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Autodesk SketchBook® Mobile is a professional-grade paint and drawing application designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

SketchBook® Mobile offers a full set of sketching tools and delivers them through a streamlined and intuitive user interface.
Use it to digitally capture your ideas as napkin sketches or produce artwork on-the-go. With the same paint engine as the renowned SketchBook® Pro software, SketchBook® Mobile delivers sophisticated brushes and fluid pencils.


- Full Screen work space with UI-on-demand

- Multi-touch navigation with a 2500% zoom

- Custom Canvas sizes
• Large canvas size (over 6 MP on current iPhone models)
• Dynamic feedback on maximum number of layers

- Transform Layer (two finger move, scale & rotate)

- Save work-in-progress and export to Photo Library or e-mail images
• Store canvases on iCloud

- 65 preset brushes, including flood fill
• Smooth brush stroking
• Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fade-off)
• Customizable brush settings

- Dynamic symmetric drawing

- Color Wheel and Customizable Color Swatches

***Only Available on iOS 6 and above***

Customer Reviews

  • Crashes

    by DGalbraith18

    It's a really great app, the different brushes and features are incredible. It's just hard to work with because it crashes every few seconds when you listen to music at the same time...please fix!!! Other than that, it'd get a 5 star from me!

  • Best art app ever!


    Its the best art app you could possibly have. But I was wondering if their could be a tool where you could select a certain area to draw on, that would be amazing :D

  • Snap kae

    by Snap kae

    He'll this is bob sweet

  • Adore This App

    by FantomK

    I heard the app was doing a merger with DeviantART. When's that gonna start?

  • Whyyyy

    by Spunkular

    Why can I only have two layers??!?! What happened to the old Sketchbook. I paid for this app... Don't restrict my layers!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome but...

    by Dat_yveltal

    The drawing app is amazing at first but then it didnt let me open a new layer. If your reading this ethier fix this or tell me how to use the layer fearures!!!

  • Need Fix...

    by Devastorjabs

    ive been in love with this app ever since i have it, i works amaizing, the detail, options and quiality was amaizing until the last update came and screwed the transform tool, wich its one of the coolest. im hoping for an update, as soon as i get it ill write a new review.

  • Needs a flat icon

    by -FallenAngel-

    Otherwise I love this app

  • Best.

    by 2 cute4 u

    This app is the best art app I have found. Easy to use and tons of options. If you are debating buying this app because of the overall rating, you should download it. Ps. People who say it crashes and has low resolution, it has never crashed on me, and if you choose the highest canvas thingy it has very high resolution. Thank you for reading.

  • Very good!

    by Stefan Yatanski

    It couldve been better if i could go back more steps. And some kind of a pointer wont be bad. So i can see what im drawing. Otherwise its very good!

  • Amazing

    by Teach2learn

    really helpful on drawing pictures

  • Transform issues

    by The hobbyist

    Since iOS 7 came out I've been noticing that the transform feature has become completely useless; fine tuning the canvas is practically impossible because it seems like a lag in turning it. All other features are fine as far as I can tell, but please fix this!

  • too slow....

    by junful

    need to fix it

  • Best of it's kind

    by NadiasMusic

    I have this app on my computer which I absolutely love. This phone version has so many features in it I can't imagine not being able to do amazing things. There's nothing like it for the price and I love the layers option. Highly recommend my 7 y/o has mastered this app it takes a little bit to learn because of the massive amount of options to create whatever you can imagine. You won't be sorry


    by Maggie Me

    I do not know how many times I have clicked the "Don't save" option. This needs to be fixed, it's red, so naturally it pops out, and recently I've become so used to the layout, I accidentally click the red button by mistake. Perhaps the red button should be "save a copy" because it's just becoming ridiculous. My mind says click the red button, and without thinking I do. So frustrating.

  • Great

    by Reno Avila


  • iPad purchase restoration

    by Romhax

    I recently got a new iPad, and I understand that there are separate apps because of compatibility, but I think that if you have purchased the app before on say, an iPhone or iPod touch, that you should be able to restore your purchase and use the app on the iPad, thank you for your time.

  • Best drawing app


    Had this since it came out. Learned how to use it learning mew techniques everyday. Brushes are great...If you have a stylus ... I highly recommend it

  • Absolutely some of my favs!!!!

    by Soulful_G

    This app is the shieeeeet! I have created so many concepts, prep pics for Instagram and overall picture manipulation a with this app! LOVE IT! I'm a graphic designer all of a sudden and it's SO easy! ONE BIG SUGGESTION: ADD more fonts!!! I'd be even willing to pay for them! ALL SO add the capability to capture areas of the same color, to be able to vector areas, and this app would be ULTIMATE! Much love to the creator of this app!

  • Good app but layers won't work

    by Glitch city 69

    It's a good app so far but there is one flaw. I don't know if I'm just stupid or it's actually a problem. Whenever I finish my lineart and make another layer to color it won't let me see what I'm coloring under the lineart. It doesn't matter what buttons I press, the only way I can actually see the layer under it is if I lower the opacity. And that screws with the coloring.

  • The old man app

    by Keno O

    This app needs many improvement, new tools and customizable brush, smooth brush....etc, developer need a fresh improvement if Autodesk don't want to get out of the game.

  • Limited layers

    by Anthonybaiz

    This app "could" be the best, but wondering why I am limited to only 3 layers even though I own the full version on my iPhone 5. It would be perfect if they had blending options also.

  • Awful

    by Cupcake Gen

    What is this? This app is horrid! If you're using it for touch ups or just to edit, sure, but if you're an artist looking for a good drawing app is recommend ArtStudio. It's much more professional, has a larger range of tools, has no lag and is much easier to use. Don't waste your money on this, it is crap.

