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● iOS 7 Adaptations

We also added a few little audio & visual touches here and there just to make the images & sounds perfect. You might not even notice them, but your sleep will keep getting better :-)

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With this app you'll sleep tonight, guaranteed.
Its the most effective & highest quality sleep app, with over 5,400,00 happy customers.

FEATURED on ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Successful Living, AppAdvice, AppCraver, 148Apps, Appolicious, & several radio stations


This is the famous "APP THAT HELPS THE WORLD SLEEP". Turn it on and you'll be asleep in minutes, guaranteed.

Sleep Pillow provides an advanced set of high quality ambient sounds, premixed for perfect sleep enhancement. The sounds are recorded and enhanced to relax and make you sleep. They isolate, create a relaxed environment, and put you into a cyclical sleep pattern.

The way these sounds are created will induce sleep even for difficult sleepers or in the noisiest environments.


● 70 Naturally recorded sounds
● Sound mixes - up to 300,000 combinations
● Pre-mastered & high quality

Some of our sounds:
light rain | medium rain | tropical rain | rain on tent | rain on car + wipers | thunder storm | wind & rain & thunder storm | wind-vane blade | wind in field | outside bonfire | inside fireplace | garden fountain | stream | bubbling stream | gentle beach waves | beach & white noise mix | beach waves & birds | row boat | motor boat | birds & gentle frogs | small tropical birds | distant birds | lake birds | jungle cave birds | jungle life | forest life | horse running in field | whale song | underwater dive | bubbles | cold drink with ice | quiet city traffic | city nightlife | luxury car ride | business class travel | train ride | wall clock | mother's heartbeat | thin wind chimes | medium wind chimes | thick wind chimes | wooden wind chimes | underwater melody | temple atmosphere | indian tent | beach resort hammock | soothing guitar | quiet piano | couple's getaway melody | dream catcher melody | massage atmosphere music | beach meditation music | quiet resort room | metronome | baby lullaby 1 | baby lullaby 2 | baby lullaby 3 | white noise | blue noise | radio crackle | ceiling fan | box fan | metal box fan | tall stand fan | small fan | hair dryer | vacuum | clothes dryer


● Create sound mixes: 300,000 combinations
● Sleep timer with slow fadeout
● Alarm clock with slow-fade in
● App runs in the background
● App runs while device locked / screen dark
● Favorite sounds shortlist
● High quality nature images, to set the mood
● natural iPhone / iPod / iPad support


● Wall Street Journal: "the hottest tracks on digital playlists: oscillating fan, crickets, waves..."

● AppAdvice: "No matter what the reason, Sleep Pillow can make a stressful mood just disappear."

● 148Apps: "remarkably easy to use… the sound effects included are recorded really well."

● Successful Living: "Great for those nights you have trouble falling asleep… it keeps its promise of getting you to sleep."

● AppCraver: "Cure Insomnia with iPhone and Sleep Pillow."

● WGNA Radio: "There's an app to help you sleep!"


Cobra16: "Great. After 30 years of chronic pain because of an accident, and using strong medications to put me to sleep, this is a god send. The free app let me go to sleep in less than 10 minutes. After two nights of restful sleep, I purchased the full version. Now, I am on my fourth night without narcotics. Thank You."

Shannon Griffin: "...Sleep Pillow was a complete lifesaver… I wonder how I ever managed without"

Zina zinelor: "…thank you for making my life a little better"

TuneMeee: "I was not convinced it could get me to sleep until I woke up many hours later looking for my phone."

Jhest: "Try to stay awake!!! … has me asleep within minutes."

Callmeloislane: "…literally the only thing that will put me to sleep…"

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Dessii_babii

    Better than any other sleep app!

  • Love this app!

    by Oceano12

    Definitely gets the job done on those nights that I just can't fall asleep on my own!

  • Nice stuff

    by IQMatthew

    Feb. 13, 2014 I use Sleep Pillow as a white noise generator when I don't have a fan (or a noise-making space heater in cooler months) available. It helps me, well, sleep. I like the feature the app has that allows me to combine three different types of sounds — in my case, a stream, waves on a beach and a campfire.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Jennaaroaeee

    Helps me fall asleep immediately!

  • Better than a prescription!!!

    by Cbeachum

    I've always had problems sleeping.... I've tried the calming lotions, sleepy time tea, and sleeping meds however this app deserves 10 stars I'm sleep with 15 mins... Finally a good nights rest

  • LOVE

    by Bbourg2008

    Awesome App!!!

  • The land of Nod

    by white ruby

    Has never been better! I love sleeping to the rain!

