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Seller: BHI Technologies, Inc.

- Remove dog paws on the background
- Minor bug fixes

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Preparing for a medical emergency involving your dog is always best accomplished before the event takes place. This Dog Emergency app is designed to help guide you through the important decisions about first aid, as well as how and when to transport your dog quickly and safely to a veterinary hospital or emergency facility.

This application is an emergency preparedness ready-reference for dogs. Wise preventive measures, intelligent use of first aid principles, coupled with recognition of abnormal symptoms and treatment of disorders, diseases, and problems, lead to effective health care.



Just simply browse and locate the emergency type in the list and tap to read the instructions.



None – please report if there’s any.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!!

    by edgerica

    Lots of useful info for a good price. I highly recommend this app to anyone who loves their dog, because you never know what will happen and where you will be when it happens.

  • Amazing

    by pico4632

    I'm a dog handler and i must say this app is amaing! Totally worth the money. Thanks. I would also suggest this app should have an email feature that could send the useful information to a friend. The new update comes with a better background to read but still no email feature.

  • Good app to have

    by Hookturner

    Good app. Please remove the dog paw stationary behind the text as it makes it difficult to read. In an emergency that's not helpful.

  • Good reference

    by Gaylo5cent

    Nice to have.

  • Need more app like this!!

    by Carkingbest

    I'm a vet and I can't help thinkg that this exactly what my profession needs more of to help our clients understand what we do and why.

  • A must have if you have a dog!

    by Jred98

    Many times you have an emergency with your pet and you enter in a state of panic without knowing what to do. This is a greate resource to have on hand and use any time.

  • 

    by zosmatech

    Like another review said"bring your dog to the vet" or I like the CPR one where it's an emergency and you need to do CPR and check the dogs pulse first. That's it. Hello!!!!!! How do you check the dogs pulse???? It's one of the reasons I bouhght your crappy app.

  • 2nd string

    by John Dickinson

    I bought this app before doing my research. Doing my research I found one that offers videos(a real plus). I do however come back to this one from time to time as if has a few cases the other does not. I suggest it but not above some others.

  • Terrible app

    by Dfedorov91

    It basicly tells you to just bring your dog to your vet you can get much better info off the web rather than use this app waste of money

  • Dog emergency

    by Patkit

    This app has a lot of seemingly great information. However, really, the paw print background?? How is this helpful? Cute if you're 10 years old, but it makes the words very hard to read! PLEASE get rid of it!

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