  • Needs FIXING!!!!!

    by whyloco

    This app is too SLOW & LAGsssssss how can you sketch like this.....

  • Terrible

    by S. Vinnie

    This app is the worst. It used to be awesome but then it just became trash. Too much lag. Who ever heard of lag on a painting app? It takes about half a second delay for every line to register. Drawing doesn't feel natural on it. I bought this for a dollar and I regret it. Fix this ASAP

  • crashy

    by AyeRowSmythe

    can't save a pic w/o a crash. makes this useless. shame. liked the product for years. still no update? kind of a big deal... why use it if i can't save anything? time to support other apps.

  • Artmazing!

    by sebgo09

    This app is just awesome. I don't understand how some people can't just admit it and go saying stuff like "it's not intuitive"... Anyway, this app appeals for everyone, from kids (my little brother loves it) to professional artists. Even if it's just for sketching or doodling, it'll give plenty of fun and a satisfying feeling with the results (I'm not one to color my drawings and by far I've loved the few I have colored using this app)... Thank you so much... Ps: Add all of the features/fixes that pro artists request to make this app better! (I wish I were a pro! xD)

  • Awesome

    by Noisse_AP

    I love this app! Omg the best app ever!

  • Crap

    by Ishmot

    Like all things Autodesk this app is extremely complicated and non-intuitive.

  • Blending plz

    by Sam Neville

    I love the app but its hard to do anime type pictures. It would be the best if there was a blending tool. ^.^

  • Good idea for better.

    by Skatur69

    The zoom in zoom out feature gets anoying after 2-3 hours of drawing high quality art. And haveing to constantly use to fingers to scroll. make a double tap feature with 2 fingers to zoom out. and Instead of having to scroll make it auto scroll? So if im drawing too close to the edge it dont go flush with the edges of the screen. It just scrolls in the direction im drawing. Other than that its my favorite app!!! Im an artsy person. Please improve them two things so its easier for other drawers??

  • Should be simple

    by Trikist

    Could not figure out how to save multiple files and retrieve them. Otherwise a fun drawing tool.

  • Worth it

    by coreanboba

    Im an artist and this app is seriously super convenient to draw with when im away from my usual drawing tools (tablet, computer, pen, paper, etc) It tends to crash on start and takes a while to load previous files but otherwise its worth it(:

  • Worth every Penny at 1.99$

    by Creaturething

    Does a beautiful job at making me feel like I'm actually drawing with a pencil and paper. Also love the user interface. Simplicity at its finest, making it easy to use.

  • Love it.

    by bluemoonmist

    I like this app! I love all the brushes it has and the colors it has too.

  • Love the app! Truly my favorite!

    by Droid Bot

    Request though. When one uses the move tool, could you enable a vertical restrain to keep move exactly on the center?

  • Layer limitation terrible.

    by mizzy<>iax

    WHY WOULD YOU LIMIT MY LAYERS? IT WAS NEVER AN ISSUE BEFORE, WHY IS IT NOW? D: definitely docking my previous rating.

  • Good but I don't like the size ing part it's hard

    by Awesomestgame!!

    It's ok but it would be perfect if you made sizing easier its hard i can hardly ever change the size how I want.. Can you change it to make it easier to size it?

  • How to save picture to camara roll?

    by BekahCake

    How do I save the picture??

  • Bad for older iOS

    by Moose_215

    One if the issues that i have with this app is the layer limitation on older gen idevices. For example i pad for the pro app for y ipad 1st gen and when I choose the bigger size for my canvas i can't make any layer due to the layer limitation. I download the express app and I don't have such limitation and I hate that I pay 5$ for basically nothing. Other than that is a great app.

  • Really great but...

    by MJ709

    It might just be my incompetence, but i feel like panning and zooming got a little more difficult, and im making alot more stray marks than i used to. Might be just me, but i feel like it used to be easier.

  • Update

    by Yolks rucks

    The most recent update makes eraser and drawing far less responsive. This is a wonderful app and would be 5 stars if not for that

  • I love it!

    by Anime_kitty

    This app is great, especially for someone who loves to draw but has extremely little time. When I'm on the bus going to work and I get inspriration, I can just whip out my iPod and start doodling my ideas!

  • Duo Sketch

    by PublishBars

    Corny feature. It's 2013, if you're going to allow users to sketch with someone, allow it to be done over an online network.

  • It only gives me 2 layers?????

    by Eskaywhy419

    It needs to be updated greatly. Sketchbook is an amazing software and the app isnt up to par for ios 6

  • Art!

    by Hunter W. Harris

    Intuitive interface and lots of creative tools. This is the perfect art software for me until I can afford a tablet. The only thing I would wish changed is the color of the buttons when you close out of your opened artwork. The 'Save' button is red instead of the 'Don't Save' button when it makes more sense the other way around. I accidentally lost one of my projects because of this :( I'll give five stars if this is fixed.

  • Please fix bug

    by Trtlatak

    The two buttons (four squares, plus sign) are both giving me the same save option when I tap them. I think the plus is supposed to allow me to add images. It was doing this before but if I tapped it enough times it would work. Now it won't work at all no matter what I do. Please fix this and update.

  • Awesome!!

    by King Syris

    i love this app very much...i have the ipad 4 and its awesome..the only thing i have is that i need more layers...alot least 100 layers because i love detail and i need to put more layers for the better...please update for the ipad for more layers....please...

  • Great drawing app

    by wrldsuksgo2mars

    The tools are well thought out, though the gallery is a bit primitive in ui design. I like being able to export to Dropbox. Please add the ability to export a png with a transparent background.

  • Ugh not so great

    by Jyreka

    App actully deserves 2 stars... I'd delete if I didn't purchase it. I save images & don't know where they go! I should be able to just go to it without the option of "improving" it. Fix it!

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