Police "Scanner" Radio News App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Christopher Coudriet

iOS 6 optimized and iPhone 5 ready!

Now with a direct connection into the Radio Reference audio library! No more manually updating the database! You will now always have the latest feed additions and real time feed statuses. Enjoy!

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Top reasons to buy Police Radio

1. Top Notch Design, Graphics & Functionality!
2. Proven & Tested Technology Since 2009!
3. Solid & Bug Free! It Just Works!
4. Gold Standard In Streaming Technology.
5. Best Customer Support Team!
6. Top RadioReference.com Mobile Police App!
7. 4.5 out of 5 by Macworld.com!
8. Feature by Apple 2010 iTunes Rewind!
9. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


* Support for Metadata Tags (This means you can now see which department is talking each time a call goes out! Bringing you closer than ever to a real scanner) this is a unbelievable awesome new feature only found in Police Radio. *(feature currently available on select feeds only)


Police Radio is a fast & easy to use application for listening to live Police, Fire, EMS and NOAA Weather frequencies throughout the United States, Canada and more!

With Police Radio you can listen to all your favorite emergency frequencies such as NYFD and LAPD at the fraction of the cost of a real scanner. Follow along with the action using the built in police code list so you never miss a beat. Police Radio also supports stereo bluetooth A2DP audio output for listening in your vehicle or wherever you may have bluetooth & network connectivity.


"I want you to know that your app right now is accounting for 8% of our TOTAL overall listeners. That is our top mobile application listener! That is HUGE..."
- by Lindsay C. Blanton III / RadioReference.com LLC

"4.5 mice out of 5! With an easy-to-use interface and great support, Police Radio could be just the ticket if you’ve got the citizens-band itch to scratch."
-by Rob de la Cretaz / Macworld.com


* iPod controls (pause & play everywhere)

* Sleep timer!

* Support for alpha tags / metadata!

* Realistic LCD scrolling text!

* High resolution retina display graphics!

* Ability to save your favorite stations!

* Ability to add and edit custom stations!

* Intuitive & easy to navigate interface!

* Background audio support!

* Directly Plugs Into RadioReference.com!

* Ability to disable auto lock!

* Fast & excellent customer support. (Just read the reviews!)

Please visit: http://radioreference.com for a full list of supported locations.

Having Problems? We can solve 99% of all issues you may be experiencing. Just send us an email with your concern and we will promptly address your situation.

*Disclaimer: This software connects you to REAL LIVE Police, Fire and EMS scanners and that being said the Police Radio app is not to be used to impede Law Enforcement from performing there normal duties.

Customer Reviews

  • Hours of entertainment

    by Mafia MG

    Keeps us informed of things going on around us

  • Scanner

    by DitzyCowgurl

    Works for the most part, sometimes stations go down or unavailable. My favorite tab does not work always has an error but is defiantly worth the price!

  • Wolfman2012

    by Opie98

    Great app--Easy to use--Lots of options. Pretty cool listening in to places you've been to or just interest you.

  • police scanner app

    by touchnbtouched

    I thought I would really like this app the first night I got it. I listened for a while and most states and cities I went to were streaming live. This whole weekend I have not been able to listen to any. I hope this was just a freak coincidence b/c if not, I will feel jilted.

  • Keeps Us Informed

    by Bonniebraids 1957

    We are so very happy to have Police Radio. With all of the fires we have had around here in the foothills, it keeps us informed during storms and high winds about fire or lightening.

  • Great app

    by Tex_moses

    Listen to it all the time.

  • Fascinating look at local happenings

    by aecorwin

    It works exactly as a scanner should. Without ads!

  • Great App!

    by Derrell W Pitcock

    Great app! Always enjoy listening when there are things going on in our area.

  • Scanner

    by Mythos

    Works great when I need it!

  • Super handy to have

    by Josh Franck

    Works great. Nice to have in an emergency.

  • Excellent !

    by ALC Trucking

    There are several scanners out there but this one loads the fastest. Hear real time radio calls. You can hear the siren outside and on the radio simultaneously.

  • Best app during major events

    by lionrock71

    Really fascinating when something is going on in a town and news is sketchy. This app/police scanner tells you everything you need to know.

  • Great app!

    by Toroboy

    Lots of fun!

  • Cool

    by JHMW22

    Great app!

  • Hi there!

    by Poopo bear meat yum

    I feel like a FBI police car when I use this app. And that makes me happy.

  • Perfect!

    by Travie282

    Amazing app! 10 out 10! I listen to Pennsylvania's AK Valley scanners. The only thing i wish it had was an automatic start up. For an example if AK Valley had a fire call then the app would automatically kick on just like a real scanner or pager for firefighters. Might even be useful to firefighters as well. Other than that this is my number 1 favorite app! -travie

  • It's ok

    by Foxmitchell

    I wish I could listen to Anchorage AK police it won't load that station

  • Best scanner app

    by Jeniandernie

    So far I am very satisfied at the ease of use and wide variety of stations in this app.

  • Scanner

    by MIKE1951

    One of the best apps I have found.