  • Love it!

    by Lynchrez

    Yep! Yep!

  • Great sounds

    by Crispy787

    I really like the realistic sound effects. They are awesome

  • Love sleep pillow

    by MRose30

    I think you should add more songs and things to your thing but besides that I love love love love sleep pillow. By the way I'm 9 almost 10 and I still use sleep pillow. I like the one with the baby sleeping on it for the picture that's makes me go to sleep really fast. Well... BYE

  • Love this app!

    by +costa+

    My wife and I love this app it's the only White noise that puts us to sleep!

  • Awesome‼️

    by Cam O' Riley

    Better than Any Sleep Aid

  • Never fails

    by ChiefRocka59

    Always knocks me out for a good nights sleep to wake up feeling energized and focused

  • Awesome

    by Maila1113

    Helps me sleep once again. Thank you.

  • Great

    by Haley19128


  • Works like a charm

    by Kvultaggio

    I was a skeptic, but desperate for better sleep (hubby leaves the tv on). This puts me to sleep kind of like putting a blanket over a birdcage. I drift off without even knowing it. A good app to become addicted to! :).

  • Good app

    by Mynameistoocommon

    I use the app a lot, especially when reading in louder places but would love to have just a constant "fan" noise. I'm annoyingly sensitive to the changing sounds of rain drops, bird chirps, big/little waves, etc when I sleep :/

  • Great!!

    by Your mom says

    Better than many others that I tried.

  • Awesome

    by ntquitesleepy

    great app!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sleep Pillow

    by Sharon James

  • Relaxing sounds

    by MidGreen&white

    I have trouble falling asleep & these sounds help me drift off.

  • What??

    by Insomniac, Chronic

    What? Huh? I'm sorry you'll have to give me just a minute....yeah, I guess I do like the new app. I was just trying it out and must have dozed off! A friend of mine told me about this app after his daughter, who had a baby daughter with sleep issues, had tried it and loved it because it worked great for her and the baby. Works pretty good for me too! I really like the timer and that you can mix them.

  • A sound machine on the road!

    by newsdede

    So great to have this for travel... Helps keep the little guy asleep and we don't have to carry the whole sound machine!

  • Relaxing-even if you have anxiety!

    by Chrissykit

    I love the sounds and would give it a 5 if it hadn't frozen and gone to an inaccessible black screen the first time that I used it. I had to delete and reinstall it. I recommend mixing the whale sound and the bird/frog sound!

  • GoodNight!

    by Sara Michelle 11

    This app is great! The timer feature allows you to set an amt of time for your sleep sound to play, so you don't have to worry about it draining your battery!

  • Fantastic!

    by Tamara0014

    We use this for our baby. Love that it's on my phone so when we travel, I don't have to pack a sound machine along with everything else. Our favorite sound is the rain.

  • I use it every night!

    by jsul717

    My ears ring really bad at night, a little calming sound helps me block it out so I can fall asleep. I love it.

  • Pretty good

    by Majik asom

    I like it. Helps meditate and sleep

  • Happy

    by Nowcansleep

    I love this and it really does help!

  • I absolutely love it

    by jesus dshawn

    I love the sound of the rain on a dark peaceful night so tired and peaceful

  • Zzzzzzzzzz

    by Formerly sleep deprived

    I love this app and don't know how I could live without it! The raindrops are my favorite and it lulls me to sleep even after a stressful day of traveling and staying in foreign hotel rooms. Also a great mood stabilizer during the day!

  • Awesome

    by Hsjduhejduehshjshch

    Love this app!

  • Works for me

    by Vegassinner

    This app really works for me I'm sleep long before it stops

  • Peaceful

    by Ketogem

    This app is great and really does the trick. Its relaxing, calming noise puts you to sleep almost immediately. My favorite is the rain and, I also love the frogs and crickets because it reminds me of sleeping in a bungalow on Hilo side of Big Island! Anything that can take me mentally back to that time and place I'm into :) Aloha

  • I instantly go to sleep !

    by Antanique

    Every single time, it works ! Best app

  • Great app

    by Michael Robbins

    I love this app. It really helps me sleep.

  • Good

    by _cuteypatooty

    Very good n comforting

  • Just what the doctor ordered

    by Luke52

    Some of the best sleep is during a rain and thunderstorm. Sleep pillow gives me that every night. This app truly helps me sleep. At first I thought it was just another app but this app delivers.


    by SophluvsHIM

    READ THIS PLZ: This app helps me sleep at night. I used to hear things that creeped me out and had to get my mom to come sleep with me every night. That all ended when I got this app. It tunes out all noises (especially my 3 older brothers,yes I'm the only girl besides my mom)and helps me sleep good (to me it's also kinda like a dream catcher may not be to you but is to me)Seriously you need this app to tune out noises,sleep better,and relax-Plus you can mix sounds!!!!

