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Languages: English

Seller: Boris Kalinin

- a new indicator arrow showing the direction to the original location (Point A)
- compass display for better orientation
- universal binary for iPhone/iPad

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This application measures the shortest (air) distance from a point A to a point B using GPS with maximum available accuracy in yards, meters, kilometers and miles. You simply reset the counter at the point A and then you see the distance increasing as you move to the point B (as if you were using a real measuring tape).

Primary use for approximate sizing / measuring of:

- ground
- real estate
- sport facilities
- other outdoor measuring

The displayed accuracy is the GPS accuracy, which does not necessarily mean that the measurement was inaccurate. For best results you should stay outside for 10-20 minutes with the application started.

The application is intended for outdoor use only.

Minimum system requirements:

- iOS 4.3 or newer

Customer Reviews

  • I have seen worse.

    by 20001976

    The ruler seems to serve no true function other to indicate it is in a "measuring mode". Be patient, it takes a few seconds to calibrate (bear in mind it's using a freaking GPS satellite to do this folks). Walk in a straight line at a moderately slow pace using a good reference line. I have found it to be fairly accurate.

  • Do not buy!!!

    by ManbeardMike

    Never wanted .99 back more in my life!! Post instructions! Do something! App is Crapp!

  • Do NOT buy

    by Lizeth Serrano

    Does not work at all. It just has a reset button and never measures anything! Waist of a buck!

  • Does not work

    by summerange;

    This does not work. How do I get my money back

  • There are no instructions how to use this...

    by BOND- 007

    This App doesn't work...waste of money....

  • Don't waste your time for something stupid!

    by Very disappointed2011

    What a waste of time downloading it

  • ¡¡¡GARBAGE!!!

    by Noel Duran

    I never bother to review products but I figure I will save someone the money I lost THIS APP IS A PIECE OF

  • Skip This One

    by GarySaunders

    Don't buy this one. The performance is not even up to poor . It's measurement numbers are way way off. Look for another app.

  • Never ends

    by renato1las

    This tool never stops. So if u go from your house to your job and back it will continue using your gps thru-out. There is no way to stop it. I would like my money back.

  • Crap!

    by Kaaae

    I just bought this and the ruler just spins, you have no way of knowing if it is finished or not. When you stop it keeps spinning and no length is recorded. No directions on the app or settings. Don't waste your money?

  • B

    by Psycholiss


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