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Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Autodesk

Scrolling speedup
Performance improvements

Recently Released Features:
Video search!
Upload your own video soundtrack
Record your own video soundtrack
Pause and continue to record
Expanded Profiles
New Activity Feed
Hashtag Search
@ and # type ahead find
Rotate between front and back camera while recording
Choose your video thumbnail
New Popular and Trending Pages
Repost (our version of retweet)
Video Stabilization
Updated Design
720p HD video
Improved filters, themes, and soundtracks

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
78 Ratings
All Versions:
1274 Ratings
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* * * * * Socialcam
With over 20 million downloads, Socialcam is the easiest way to capture, share and view videos on your iPhone. Now with vintage video filters, custom titles, and soundtracks!

NYTimes: “The most talked about video app”

• Unlimited video length and storage
• Private accounts and private videos
• Vintage and experimental video filters
• Titles, Themes, and Soundtracks
• Share to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email/SMS
• Fast upload in the background (no spinners)
• Videos stored in the cloud
• Watch on any smartphone, computer, or tablet
• Upload existing videos from your camera roll
• Browse, like, and comment on friends’ videos
• Instantly notified when your friends take videos
• Live feed of your friend's favorite videos

We welcome your feedback!
Please email us at with your comments & suggestions

Note: Currently video capture is not supported for the iPhone 3G and older.

Customer Reviews

  • So far so good.

    by Sorry I bought this.

    I had a hard time updating this app. But finally got it going. It's too early to tell, (to get it a 5 star rating) but so far so good :)

  • NH

    by 20jkm 

    The new filters are awesome.Great update by the Socialcam Team!

  • I love social cam

    by Joey Voto

    It needs to have quicker upload speeds. More filters. Better titles.

  • Amazing

    by  1Chicagoblackhawks

    This app is amazing I like the update a lot can't wait for more update. And _| |___| |_ |__ __| | . . | l l __________ ------------- | o o | ------------- | | Cow.

  • الكويت

    by Adel alomar

    برنامج رائع

  • Dammam

    by rah7al


  • Works awesome!

    by Mario Armstrong

    Works as advertised and gives you wayyyyy longer than 15 seconds!

  • Thx

    by booltof

    المفيد اكثر من السيء

  • راقي

    by علي المجتومي


  • Socialcam

    by *1100#


  • I am a heavy SocialCam User

    by Reality_Bytes 

    I love SocialCam, but the latest update will not let me post videos. Also it asks me everytime I access my app if I want to update to the latest update. I hope this gets fixed soon

  • روعه

    by الالالالالاالالالاالاااا

    البرنامج روعه

  • Gooood

    by Saleh Almommaiz


  • Exelente

    by Kelvin de Jesus

    Grabo todos mi video con esta App la recomiendo

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    by Ron Turner 


  • BEST APP EVER !!!!!!!!

    by justdoitphoto1

    A must app to have !!!! I have had Social Cam for over a year . I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with people from all over the world in real life :) Social Cam meet ups and many contest to win the best gifts ever so get the app as there are so many reasons I can't list here but you will be addicted in seconds of watching videos and following the most amazing , loving and caring peeps all over the world :) I LOVE SOCIAL CAM ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Carrie (Da Boot ) Hosesaremylife I will be waiting to do a shot outta the boot for y'all ❤❤❤❤❤ Roxie and the Social Cam team thank you for this awesome app again :) it really has changed my life ❤ I love you all !!!!! SCCarebear ❤ Merry Christmas !!!!!!! 2013

  • الرياض

    by Qwereedd


  • sometimes I can not open the program and watch movies

    by Mfdhhg


  • Awesome

    by Steve Kittle

    I enjoy SocialCam

  • by mmfsmmfs

    ظروري تحمل اي برنامج بروكسي " VPN " وبعدها تشتغل المقاطع معاك

  • ولا مقطع فيديو يشتغل معي ايش حله ذا

    by Badayan

    Bad proagram Not open video ولا مقطع فيديو يشتغل معي ايش حله ذا

  • Turki

    by turki alqarni

    No play vidio

  • برنامج غبي

    by Tarek٢٠٠٢

    ولا مقطع فيديو يفتح معي ودائماً يعلق حتى الفديوات اللي ارفعها عليه ما تفتح معي !!

  • Update Glitch

    by Rockmusic ;)

    Microphone doesn't work at all for videos. This needs an update.

  • Fix now please

    by MarkERJr

    I cannot link with my FaceBook account. Please fix this.

  • E

    by A7sas dode

    كل الفيديوهات ماتفتح وأتمنى انه تعملون تحديث للبرنامج لحل هذه المشكلة اللي تواجه اغلب الناس

  • Update 5.0 Is Less

    by lavinia.tautan333

    Don't know if it's bcz the developers chngd with this update, but I've had a lot of issues since the update that I didn't have with the prev version. I wouldn't download this version.

  • Total crap

    by Boycece 

    How is this any different than the previous versions? What's so new and noteworthy about this???

  • Almost perfect but falls short

    by brubakrn

    I love this app, but it needs these things: • ability to add or remove clips from videos before and after it's been saved • ability to start a video project, exit to iOS home screen, then go back and continue with video Took an extra star since music track no longer works and videos are freezing on a frame halfway through.

  • by Ghggghhhhhjkkkkkk


  • لا يشتغل بالمقاطع

    by بر نامج ممتاز


  • مممتاز

    by واق


  • الكويت

    by Fahd38

    المرنامج صراحة اكثر من ممتاز وجميل حيل ومشكورين علي كل شي

  • No play video

    by Mutlab Nafisah

    No play video

  • Not working

    by Icuccu

    All video is out of order KSA

  • برنامج وسط

    by اسوء برنامج

    فيه بعض المشاكل الفيديو يعللق ولايفتح احيانآ

  • by ١٠٠./.

  • ok

    by sami sam


  • by wald-flan

    No play video

  • Amazing

    by عبدالله dot


  • by muhmd

    Application of pornographic

  • Abosalem556

    by ابو سالم حايل

  • Good

    by خالدالسبيعي

    شبيه ببرنامج تيلي للفيديو لكن كلهم فيهم مشاكل بسيطه مثل عدم تنزيل فيديو حتى لو كان رياضه الا بفتح برنامج الحجب بالسعودية وبكذا يضعف الاتصال ويتأخر رفع الفيديو وهو قصير بعد وبعد اذا سجل خروج الشخص ماقدر يرجع يدخل ثاني بنفس الحساب لازم يسجل في ايميل اخر وبكذا يفقد الاصدقاء وبعض الملاحظات يعني الزبده يبي له تحديث اعرف هذا متجر امريكي ولا احد بيعرف يقرأ عربي ههههههه لكن ي مبرمج التطبيق ترجم كلامي وتعرفه تحياتي

  • برنامج

    by منوله الحلوه

    برنامج لا يقوم برفع المقاطع الا بعد تشغيل vpn لانه محجوب بالسعوديه كله منكم يا حقين السكس كل ما جاء برنامج جديد قمتو تنزلون من هالمقاطع ويحجبونه برنامج سيئ لا تستطيع اعطاء احد بلوك او تحذف تعليقه

  • .

    by Sa3udi


  • Good

    by love6420


  • استخدموه ايجابياً..

    by س س الرويلي

    اللي ينزلون مقاطع اباحيه اتقوا الله اتقوا الله...

  • Twitter

    by Kokatoooo

    When i press the link from twitter not transfer me to the application. Its transfer me to app store!

  • It don't work

    by Raylow masters

    It keep cutting off

  • Okay

    by  Mists Faded

    It doesn't save your login and you have too login every time you use the app...

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