  • Amazballs

    by EstheAddi


  • OOOOOOsssssssssssssom

    by Kxmcjxm jack jxjvjcmvj

    I love sleep plow

  • Love the water noise choices

    by Pfh77

    There are 3 different water based options plus a few others. It has a timer or you can use the iphone timer. Straightforward, works great.


    by Good action

    I LOOOOVE this app because sometimes I can't fall asleep and this is the app I need. If you can't fall asleep, this is the app you'll need. Sleep Pillow has all different kinds of sounds such as raindrops, thunderstorm, spa music(this is one of my favorite)and waves. This app also includes other sounds, but my opinion would be either the waves or the spa music. If your just like me, this is the perfect app for you. MAKE SURE TO GIVE SLEEP PILLOW A 5 STAR RATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Wonderful

    by Awesome *******

    This app is very nice and awesome. You will sleep in seconds and it relaxes your nerves. It's a stress relief therapy. I love the whale sound. It is heavenly ❤️

  • by Coolkid102804

    It may only work for adults but I I'm only nine so I tried for fifteen minutes it didn't work

  • Does the job

    by B-to-the-lanco

    Helps me sleep in overly quiet places. Works as well as anything.

  • Great app

    by Sm 46

    This is a great app for helping you get to sleep. I like the sound options and the different timings you can set it on!

  • Works

    by Swag 108

    Simple and very affective. Love the timer feature

  • Love it

    by Paulasssssss

    Great job

  • Very relaxing

    by Crazy lady4

    I love this app. You don't have to sleep with it if you don't want to. Need some ME time is the sounds to relax. LOVE IT!!!

  • Awesome APP!!!!!!

    by Hijimsly

    By: Cookies123 Before this app I had lots of trouble going to sleep,so the very next day I went to the App Store and searched for an app I found sleep pillow and I tried it and it was great!!!!

  • LOVE!!!!!!

    by Kbd23

    I honestly don't know how I lived without this app before. I got it because I was having trouble getting back to sleep after feeding my newborn at night. It works miracles. I'm back asleep in just a few minutes listening to this. Get it now if you are even considering it!

  • Peace...

    by AnnaMcDee

    This app saved me. I use it to sleep to drown out my snoring frenchie every night & when I have severe migraines. I don't think I can live without it now. LOOOVVVE IT.


    by Insomnia5321

    I suffer from insomnia, and whenever I put the rain soundboard on, it put me to bed in about 3 mins. I really like the timer feature up in the left hand corner also.

  • Great For Productivity

    by JohnMOgle

    I use this for my homework and other situations where it is imperative that I focus. The constant noise in the background seems perfect to keep me focused and on task. I recommend it completely

  • Great app

    by I'm a guy$$ :)

    I love it!!!

  • Oh Sweet Slumber

    by Dr. J. Whittaker

    I love this app for sleeping, walking outside or meditation. Nature is fantastic and now you can bring a bit of it to your bedroom as you lay down to rest each night.

  • Great!

    by Raillerie

    Works great, love the water!

  • LOVE!!!

    by xsummerbugg

    Puts me straight to sleeeeeep

  • Super helpful

    by MMBLT

    Great background noise for a good night's sleep.

  • Good app

    by Lookin4close

    Good app

  • Love it

    by Trishy421


  • Very relaxing

    by Vvvcccggg

    Nice combination of sounds. Ability to mix your own makes this a keeper.

  • Amazing

    by elaine Hailer

    I am sleeping longer and falling asleep quick thanks to this app totally worth getting

  • Love it!

    by MikaJacobTodd

    Download it. I use it on my newborn every night to get him to sleep. Works great!

  • Insomnia Cure

    by Kdhop

    Love love love this App! I travel often and sleeping in a different hotel each night often has me wide awake for hours. The white noise on this app (rain is my favorite)...drowns out the noise from elevators, hotel patrons, etc. I also like that it has a timer. Two thumbs up!

  • Great sounds

    by PaulaGymnastMom

    Helps us sleep sound in noisy hotels.

  • Loveeeee

    by Yeah buddy.

    I love it and I go straight to sleep

  • Like!

    by WIlliampmcg

    Good app

  • Ahhh :-)

    by Sleeplessmamma

    My neighbors are hairless pigs that somehow walk upright and are super loud and annoying plus do not realize others exist on this planet. This app makes great noises :-) love it.

