FAR's 117 Flight Duty Period Calculator Utilities App Review (iOS, $6.99)


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Seller: Christopher Valsamopoulos

-Zoom in capability in documentation
-User interface modifications

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The best tool in the market to track your compliance against the new regulations. If you want to be able to determine your FDP limit easily, with accuracy but also to be able to understand where this figures comes from this is the right app for you.

Extremely useful in complicated cases such as when called from a short call reserve or in case of a potential delay.

Check your cumulative FDP restrictions, acclimatization status and rest requirements with just one "click".

If you wish to quickly import your schedule simply send us a sample of your roster. Don't know how? Send us an email and we will guide you through the process.
Do you wish to to track also your company limitations. Send us the details and we will make it possible.

The app includes all the latest amendments and clarifications issued by the FAA and will remain synchronized with any news and updates in the field.

The perfect tool for Schedulers and Pilots.

Included features:
FDP, FDP limit calculation with detailed explanation
Flight Time limit and Minimum Required Rest.
Extended due to unforeseen circumstances
Split Duty
Crew composition
2 pilot
3 pilot
4 pilot crew
applicable Rest Facility.
Ability to store duty periods
Automatic calculation of the acclimatization status
Automatic tracking of the 168, 672 FDP hours
Automatic tracking of 117.25(d)
FAR's part 117 documentation
User Guide
Ability To send email from within the app

Ultimate guide to acclimatization. An easy, step by step procedure which will help you understand and identify your acclimatization status according to the new regulations.

Since we have no alternative in responding to your reviews we have decided to use the Posts section of the site for this purpose.

We understand that the rules might be confusing some times and difficult to interpret but this is why we created this application which we hope will make your life easier and also help you understand the spirit of the new regs. Thank you for your support.

Coming soon ...
117.25(g) and many more.
Stay tuned to find out.

Have a suggestion or a request? please send us an email.

Customer Reviews

  • FAR 117

    by feralblue14

    I may be mistaken, however, I think the 16 hour maximum is only available with pilot concurrence. Otherwise the max FDP is 14 hours.

  • RAP calculation in question.

    by 117 User pilot

    I believe the RAP calculation is not accurate. A FCM should not be limited by Table B/C from show time. Lesser of table b/c plus 4 hours or 16 as measured from beginning of RAP for unaugmented ops.

  • Not worth your money

    by 121_driver

    This app doesn't track previous duty periods to "look back" and figure out legality of current assignments. It is easier to look at 117 tables.

  • Cumulative look back needed

    by Stuka242

    How can you say in the description that this was developed by professionals??? They should have thought about the look back first thing!! Bad app...

  • Cumulative look back needed

    by Stuka242

    How can you say in the description that this was developed by professionals??? They should have thought about the look back first thing!! Bad app...

  • Far 117 calculator

    by Jblupilot

    Well, I can do this. I need multiple leg, multiple day and 168 day tracking like a log book that can look back and forward. Otherwise what's the point? Money here not well spent.

  • Needs work

    by Kkesp

    Does not have a cumulative function. No ability to indicate departure and arrival airport, which would be used to determine if you are acclimated or not. Please stop using the spinning wheels to select times. I do like the Earliest Report time function.

  • No option to track so far...

    by BB'er

    Where is the rolling 168 hrs in this app to keep track of my legality for the next flight?

  • Not that great

    by larhode

    Very complicated, no instructions. Have shown it to several other pilots, none of them could figure it out or get it to provide any useful information. Good idea, bad execution, don't waste your money.

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