Alarm Clock Monsters Universal- Waku Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: BeAMan Games LLC

Minor bugs fixed.

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Add a little bit of personality and happiness to your daily routine and then some ☺

Beautiful. Fun. Cute. Happy. Best.

Who says getting up in the morning has to be miserable?

It’s nighttime. And yes, there ARE monsters in the closet, under the bed, and behind the door.

Have no fear though, as we’ve captured the little guys for you - and now you can put them to work!

*Have these little monsters wake you up bright, cheerful, and early.
*They’ll be dancing to your music in the morning, and so will you.
*Full featured alarm clock that includes:

•Your own song or your music play list to wake up to.
•Built-in alarm sounds, to, err… cover a range of personalities.
•Multiple alarms.
•Custom “room” décor.
•Custom photo frame - hang your picture on the wall!
•Custom snooze settings.
•Music playback controls for when the sleep timer is on.
•Music title and artist info elegantly integrated into the scene.
•“Room” light on/off control.

*Poke Waku (That’s the red guy, leader of the group) and his supporting cast once in a while to say “hi”.
*Week calendar to set your alarm(s) to repeat on any day of the week or everyday.

We will regularly update Alarm Clock Monster-Waku with new features including:

•More “room” themes
•More interaction with the monsters
•More monster dance moves
•Secret features (some we have already thought of, some we haven’t yet)

Get it now while it’s on sale and enjoy the FREE updates!



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