NOAA Radar Plus Weather App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: Christopher Coudriet

To All Our Awesome Customers. Please, Please, Please Don't Forget To Repost Your Wonderful Reviews For This New Version. Thanks In Advance!

- Improved Weather Radio Annotations (they are no longer hidden when tapped on. There are a lot more smoother)

- Added Flash Flood Warnings Polygons

- Animation Stepper (you can step forwards & backwards through any animated overlay frame by frame)

- Fixes and Restores Cimate Records Overlay

- Improved Radar Overlay Image Quality

- Stability Improvements

Customer Ratings

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17 Ratings
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302 Ratings


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NOAA Radar Plus is a professional application with professional features not found in your average weather app. NOAA Radar Plus plugs directly into NOAA's weather sources delivering you the most accurate and timely weather data available (Its what the pros use)! This app literarily encompasses more data than 10 apps put together!

What customers are saying:

1. AWESOME Weather app
FIVE STARS by Kaslade
I can't say enough about this app!
Well worth the money and more!!

2. The best radar app out there
FIVE STARS by Itsmetodo
This has to be the best radar
out there. I have others but they
dont compare to this one.


Track Storm Cells With Detailed Precision:

*Position *Observation *Direction
*Speed *Forecast *and much more!

See Nearby Storm Cells With Detailed Data:

*Distance *Direction *Speed
*Type Of Storm ie; Tornado, Thunderstorm

See Nearby Storm Reports With Detailed Data:

*Location Of The Report ie; 6 mi SW Atlanta
*Type Of Report ie; Funnel Cloud, Hail
*Who Reported It ie; Storm Chaser, Etc

See Active Advisories From The NWS:

*Type Of Advisory And When It Expires
*Detailed Description Of Advisory

See Nearby Detailed Weather Records:

*Type Of Record
*Detailed Information


6 Animated Overlay Options:

*High-Res Radar *Satellite
*Global Satellite *Visible Satellite
*Current Temps *Current Winds

8 Non Animated Options:

*NWS Advisories *NWS Warning Polygons *Snow Depth
*Dew point *Humidity *Wind Chill *Heat Index
*Sea Surface Temps *Current Chlorophyll

Point Data:

*Storm Cells *Storm Reports *Climate Records
*Earthquakes *Wildfires


* Detailed Weather Forecasts
* NWS Watches, Warnings and Advisories
* Hourly Forecasts
* Weekend Only Forecasts
* 7 Day Forecasts
* 14 Day Forecasts
* Sun & Moon Times
* Moon Phases
* Climate Normals
* Current Tides

*Weather Radio feature requires in-app purchase

Disclaimer: Not recommend for non US locations. In addition radar and most map overlays are currently only supported over the continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Customer Reviews

  • Tons of features

    by Steve_in_Dallas

    I've used many radar apps but none of them have this many layer options. Great job!

  • Worth Every Penny!

    by NeofelisNight

    This is one of the best weather apps on the market. I work outside and use it everyday. From my experience it is also the most accurate! I highly recommend it!

  • Great Graphics

    by ArtseyQuilts

    Radar Plus has great weather graphics. The display is easy to understand. The settings are easy to set-up. While I have several other weather apps, I find that I always use Radar Plus. Nice job!

  • Great Job


    This app is awesome and DOES have the most features out of every weather app I have tried. Everyone I show it to they get jealous because they have the weather channel and it doesn't work the best at all compared to what this app can do, thanks. There is just one issue I have that I have been stumped on every since I had purchased this app. I don't understand what the difference is between radar plus and radar pro! The description doesn't make it clear so I don't know if I bought a better or worse version! I heard the other app you can view weather around the world in the description, but then when I looked at the bottom and it had a warning that it's not recommended for non us locations! I am just super confused, I think you should make the description more clear. Thanks.

  • All Whistle & Bells & More

    by DarVader55

    Buy the 2 additions and you have everything for the most comprehensive app I have ever found. I made a suggestion of screen e-mailing, enthusiastic response < 2 hours on a Sunday. Hello - they want to be even better. Essential maps of NOAA station locations so when traveling you know the best station. I am willing to invest in the best, as a person who is a member of an outdoor safety & rescue organization, this app has what I need to know to prepare. Great job.