  • Sleep pillow sounds lite

    by Derm Doc

    Only runs for one hour .....not very helpful for staying asleep all night.

  • Helpful

    by Fulin69

    I like that even in the winter I can sleep next to an open fire and hear the swamp at night

  • Wonderful app

    by Dana step

    This app really does help you get to sleep! I would highly recommend it if you're a troubled sleeper. I like how you can also mix the different sounds, fantastic app!

  • Very cool

    by Em1495


  • Love this

    by Anza88

    Love love love this app it deff helps me sleep !!

  • Delighted

    by 68wmed

    I got this app to block out the sound of my husband's snoring so that I could get a full nights sleep, and I must say that I finally have.

  • I LOVE this app

    by JoJo

    Ok yall i really LOVE this app personally It really helps me sleep i really like how it has a time because i do fall asleep with it on so i put it on for 5 mins and then it turns off and you can turn off you phone and it still makes the noises.... I LOOOOVVVVEEEE this app i have been trying to find something like this and now i have and i use it every night it really helps me sleep!!!!!!

  • Rested!!

    by Pond jump princess

    I love this app especially the ability to mix sounds

  • Love

    by baller2903

    Really good

  • Love it

    by 20something yr o insomniac

    I suffer from chronic mild to moderate insomnia. This app helps me relax and does significantly reduce the time it takes me to fall asleep. I only wish it let you choose ANY time to keep it playing, though! I have an issue with middle-of-the-night awakenings and it would be nice to always have that background noise.

  • Junk 101

    by Ginzuernson

    Another gimmick to get you to buy an app. If it does not wear you out trying to set it up between advertisements you will break your phone in frustration. It is crap.

  • Amazing

    by Leyrosas

    My kids and i love it, is relaxing, exactly what i was looking for

  • Amazing

    by Leyrosas

    My kids and i love it, is relaxing, exactly what i was looking for

  • by Chantall-Imani

    This app is great I jut turned on the ocean sound.... And I was out before I knew it!

  • Baby nap time!

    by Jkuloni

    My three and a half moth old naps at least twice as long with this app on as she does with other music or just quiet room. Love it!

  • Great!!!!

    by Brittflem

    I have sleep great after downloading this app!!!

  • My new addiction!

    by Ajsmith29045

    I absolutely love this app! I tend to have what I call "wide eye" syndrome in the middle of the night. I would just wake up like "Bang!" & not be able to go back to sleep. This app has actually changed that! On the first night I slept straight thru the night like a baby! I've been telling everyone I know about this. Thank you much for making this app for ME!

  • Love

    by Ariannanav

    In the words of Marcel the Shell with Shoes on "Knocks me RIGHT out" :)

  • Peaceful Puppy

    by bcrabbe16

    Our puppy recognizes the sound of a ticking clock as nap time!!

  • I love this app!!

    by Mickyhey

    Such a good app. It has very relaxing sounds and music. Definitely get it!!

  • Review

    by #blondebubbles

    Sleep pillow is pretty great , but it needs more sound effects.

  • Sleep Pillow

    by Mlbenson

    Love this app!!! Sounds are so real.

  • Great for sleeping babies

    by Trevorsf

    This puts our baby right to sleep.

  • Absolute Love!!

    by DatGirl17

    Best thing for me when I can't get to sleep!!

  • Zzzzzzzz

    by Veronique8429

    This app really is awesome. It really does help me sleep. I don't even wake up in the middle of the night now. The only thing I actually loath is the wind. The wind is just annoying. I use the ocean, rain drops and the thunderstorm together. Perfect.

  • Finally some sleep!!!!!!!

    by {Bff11}

    Usually I wake up in the middle of the night but this time I slept like a baby

  • Great app

    by Cassudiva

    Love the built in sleep timer

  • Amazing

    by Noaht421

    This app is great; you can play the sounds even when you phone (or other iDevice) is locked. I love this all SO MUCH! I'm using it right now and I'm about to fall asleep... My only downside is that you have to plug your phone In, because (at least for me), the battery drains a good bit if you don't. But that doesn't really affect me that much.

  • 50/50

    by Dancemomslover12

    It was ok, relaxing noises, but it took me a while to finally relax and sleep

  • Love this app!

    by RobinQZW

    I love this app. I mainly use it when I'm away from home, even use it at home when I'm having trouble sleeping. Has a good variety of noises be ton just simple "white noise." Love it. Get it. Get some sleep!

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