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Seller: BizTechies, Inc.

Removed iAds, updated for 2012, removed 2010 and a few other tabs. Enhanced the Capital Gains and Losses Calculator.

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- Only .99 to better manage your specific tax situation.

- You do not need to be a CPA or Enrolled Agent to understand how to use this tax calculator.

- Just select your filing status, input your income, exemptions and estimated deductions to quickly assess your tax liability for 2012. Note: 2011 is also included should you need to file an amended tax return for any reason.

*** Federal Taxes are due to be filed on or before April 15, 2013 ***

- Quickly and easily calculate Short and Long Term Capital Gains or Losses to assess the effect on your return. Note: The G/L Calculator is separate and any adjustments to income or taxes should be taken into consideration when reviewing your situation in aggregate.

- Compare your Federal Income Tax Liability using both Standard and Itemized deductions to determine the most favorable filing approach for your specific situation.

Customer Reviews

  • I already got my refund

    by finance_freak

    You need to stop the app in orderto swith from screen to screen. Ads in the top and in the bottom like the developer expected such a bad return he need to look for other source of income. This is a typical exaple of how customers are idi.... And download whatever without thinking. Companies like this profit from stu.... Customers. And i just download this to make people aware. So please support the good apps so we have a better itunes store

  • Horrible!

    by Dearface

    This app was so bad! There was one box to enter your income tax and that was it!! Waste of my time downloading!


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