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Restores Push Notifications
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Today Only! Just $1.99! Get Yours Now!

We packed in all the data you will need along with up to date push notifications keeping you and your family well informed and out of harms way! Push notifications are localized so you only get the ones affecting you! Unlike the competition who sends out a push notification to everyone regardless if your affected by a storm system or not!

Hola a nuestros amigos de habla española que tenemos cubierto, así como con el apoyo exclusivamente para las notificaciones push en español.

NOAA Hurricane Center is a PREMIUM COMPREHENSIVE application with complete tracking support for Hurricanes, Invest Areas, Tropical Storms, Tropical Depressions and even Typhoons (which most of the competition don't offer). NOAA Hurricane Center also offers sophisticated push technology to include: Region Specific Alerts, National Hurricane Center Direct Alerts. The competition only offers you a very basic push notification service which is a broadcast message to everyone regardless of where your located and whether or not you want to know about storms not affecting you. Don't be fooled treat yourself to a TRUE, ACCURATE & COMPLETE hurricane tracking app!

Top reasons to buy "NOAA Hurricane Center" over the competition!

* Support For Push Notifications In Spanish!
* NOAA Weather Radio Access!
* Atlantic, East Pacific & West Pacific Tracking!
* Localized Push Notifications!
* Hi-Res Satellite Imagery!
* Video Updates by Real Meteorologists!
* The Fastest At Getting Critical Pushes Out!
* We Treat Tracking Hurricanes Seriously!
* Push Notifications Directly From The NHC!
* Best User Interface, Graphics & Functionality!
* Solid, Bug Free & No Crashing!
* No Nonsense Approach To Data You Want!
* Satisfaction Guaranteed!


* Localized Push Notifications!

* Detailed and Up-To-Date Satellite Images Displaying Accurate Active Storms!

* Detailed and Up-To-Date Radar Images Displaying Accurate USA Weather Systems!

* Clean And Professionally Designed Retina Display Graphics!

* Intuitive UI Making Navigating The App Simple And To The Point!

* Fast & Excellent Customer Support Team Should You Ever Need Them!

NOAA Weather Radio Stations Included:

FLORIDA: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Miami, Pensacola, Tampa
GEORGIA: Savannah
MASSACHUSETTS: Boston, Worcester
NEW YORK: New York City
NEW JERSEY: Atlantic City
NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte, New Bern, Wilmington
PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia
TEXAS: Corpus Christi, Galveston
VIRGINIA: Manassas, Roanoke

Having Problems? We can solve 99% of all issues you may be experiencing. Just send us an email with your concern and we will promptly address your situation.

Customer Reviews

  • Retired

    by Lusvi


  • Refer to it a lot during the season

    by K-pilot


  • MD

    by Caribbean Wrath

    Works OK!!

  • Great App



  • Detailed & easy to use

    by Bwichele

    Very informative, loads quickly. I love the Atlantic radar, & the forecast charts.

  • NOAA App

    by Apsiv

    Works good for me. Thanks.

  • Good app. Need to go thru one hurricane season to adequately rate information.

    by GIh03


  • Great app

    by Mightythor24

    Has everything I need and was looking for thank you.

  • Very useful and awesome application.

    by xXx_Riddick_xXX

    Hurricane Watch is definitely a must have app. It's an very useful and awesome app with a very helpful support team.

  • Best Hurricane App!

    by DarknessByLight

    Having owned some of the other hurricane tracking apps this one is the most complete and up to date out of them all! The interface is sleek and data is only a tap away. Most of the other hurricane tracking apps are very slow and are always behind in this one in terms of timeliness. Also another great addition is the ability to only receive push notifications for the region you want for example since I live in Florida I am only interested in the Atlantic region which i can select and set as my preference. I highly recommend this app to anyone interested in tracking hurricanes.

  • Impressive App to keep you informed

    by syoung227

    Very impressive app; Needs bandwidth to work well; so on ATT’s net; bit slow; but at home/work wifi it’s great. Pros: on good network – quick to get to info; great radar; push notifications Cons: none noted yet; the slowness is ATT, not the app What I would like to see: I use this as my first quick look radar map, under the radar section – much faster to get to then noaa site – would like to customize the first page on the radar section –national is perfect; but would like to be able to select the 2nd graphic to ANY of the other sector radars so I could have the one covering my area on the first screen.... You can now if you live in the pacific northwest.... :)


    by Troy5o4


  • Horrible.

    by gadgetGear

    Update: push notifications send text the make no sense. Very difficult to tell what it is referring to. Annoying push alert sound. I turned it off. This application uses the smallest pixelated graphics known to man. Clicking in the Atlantic area presents the user with graphics that are titled animated radar when in fact they are satellite images. Severely disappointed with this application. Much better tracking apps available in the app store, don't waste your money.

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