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Battery life performance monitoring app
Please read our customer reviews!

● Very high customer satisfaction & reviews
● Praised by experts in the news
● The leading & most popular battery app

This app provides the fullest set of battery performance stats available that will let you know exactly how much time you have left for each type of activity, as well as a set of tips and info to help you optimally charge & optimize your battery.

----- FEATURES -----

See exactly how much power you have for:
● 3G / 4G Talk time
● 2G Talk time
● WiFi data transfer / internet use
● 3G / 4G / LTE data transfer / internet use
● Video playback
● Video recording
● YouTube watching
● Facetime usage
● Photo taking
● Audio listening
● GPS Navigation
● 3D Games
● 2D Games
● Standby time remaining

● Tips & Methods info

● Tested & Approved on all product models:
Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad:
iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3Gs
iPod 5, 4
all iPads including iPad mini
● iOS 7 & iOS 6

Works great & works awesome !
● iPhone 5, 5C, 5S & iPod 5 display support
● iPhone 4S, 4, iPod 4 display support
● Regular Display for older iPhone / iPod versions

Dear customers: we are here for you!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by ao5050

    Fully recommend for the iPod touch 5th generation since it doesn't have a battery meter. Thanks for having this available in the app store.

  • Great App

    by Adventure777

    I have used it for a long time and love it

  • Great !!

    by DueBaci

    Love it !

  • This is amazing!!!

    by Ululay

    At first you won't get it but soon you can't live without it! It's very helpful with wifi and app use showing how much time you have left if you use those, a must get!

  • iPod user

    by 13's and 23's

    Fantastic app!

  • Good

    by Zelda lover 150

    Pretty good, have had this app for a couple of years and it's helpful, thank you

  • Best app on the frickin' market

    by Powerconsumer13

    This app works like you wouldn't believe. I had accidentally broken my charger and wanted to try something to charge it for the next day I woke up and checked my iPod it went form 2% to 100% overnight

  • I ❤️it

    by Kirsten_C!!..

    I think it is so awesome and great for devices that u can't call on. Unless you have an app so like it up people

  • Love it!

    by Zombie Destroyer 7

    This app is very useful.

  • :)

    by Marissamm

    It works for me, my batterie life is way longer. ;)

  • It's pretty cool app although I know when the battery is low is good to know the exact reserve.

    by Saro-63

    Cool app it's being very helpfull

  • Great App

    by Rb6banjo

    It's a keeper. It's very accurate.

  • This app is alright

    by Veah17

    This is a okay app it should give you a warning when you need to put it on a charger other than that it is alright i guess

  • It's great

    by Cookiesncream96

    It really helps only if you have an ipod

  • Super app!!

    by Shamgartw

    Helps my battery stay stronger longer

  • Great!

    by M_i_r_a_<3

    Awesome. Since I have an iPod 5 I cannot tell me battery percentage. With this app I am able to see it. Very easy and time saving get it now!

  • Nice !!!

    by peterozell

    Used this for years !!! Battery life is the most important part of your phone !!! Great App !!!

  • Great

    by Cubans_be_crazy

    Omg this is great if you have a iPod and u can't put the percent I ❤️ It

  • Convenient and helpful app

    by Justgetthisoverwith

    I really like how it tells how much battery you have left in different situations

  • Nice app

    by Death kill trap

    Does the job it suppose to

  • App provides little value -not recommended

    by Uverse987

    When reading the app info it makes it appear that the app has a wide array of features. In fact, it has one (two if you count the apps urging you to purchase the "upgrade"). I ran this app for a while and decided that I liked the tiny green battery icon in the upper right better.

  • Casual user

    by Irish2007

    Amazing tells me where I can get the most power saving from 3G LTE ect to wifi form video to audio

  • It's ok

    by Weapon215

    To the below post. It's not better then battery doctor. However I do like that it tells you battery life. But that's it. I'll still use doctor for charging.

  • Boost

    by Trailridertoo

    This app has increased the speed and completeness of my recharges. This has given me more usage of my ipad, and iPhone. I send so much less time waiting for recharges.

  • Love It

    by Zariyah

    Because my iPod doesn't show the percent of my battery, I can go to this app and check what percent my battery is on. I don't like that it only shows the percentage in 5s (ex. 10, 15, 20, etc.). I would like it to show me the precise amount of battery and not the estimated amount. Overall, the app is fantastic!

  • by Hdjdjzk

    It amazing peace of art works perfctly

  • It's great

    by joshua matthews

    This thing doesn't lie it's great and it also gives you a list of iHandy apps (which I downloaded them all)most of them are helpful.

  • Better than Battery Doctor

    by Airgone1

    Moved to this app after many issues with Battery Doctor. Seems to work well, and doesn't require you to start the app before recharging (as Batter Doctor does). Full charge time is significantly shorter with this app.

  • Good

    by Amitgrg

    It is good

  • Best

    by Birdy1006

    It works like a charm

  • funnnnn

    by Sweet and sound

    its funnnnnn

  • Handy App

    by Joe2371

    Nice app to easily see your battery status with a nice design

  • Boost magic

    by Kjnwomn

    I love boost magic. It allows my phone to fully charge in such a short time.

  • Comment

    by hellbuster08


  • Cool

    by The awesome Mario


  • Boost magig

    by Roxy59101

    I don't get it how does it help?

  • A

    by Dick subway


  • Love it!

    by Mu$cle40

    Great app! Easy to use, very informative

  • Works good

    by Destiny somerv

    You should leave this on while its charging

  • Boost Magic

    by heyjude99

    I use the app every time I charge my phone. Good to know when it's at 100%!!

  • Works great

    by Flurrybones


  • It is a good app

    by txtimage

    It is a good app

  • Awesome

    by Suzanne moore

    I like it

  • A must have

    by Jeneroo

    I've got this app on all my devices. Couldn't do without it!

  • Red29aa

    by Red29aa


  • Good info

    by Teatree12

    Something I can trust

  • Love it

    by Bettyboop1090

    Very accurate. I always rely on it when my battery is low.

  • Nice Battery Monitor, but ...

    by Geo-geezer

    ... it does nothing to increase charge speed or decrease discharge speed. If it was advertised as a battery monitor, I'd give it 5 stars. But it is advertised as a "battery saver". While it provides good advice, it does nothing to actively effect battery life one way or the other.

  • Excellent

    by Beee22 55

    It is a excellent app

  • Descent

    by Cbas420

    It works

  • Super awesome

    by Lofgj

    This makes my iPhone 5s which takes a while to charge faster thank you so much awesome dude!

  • It's ok?

    by Prettypomg12333

    Some times ill look at the bar and I see red and in 5 min it's 35% and I look and the only explanation is the app but it uses a lot a data at least for me it dose so have have Kayla out!?!??!

  • Rate

    by Jody(:

    I love this app!! My battery don't not tell me how much I have. So when I got this fabulous app I could..

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