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Seller: Capturing True Emotion, LLC

- iPhone 5 Button Fix
- Fixed Camera Disappearing Bug
- Optimized for Performance
- Fixed Memory Leak in iOS6

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In a constant pursuit for a perfect exposure...

Finally, a pro tool to help achieve a well balanced exposure with your DSLR, Exposure Pro!

Cameras today achieve pretty amazing exposures in automatic mode. However, when you use automatic mode, your camera is in charge of all of your settings and your exposure. Experienced photographers paint with light, they capture light with aperture and shutter speed, they are in charge of their own exposure.

Since a DSLR camera measures reflective light, metering for a correct exposure can sometimes be a challenge, even for experienced photographers. For a well balanced exposure, experienced photographers need an 18% gray card. Carrying around a gray card is not always realistic, so experienced photographers try to find that 18% gray in their scene to achieve a correct exposure.

Since we see in color, it can sometimes be a challenge finding that 18% gray in our scene. Exposure Pro takes all of the guess work away!

How does Exposure Pro work?

Here is how easy Exposure Pro is to use!

1. Use Exposure Pro's camera to take a picture.

2. Find the correct gray in your scene.
- By pressing on the gray cards provided, Exposure Pro
will help you identify the gray areas for you.

- For the very best results, select a gray card that
provides the largest area to choose from.

3. Now use your DSLR camera.
- Point your DSLR camera to the area that you have
identified and adjust your exposure level indicator to the
same exposure value that you used with Exposure Pro.
For example, if you used Exposure Pro's +1 gray card,
adjust your DSLR's exposure level indicator to +1 for a
perfect exposure!

It’s too easy, Exposure Pro has helped take all of the guess work out of selecting what part of my scene that I need to meter and measure the light on for the exposure that I want to achieve.

*** Features ***

- Pinch/Zoom your images for precise accuracy.
- Detailed instructions to get you up and running ASAP.
- 5 Total Gray Cards
- New ExposureScan Technology takes the guess work out of achieving mind-blowing exposures with your DSLR Camera.

“I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years and Exposure Pro has taken my photography to the next level.” ~Val Westover, Pro Photographer

"Exposure Pro provides you with gray cards for perfect exposures! Stop guessing... Use Exposure Pro for perfect exposures!" ~Stephanie Adriana, Pro Photographer

Customer Reviews

  • An Exceptional App!!

    by Edwin734

    Measuring the overall effectiveness of the app and the company, I am rating them as follows: -On a scale of one (1) to five (5) with three (3) being "meets expectations or target level"- Functionality - 5 Reliability - 5 Customer focus - 5++ Information - 2 Product quality - 5 Average: 4.4 out of 5. I understand the instructional materials are being revised for better clarity for the current version of Exposure Pro+. This will improve my rating on Information once this is done. The reason I rated this app five stars with an average rating of 4.4 is because the company's customer focus is exceptional, which moves my average score upwards beyond the rounding up value. Overall, this is an exceptional product that exceeds my expectations, and provides customer confidence in future revisions that will enable users to get maximum benefit from "painting with light!"

  • UPDATE | Its fixed: Do Not Upgrade if you are on iOS 6

    by Czoudon

    Upgraded to the newest version because thought it would fix the issue it had with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Now it simply locks up and does not respond. Please fix ASAP as this is a fantastic app and I use it all the time! UPDATE: everything works great now with the most recent update. Thank you very much! I love using this and it works great when you understand how to adapt it to your shooting style.

  • Simply and brilliant

    by Mfosat

    This is what apps are all about. Awesome job guys..... Works well on my iPhone 5.

  • Awesome!!!

    by fotomotiv8r

    The app now works as it should with the new update!

  • Awesome app!

    by Photo Werewolf

    Love this app! Simply genius and so easy to use in the field! Definitely my #1, go-to app when it comes to finding the gray levels! Best app for professional DSLR photographers!

  • Pretty amazing

    by Tboss45

    Very surprised nobody thought of this sooner! Fantastic app, never crashes and made me a 10 times better photographer in manual mode. I am happy though, well worth my 10 bucks!!!


    by Meee2you

    I'm very Pleased with this App Thank You for making my Photography Easier. The only concern that I have is the Directions Are to vague for a beginner to understand what to do with the App after they have Downloaded the App. I feel there should be a description on what a 18%Gray card is & how to Use one. I feel More Beginners would Purchase this App with More Confidence In the App Thank You for Your Time ;-)

  • Useful App

    by Ed Simon

    The app is, of course, a one trick pony but that one trick is useful if you've taken Val's photography class. The app shows you the areas of neutral gray in your photos (i.e. not the too dark or too bright areas) so that you know where to meter for light. You have to manually choose which photograph has the most color i.e. the most gray. What would make this app even more useful is if it could pick the exposure setting with the most color automatically.

  • Awesome update

    by SoonerDuck

    I was a little upset at first because I have the 'old' version of Exposure Pro, but my app was not updated and I paid for this version. Not sure if this was meant to be a 'pay' update. Anyway, like a reviewer mentioned - it's not clear how to locate your metering spot until I realized what the app was doing. After you have taken a picture of the scene you want to meter, click on the exposure level you want. The app will fill colors to the areas that you should use for metering! How awesome is that?! You don't have to move the gray card anymore! The app finds the gray spots for you. Made the metering process even faster! Thanks a ton!

  • Joni B

    by JoniMN

    When I downloaded the app the directions didn't match what I was seeing. I sent an email and got an immediate response from the developer and later, a call from Val. They were very helpful in explaining the changes and wanted to be sure they had answered all of my questions. Customer service at it's finest! The Exposure Pro app is great, solves all of your metering worries. Thanks again to Tyler and Val.

  • Oversold and overpriced

    by anti-climax

    Save your money and just bracket.

  • Upgrade for iphone 5 not working

    by Pdx randy

    C'mon get it fixed now. Link support is worthless too. I rate no stars but you have to select one to submit.

  • Please fix it

    by drenica

    New upgrade is not working on iPhone 5.

  • Booooo!!!

    by Terry Tate style

    After the update is stopped working!!!! Don't waste your money or time!!!! ;(

  • ExposurePro on iPhone 5

    by Playaz32

    This app worked okay before the new updates after updates stop working on iPhone 5 will not start up

  • Ran once but...

    by michaeleherman

    I'm not sure how this app has such a high rating. The app worked once after install but will not work again. When starting the app, the launch screen appears and I take a photo. I'm then presented with a grey screen and the photo never appears. I've tried restarting the app but no success. Also, this app, even if it worked, is not worth the price. The functionality it provides, while interesting, is something that should be much cheaper. The value of the app is far exceeded by its price.

  • Paid for original & Ripped off to update

    by Abear1220

    I lost my original exposure pro app while updating my phone.. Unfortunately I could not find that version available to download again and was charged 9.99 to download the newer version.. I am pretty upset that this fee was applicable when I had already purchased the first version.. If I need to update my phone, why must I lose all my data and reload all of my apps and pay for them all over again!?! Furthermore, I was completely satisfied with the original version of exposure pro.. The new one is still a little confusing as the directions aren't very clear on the app how to find the gray.. What's the deal with all of the different colors?

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