that my disappointment is similar to others; my issue is that the app won't log me in. Easily one of the worst apps I have ever downloaded. Congratulations, comcast.

  • Bugs

    by Shannonigand

    Listings aren't right sometimes, force closes when you add location to channel lineup

  • Junk

    by Yabmeister

    Can't get past crashes on start up. Have reinstalled. Have powered off and on phone. Junk. Have latest ios.

  • It's Great!

    by ClassicsRox

    Overall really helpful and easy to use app! Wish I'd found it sooner. So much better and easier to use than the regular cable box guide.

  • Update.

    by DJ Dizzle22

    Had to erase and re download. Works now.

  • Crashes Constantly

    by Walt at WDVR

    What happened? This app crashes constantly! It's now useless. Might be time to cut the cord.

  • Crashes

    by William Roesner

    It no longer stays open longer than a few seconds. It crashes right away now. PLEASE FIX!

  • Used all the time until last week

    by BobonComcast

    This was a good app but now it won't even run.

  • Pathetic

    by g_free

    Too many problems to list. This is the quality you get when there is NO competition. Hire Outside Professional help and Start over from scratch. Sooner or later someone will break your monopoly and you will be nothing but a dumb wire if you do not get your act together.

  • This app is great.

    by Whyskiseckr

    My kid lost my original remote like a week ago. Just downloaded this and it's working fine.

  • Works

    by Kylesmatt

    It works but I'd love to have a filter that only shows the channels I get. I don't need to see the other 200 channels I can't watch!!

  • It WORKS!

    by MainahMoose

    I almost didn't download this app because of the reviews, glad I didn't listen! The app works just fine. You select which tv you're using and then you can surf the tv listings and change the channel via your phone. I like it!

  • Still handy but buggy

    by Cass3rz

    I'll be honest, despite some bugs and the lack of certain desirable features; I still love the app! The interface is much less laggy than the actual xfinity guide and menus so it's great to change the channel, browse on demand, or check out recordings. The most hindering issue I've found is the lack of a pause/play button, if you want to pause a recording and grab a glass of water, you'll still have to use your xfinity remote. By doing this it then bugs out the app, forcing you to exit everything using your remote, then relaunching the app to make your devices communicate again. If you can get past this major flaw it is still a great app!

  • Does load anything anymore

    by uti's best

    Updated needed ASAP!

  • For a truly frustrating experience . . .

    by James Curtiss

    When it works, it's wonderful. When it won't work, Comcast hasn't the slightest idea why or what to do about it. I have been through 6 technical assistants on chat about it. Don't waste your time like I wasted mine.

  • Crap

    by Firecaptainrich

    Just like all of Comcast / xfinity, this is garbage. Worst of all is xfinity customer service. HORRIBLE customer service. How about the constant glitches in my service. How about my set top boxes saying I'm not authorized to receive the service when I pay $200 a month. How about repair technicians who don't show up, which had happened to me 5 different times after waiting all day. How about the cable line that is running through my yard for 2 months now and the guy who buries the line hasn't showed up yet. I could go on and on because I'm only scratching the surface. Xfinity is garbage not worthy of garbage and so are their employees. Beware if you think of signing up for this service or leaving your current provider.

  • Says dcx3200 not eligible

    by MarinerD

    However your manual says that the Motorola dcx3200 is compatible. Which is it?

  • Fix the app

    by Wallyost

    Worked for a while. Now nothing. Please fix

  • Can't log in...

    by Ichoptop

    Even talking to tech support in chat on my laptop giving me a new login and password this app won't let me log in.

  • App automatically closes as soon as opened

    by Rm930

    Something has happened to this app. It closes immediately after it opens. I tried downloading again but the same thing happens.

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