  • T-bird sp from louisiana

    by T-bird. S p

    Love love love~~ I listen all the time, Chicago is my fav ~~I'm from Louisiana An I love the accent of the cops,, (one of them actually sounds like Andy sipoeitz) People have no idea what these officers go thru every day ~~~ there job is sooo dangerous !!! I live 45min. From new Orleans but I don't listen to them ,,there boring Except for Mardi GRAS !!!

  • Waste of Money

    by kayessdname

    They don't have a feed to my local police department. This app is a waste of money.

  • Police scanner

    by The man from Texas

    Great ap

  • Perfect app

    by Joey04822

    Love it I'm an emt and it works just as good as my 911 radio at work amazinggggg

  • Great app

    by I'm goin fast now, mama!

    This is a super application for a former officer who misses the action. There are a large number of agencies to listen to. I also love the sleep timer feature. Being from Arizona, I'd love to have Yuma Police Department listed. Also, I live in Lansing, MI now and would like to have that one added as well.

  • Does what it says on the tin.

    by M. Daguerre


  • Awesome app, very accessible.

    by Announcer 1980

    I love your app. I am a blind user, and use voice over and your app works well with it. Keep up the great work.

  • Good app that shows alpha tags

    by Wogggieee

    I had an issue at first getting my personal feed to work but I emailed support and realized I was putting the address in. Now it works great!

  • Cool app

    by Ifan4oldies

    Very impressed with the number of agencies this can track. Best to have hooked up to power source though.

  • Incredible

    by Erstwhile Palmer

    This app is incredible. Not only did it come with the city and county police feeds I wanted, but when I inquired about county fire and rescue feeds, they responded instantly; cut, paste and moments later I'm listening in. If you hear a siren and you want to know what's going on, this is the app. Great job! Ten - Four Update : now never works always " offline" please fix. Thank you.

  • Scanner app

    by Hans Peter O.

    So far so good, I'll keep y'all informed

  • Oh no!

    by hbanana42

    Been listening for a long time and last week my towns feed went down, so I said to myself, it will come on in a couple of days. It's been over a week and its not on! City, county and chp isn't working! Is it going to be gone forever? Should I get another app???

  • Dissapointed

    by fizz306

    Downloaded based on ability to add custom stream. My ProScan feed doesn't work in this app, despite working fine in other iOS apps including TuneIn.

  • Great scanner app

    by Ebo083

    I've had this app for a few years.. Love it. No complaints. Like the police code definitions list provided. You can listen to scanners from all over the world. Really cool and works well also.

  • to

    by Brandy freeland


  • Great!

    by KJewell21108


  • Great App

    by eidodzepol

    Love It!

  • works great

    by lupe g.

    sometimes a feed goes out for a few days, but they come back.

  • Addictive but also useful

    by what EES it, man!!

    Love this app. Consistently works very well. Worth the price, definitely!

  • Buy this scanner

    by Scannerjunkie907

    Love this app

  • Great app

    by Quikfoot

    I love knowing what's going on. I like seeing a cop respond and knowing what he or she's going to. :)

  • Cool app!

    by gwclay

    I downloaded the app about a year ago and it has been great to use. I mainly listen to San Diego and Las Vegas, but I do like to listen to some if the other countries just to see how the rest of the world does it.

  • Police Radio Review

    by Orange Elmo

    I've tried others, this is the one I rely on. Tnx! I'm even getting Reno Air Races background feed.

  • Great when It opens

    by zcavi222

    Had this app for awhile and it works great although lately it crashes when I try to open it every time. Frustrating.

  • A five-star scanner

    by Sparklertwo

    Thanks for the improvements you've made in your scanner app. I have used many other scanner programs in and found yours to be far superior both in user access and user friendly thanks again keep up the good work.

  • Don't waste time or money this is crap!!

    by Joe Marijuana

    Never can get Detroit police feed or downriver police. Your telling me I spent money & can't get major cities! Credit back my account.

  • Overnight valet

    by AAlecci

    Great app and great support! A lot of fun to listen to during my overnight shifts in Daytona Beach

  • Love the app

    by Love Edge

    Thanks for including live ATC traffic in this app!! The 24 hr clock is awesome too. Military here, so I'm used to it. Keep up the superb job! I recommend this app to everyone. I love listening to the diff cities cop traffic.

  • happy with support

    by pdoxj72

    This is the first time I"ve written a review on something. Tonight I just purchased the app and started to play with it. I had issues setting up the custom feed, despite the nice demo on radio reference. So I sent an email to Police Radio with my concern. In less than 30 minutes I got a response, written by a human being who explained all I had to do to correct my problem AND - this is the best part - he/she actually gave me the information I needed...had to do with a feed URL thing. I'm impressed enough to write this tome. Thanks, now I can listen to my old firehouse in western MA

  • Good or not?

    by Cwharless

    The 1st 4 feeds i tried have not worked yet. I have tried all times of day or night. But other scanner apps are working on those feeds. The county i live in is not even on the list which happens to be the largest county in the state of georgia. In not impressed yet!

  • App

    by Karatesarah

    Awesome app. It is very fun Get it!!!!!!!!!!

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