  • Wow! Great NOAA App!

    by DarknessByLight

    I am loving this app! I have purchased others but this one seems to be the best! There tech support is also very responsive and professional. Having this app makes me feel in the know when severe weather is occurring. Definitely recommend!

  • Full of Useful Features!

    by hotdogx2

    After the severe storms of the past few years (Sandy, Irene, tornadoes, etc.), I wanted an app that provided more information than the traditional apps we all have. This app does just that. It is jam-packed, and even though you have to make an inexpensive (99 cents) purchase for the weather radio feature, it is worth it. This is my go-to app for severe weather -- nothing else compares!

  • Wonderful WX Radar App

    by cwhainesjr

    I particularly like the option to see the projected direction of each storm cell which is helpful as a NWS Storm Spotter.

  • Awesome

    by HercNav

    Best weather app I've found. It's my go to app for current weather and forecast.

  • Keep up the great work, Dev ....

    by Larry U

    Outstanding, my county was not listed in the severe weather alerts so I contacted them to see if they could add my county and in less than 24 hours they added it for me, the program is very useful and loaded with tons of information, great for the weather enthusiasts. I would recommend it to everyone ....

  • Great, in-depth

    by Woahcoolness

    Helpful accurate radar, and great forecasts too. Lots of details, and developers continue improvements.

  • AWSOME weather app

    by Kaslade

    I can't say enough about this app it is a great app! Well worth the money and more!! If you are a weather person like me that likes to keep up on the weather this is a must have app!! This app also has a in app purchase that you can get!! Which is the weather service radio!! I was at work yesterday with snow coming and had the weather radio right at my finger tips!! How AWSOME is that!! And the support team is great they will respond right away and are right on top of the problem!! 5 stars isn't enough for this app it is worth a lot more than that!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Great. Use it all the time.

    by Rpmsailor

    I recommend This to everyone.

  • Love it!

    by 2TheLogCabin

    Loved it from the moment I saw it. One little quirk - sometimes my pin shows up off of the African coast. Have it on my phone & iPad.

  • Excellent app

    by MAcneedle

    Allows you to get radar readings anywhere in country.

  • Best weather app hands down!

    by Cmor412

    A lot of people just don't know how good this app is... but they should! This is simply the most awesome, best weather app! Enough said! Get it and you will like it! :-)

  • Reasonably good

    by Herein77429

    The app lacks a GPS based "current location" so you have to tell it where you are before you get useful info. However, that makes it a little easier to check conditions in other locations (e.g. A destination). Fairly simple to read and good selection of optional data for display. Easily allows you to tap into quality radar sources. For what this is - a weather radar app versus a weather app, it is a reasonably good app.

  • Great app

    by Marlene 1952

    I love being able to see just what's ahead when I'm going to plan a trip!

  • Radar love

    by Level headed dude

    When you want to know what is coming your way NOAA is there to show you today. In fact, right away. Great app for those needing a weather report NOW!

  • Great weather app

    by Jbchee

    Great app for quick real time weather reports for any thing mother nature may throw at you. Excellent functionality. Jim Boylan.

  • K7GDM-Beware!

    by K7gdm

    This is the very same app as NOAA Storm Center! I advised developer that he needs to tell prospective buyers of this or I would. As of this writing, he obviously has not made this known to all of you fine folks! Please read my post on NOAA Storm Center before buying. I leave it to you to decide.

  • Look for something else

    by Gsxrdude15

    So slow to load up map animation. Always freezing up and just too buggy. I have had this app for almost 2 years hoping they would update it and get it right. Don't waste your money!

  • Update

    by Aconsta130

    This is a piece of crap ever since I downloaded the app update. Does not load half the time and goes to some weird map setting. Use to love it but since the update I hate it.

