NOAA Storm Center Weather App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, French, Russian

Seller: Christopher Coudriet

To All Our Awesome Customers. Please, Please, Please Don't Forget To Repost Your Wonderful Reviews For This New Version. Thanks In Advance!

- Improved Weather Radio Annotations (they are no longer hidden when tapped on. There are a lot more smoother)

- Added Flash Flood Warnings Polygons

- Animation Stepper (you can step forwards & backwards through any animated overlay frame by frame)

- Fixes and Restores Cimate Records Overlay

- Improved Radar Overlay Image Quality

- Stability Improvements

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15 Ratings
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NOAA Storm Center, its where the professionals go to get the weather! There is simply no other weather app this GOOD!

Storm Center is a PREMIUM WEATHER application with PREMIUM features not found in your average weather app. Storm Center plugs directly into NOAA's National Weather Service delivering you the most accurate and timely weather data available! Just sit back and watch our eye popping HIGH RESOLUTION RADAR dazzle you with its EXCEPTIONAL DETAIL or LISTEN to your favorite LIVE NOAA Weather Radio station!


* Access to over 200 NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts
directly from our exclusive interactive map!


* Detailed Weather Forecasts
* Temps In Celsius or Fahrenheit
* Wind Speed In Km/h or mph
* NWS Watches, Warnings and Advisories
* Hourly Forecasts Up To 24 hrs
* Weekend Only Forecasts
* 7 Day Forecasts
* 14 Day Forecasts
* Sun & Moon
* Moon Phases
* Climate Normals
* Current Tides


* 6 Animated Overlay Options:

*High-Res Radar *Satellite
*Global Satellite *Visible Satellite
*Current Temps *Current Winds

* 8 Non Animated Options:

*NWS Advisories *NWS Warning Polygons *Snow Depth
*Dew point *Humidity *Wind Chill *Heat Index
*Sea Surface Temps *Current Chlorophyll

* Point Data:

*Storm Cells *Storm Reports *Climate Records
*Earthquakes *Wildfires


* Track Storm Cells With Detailed Precision:

*Position *Observation *Direction
*Speed *Forecast *and much more!

* See Nearby Storm Cells With Detailed Data:

*Distance *Direction *Speed
*Type Of Storm ie; Tornado, Thunderstorm

* See Nearby Storm Reports With Detailed Data:

*Location Of The Report ie; 6 mi SW Atlanta
*Type Of Report ie; Funnel Cloud, Hail
*Who Reported It ie; Storm Chaser, Etc

* See Active Advisories From The NWS:

*Type Of Advisory And When It Expires
*Detailed Description Of Advisory

* See Nearby Detailed Weather Records:

*Type Of Record
*Detailed Information

Your purchase includes exclusive access to the most advance weather app ever developed! In addition you will get unlimited free updates containing killer new features that will further advance this app above the competition. Also comes with enhanced VIP customer support! Your emails get top priority and answered before anyone else.

Disclaimer: Not recommend for non US locations. In addition radar and most map overlays are currently only supported over the continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Customer Reviews

  • SKR

    by WXstorm

    If you buy this great app, invest the .99 on the in-app warnings. No better warning alarm available, audible and visual with description. Great easily navigate-able app.

  • Radar

    by Bnish84

    Really like the app, is nice to listen to NOAA when I need to.

  • Great weather Apps

    by Funtime1062

    I live in Alaska and I like the advisories about adverse weather. I would like to see more colors to differentiate certain weather conditions

  • Best NOAA Weather App!

    by TxWxMan3

    It's my go to weather app on clear days and severe weather days. Lots of useful weather data not found in any other app. Great app!

  • Best weather app!

    by Cheroot37

    Excellent for traveling, road trips! We don't bother with the tv or Internet, I go to my phone every storm!

  • Radar

    by S.R.Lowe

    Works 4 me

  • Great

    by Mr 1771

    I have several weather apps but this is the one most used!!!! Nothing better

  • Best Weather App

    by Allen Combe

    I use this app each and every day to keep my crews safe and dry. Best weather app I have found.

  • Startup crash - update

    by PaulWBR

    Consistent startup crash on iPad iOS 5. I have emailed the developer and will update review when app is fixed. Update - developer very responsive when notified of problem. Changed rating from 1 to 3 stars just based on this. Will update review when fix is available.

  • Excellent App

    by Dxvdvh

    Excellent app

  • cell tracking accurate

    by green snail

    works very well,,,nice to know when your going to get drenched,,,,also cell intensity easy to watch,,,,never watch t.v. weather since getting this,,,

  • Best Weather app

    by Namesunavailable

    Accurate weather

  • Excellent

    by Mad_Brewing

    Excellent App, I use it everyday.

  • Review

    by Rpmsailor

    Excellent app. Use it daily.

  • Don't know

    by Timothy5

    Good to have!

  • Love this App

    by Peach117

    Easy to see and accurate maps!

  • GA pilot

    by Stu Zoo

    Good app to provide weather picture for driving or flying, thanks!

  • Good

    by CARLI3OS

    Right on the move tracking info and alerts!