  • Failed 1st Test

    by JohnE00

    I've only had this app for 12 hours, but it just failed its first test. We have rain in the area, but NOT actually at my house. This app shows a fairly strong area of rain (radar) going right over my house. Wrong. I then checked my favorite radar app, RadarScope, and it shows no rain coming within 35 miles. As far as I can tell, RadarScope is correct and remains my favorite of about a dozen radar apps that I've now tried. Maybe I shouldn't give up so quickly. I'll keep this one around a while longer, and if my initial assessment proves too harsh, I'll amend my review.

  • Don't buy this app even if price drop

    by TGIRebecca

    They lower the price to $.99 but up the in app purchase. Other better radar programs. Don't waste you're money.

  • Always 5 minutes behind

    by manateeamm

    I would give it 5 stars if its maps and radar were up to the minute and showed the future progression of a storm, but it doesn't. Forget trying to get a response from the developers they won't respond to your email. Don't rely on this app if a tornado is coming your way.

  • Great

    by Tim ISOM

    Great apt easy to use

  • Excellent

    by Msoenfus

    Works great. Up to date and very accurate.

  • Fantastic app!!!

    by Mark Flynn

    Does exactly what it says with amazing accuracy! I had a tech question in beginning, and was answered within two minutes. Customer support also gets five stars for quick, accurate info. I am in EMS, and strongly recommend to all my brothers in the field. This app will pin point what storm cell is coming at you, direction, how fast, etc. to let you know if you need to PUHA or work on the scene. Bravo again, for this app!

  • Lame app.

    by Kvetch

    Not even close to what's promised... Much, much better weather apps out there. This one is junk. Try IntelicastHD - it's the best I have found so far.

  • It is an okay app

    by Gramma and grandson

    Gives me current radar

  • For I-Pad

    by HoppyHaupt

    Works like a champ!!

  • Digital fox

    by Digafox

    Great program tells me current weather patterns, shows different overlays, shows extreme weather all in one package!!

  • Great!

    by Saintroche

    Great coverage during severe storms. Easy to follow! Ms

  • Great App!

    by CWerlhof

    Great app, best I have seen. A large number of features for looking at everything from radar to temperatures, to wind velocity, you name it. Use it every day, hourly when stormy weather is in the area.

  • Great app!

    by Kirkus88

    Very cool app for any weather nerd! Lots of great ways to see what's happening.

  • Weather

    by Maximus78261

    Terrific app! Highly recommend!!

  • Owner

    by NanaJ05

    Not as good as thought .... Never keeps a good update on any of the storms coming in and radar is slow.

  • Radar Plus

    by DewyKatt

    When I first got this app I opened and it worked fine and it looked awesome; it gave incredibly detailed information. But after a couple uses it began crashing and a few days later it wouldn't open at all. I was hoping to wait for an update that would fix the problem but its now been a couple months and it still won't open at all. As far as I'm concerned it was a waste of my time, money, and iPod storage capacity.

  • I like it

    by Mi2011

    The graphics are great. I would give it 5 stars if it didn't crash sometimes

  • Jim Woolsey

    by Jamin Jim

    I like it when it works! Doesn't always load when I need it. All my other apps work so I guessing its not a problem with my iPad.

  • Best radar maps

    by lawrence barber

    I do a lot of sailing and need to know in advance what's over the horizon and this app is my favorite.

  • Radar Plus

    by Radar man 1948

    Great app for pilots, farmers and general public

  • Great app to follow weather conditions

    by NC Roy

    This app shows very accurate radar conditions. It is perfect when you are out and away from a tv or a computer.

  • Trusted App

    by Tide is turning

    Easy to navigate and accurate.

  • Nice app

    by Kx929rrr

    Still trying to figure out all the settings

  • Forecast

    by Shoppiddler

    Great detailed forecast.i check the weather and track the storms every time there is a watch or warning

  • Junk

    by Unhappy1979

    Slow, and glitchy. Would not recommend this app. The noha web site on a PC is much better so it could just be the iPad and apple line of junk.

  • Weather Radar Program

    by Michael McGurl

    This program works extremely well and appears to be both reliable as well as accurate. I am impressed overall with the detail and information. I use it while boating, flying, and driving. Best weather application that I have used on the iPad.

  • Great weather app!

    by McFoxy22

    Nice having a pretty accurate weather app and updates immediately.

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