  • NOAa Storm Center

    by Vari-Eze

    Great radar app. Links to weather radio are especially good

  • Very Informative

    by Vorpal711

    Like the graphics and accuracy. My favorite weather program, it has the best graphics.

  • K7GDM-Beware!

    by K7gdm

    This app is the very same app as NOAA Radar Plus under a different wrapping! I advised developer to tell prospective buyers about this and never heard from him again. This is a decent program but in my experience, it crashes often or freezes. I HATE dishonesty in business and elsewhere for that matter. I'm not perfect. I'm also not bearing false witness here.

  • Louisville

    by Louisville Resident

    Don't waste your money. I thought this would serve as a weather radio but the Louisville and New Albany stations are offline. And if you want push notifications there is an additional cost! Come on guys!

  • Needs an update, again

    by Brian Matthews

    There is still a serious problem with the map overlays. The radar overlay or others will randomly become unchecked and I find myself staring at the empty map wondering why. Sometimes when I try to check the radar overlay again it unchecks itself as soon as I check it, again and again and again.

  • Map overlays do not stick

    by Deathcorejunky

    When I choose a map overlay the checkmark automatically disappears. Please fix.

  • Best Weather App, Period!!

    by Happy with Angry Birds!

    Nothing out there ties all your needs together as this one does. Got it for the NOAA radio part but also satisfies all the other critical parts you want when storms hit. Highly recommended!

  • Best Weather App, Period!!

    by Happy with Angry Birds!

    Nothing out there ties all your needs together as this one does. Got it for the NOAA radio part but also satisfies all the other critical parts you want when storms hit. Highly recommended!

  • Good app. I like the various overlays

    by Tewbahman

    Great graphics

  • Don't buy

    by Marcpap

    I would not buy this again, weather channel app is better. This just doesn't do much for me.

  • On point

    by MQNJ

    Radar feature is great, helps me determine driving conditions and more

  • Storm Center

    by Rls ne

    My go-to app during severe weather.

  • Need to Buy

    by Roy Harness

    Awesome app!!!

  • Great App

    by dharmaeye

    Great app. Compliments the other weather apps I have, and is always one of my go-to-first weather apps.

  • Not sure

    by LODelray

    The one thing I really like is the direction of the cells. My only issue right now is that it is slow to load.

  • Weather

    by Azkid70

    Great Job on the Update. this App is Rocking Again great if you like Weather Stat's and Currant weather Info in a easy to use format

  • The best weather app

    by Arelunde

    My family lives in Oklahoma and tracking the recent severe weather is very important to us. This app Is terrific! Maximum info in one place. Thank you NOAA. FIVE STARS all the way!!

  • Good Weather App

    by @3crossed

    This weather app has everything in it. My favorite is the weather radio. You guys rock!!

  • Review

    by Bstrayer2013

    Awesome graphics, good user interface.

  • NOAA storm enter

    by Torpedo john

    I love this app the radar and weather stations, all the information you need to make your weather

  • Complete waste

    by kevpmcl

    Got to use this during our first severe thunderstorms of the spring. Right when I needed it most the app started crashing and the map wouldn't load. I tried everything but no luck.

  • Storm

    by Tagging with Whoopi


  • Crashes too often

    by BC-grad

    While I like the app, and the info that it offers, crashes occur too frequently to rate it higher.

  • Very disappointed

    by TB135!

    Wow what a cheap app, I can use weather underground and get better faster loading, it will show multiple layers of radar, warning boxes, and even show approximate minutes a cell will be in a location, and it rarely crashes. This is not what I paid for I expected a much better and stable application. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • Best wx app, worth the money!

    by Mohio K

    The amount of data this app pulls-in is amazing. I love all the different map overlays and the ability to track storm cells. Great for the weather nerd.

  • Love it!!


    Great site for weather. Has everything. Had a problem, Emailed the tech-support, they emailed me back within less than two hours with the work around until they can correct it, because of something Google did which caused the problem. Thanks so much.

  • Not perfect by far

    by Weatherinthestorms

    Several Weather Radio links don't work and crashes frequently on Ipad 2 on start up. Needs to be able to send you push notices when a warning is posted for your area.

  • What a Piece of Junk

    by Ivan Manley

    Locates me off the coast of Africa. Won't find locations. Won't do what they advertise. I am going to contest the charge. Sent from my iPad

  • Could'a Been A Contender

    by MaynardGKrebs

    The features are great. The problem is that basic features don't work. For instance, the location feature drops spins in places nowhere near the intended location.

  • Very good app

    by Dalefrmil

    Love this app

  • $2.99 Wasted

    by Oracle-4

    I can't get the settings to save. I'm not getting any alerts despite the fact that I know there are alerts on the news at this very moment. Also, the legend of info. at the bottom of the screen is so small I can't read it, and the ap doesn't allow you to zoom in on it. Very disappointing. Guess I'll be deleting this ap and downloading & trying out some of the free weather aps.

  • Terrible App

    by BSC12MD

    This app has been showing on radar that its been snowing for the last 3 days. But anyone that goes outside can see sunshine. Only one word describes this app. "Crap" I want a refund!!!!!!!!!!

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