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Seller: Autodesk

• iOS 7 compatibility
• bug fixes and enhancements

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NOTE: If you have activated PLUS in Pixlr-o-matic, you already have complete access to the growing catalogue of Effects, Overlays and Boarder packs.

Don’t miss one of the most talked about and popular photo apps, with over 2 million combinations to make your photos will look spectacular! It’s so easy that anybody can create stunning shots.
This fun and simple darkroom app makes it easy to add an effect, overlay and border to get that retro, grunge, clean or stylish look, all in just three simple steps. And with more options than any other photo app, you will never be out of new styles.

• Pixlr-o-matic PLUS gives you instant access to the growing catalogue of Effect, Overlay and Border packs.
• Effects help you adjust the mood – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades.
• Overlays add drama, sparkle, neon, light leaks and grunge.
• Finish off your photo process with the right border – pick a style that fits you.
• Want it all in a single swipe? Try the randomizer and we’ll select an effect, overlay, and border for you.
• No camera required! Select a photo from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and start applying filters. If your device has a camera, you can also snap a new picture from within the app.
• Share your photo directly with your friends through Facebook or email, or save it back to your Photo Library.

Millions of users and critics agree!

“Pixlr-o-matic isn’t the only app that lets you do this, but it’s the best” –LA Weekly “If you have any interest at all in iPhoneography or artful photography editing, all I can tell you is: download this app!” –AppAdvice.com

Customer Reviews

  • I love this app!

    by Kiezzy

    Absolutely love it! One of the best photo editing apps out!

  • Love it!

    by jonathanmigo

    I use this app for a lot of my marketing pictures that I need on the fly. Has awesome features, love it!

  • 2 Thumbs Up!!

    by Candyland31

    This is by far the BEST picture editing app. So worth the. .99 to download it.

  • LOVE

    by Smoshlovergirl

    Love this app! It provides amazing filters and very, very rarely crashes. Amazing!

  • Good App Just Needs….

    by Kritmill

    Better search options for the effects. It can take a long time to scroll through the effects to find the one you want. It would also be nice to be able to make small tweaks to the filters, colors, size, opacity and such. Great potential though.

  • by Love me 6000

    Awesome love all the filters, but sometimes crashes

  • by dahomi-

    Thus applications are edited on the photos, but not really worth acquisition

  • Simply amazing.

    by h.westtt42O

    * THE BEST photo filter app you can possibly invest in. * * What it comes with; - 25 film filters. - 30 lighting effects. - 31 frames. ** From faded & warm film filters to light leaks, sparkles, & rainbows. You can apply only one filter of each type, but when you do, your picture changes almost instantly showing you what the picture looks like with the applied effect. ** THE BAD; - The only downfall of this app is that can't adjust the intensity of the effects & you can't crop or rotate an picture. ** THE BOTTOM LINE; - I'd recommend this app to anyone that likes playing around with their pictures.

  • Great app!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    by Shelly Martinez

    I absolutely love this app to death. Worth way more than free or 99¢. I use it almost every day and with tons of pictures. There is everything you need in just one app. It is extremely simple to use and to create amazing looking photos. I think the people that are saying that they don't get the extra stuff they paid for didn't go into the "extras" section to download the new content. But seriously though, if you want to make your picture look like it got edited by a professional designer, then use this app! It takes only a couple minutes to mix and match your settings. I highly highly recommend this to even the most inexperienced picture editor. It's fun to use, very simple, and everyone will be complimenting your photos. 5 stars all the way!

  • Love it.

    by Artsy Marcie

    So glad I found this app! For the price it can't be beat! Hands down the best photo editing app I have found!

  • Love. Obsessed.

    by Giulianna Marie

    Literally the best photo editing app out there. Every filter is awesome and turns boring pictures into 'artsy' ones. Once you start editing you can't stop :).

  • This app is the only one you'll need.

    by hernandezabi

    I have an iPhone 3GS and it works fine!! This app is only 99¢ for all these amazing filters, frames and more! Seriously, there are like endless possibilities!! So if you're thinking about downloading it, don't even hesitate! This is the only app I need for photos, it has every kind of filter, frame, and lighting you can think of..so get it!!

  • . .

    by Welchellie

    The exact same as the free version. No extra effects or borders or anything. It also crashes just like the free one. A total waste of money. You don't gain anything, you just loose a dollar. Ugh. Fix this please. Like add effects if people are going to pay for it. Don't keep it the exact same as the free one. Like I just paid a dollar and I could've gotten the same thing for free. Pathetic. Sorry but it really is. So please fix this as soon as you can because this has amazing edits and all but it's the sameas the free one.. Thanks. Bye. I needed to try things in the app. When I first composed this, I did not realize that to have the other effects and such available, you had to go to the in App Store and simply install them. It was easy and fast and to get all the effects and everything it was only 99 cents. It is amazing! I have gotten so many likes on my pictures with this. Thank you so much and disregard my review above. Thank you!

  • One of my favorites

    by 00eight

    Update fixed the pixelated areas problem. Filters render super slowly now though.

  • Ghostly images on my photos when finnished.

    by CookieMo13

    This app was by far my favorite photo editing app ever, I even have for Google chrome.

  • iPhotog

    by LaTravelista

    One of my favorite photo editing apps, but please fix the "Antonio" effect. It's lovely, but causes green ovals to be etched all over the image.

  • Disappointed ❗

    by Britt_peacee

    Should be able to move or adjust how you want the special effects on your picture. Like the hearts and light effects.

  • Wonderful Photo Effects!

    by BAR112

    It's amazing how many interesting and unusual photo effects are included in this 99-cent app. So much fun to play around with on my iPad. Get it--you will not be disappointed!

  • Keeps crashing

    by ramboacp

    I loved this app. But since I got my iPhone5 it hasn't worked. Please fix it

  • I really love it !

    by Leprr

    I love this app so much and the amount things you can do with your pictures. It's my favorite. But I recently bought an iPod touch 5th gen and can you please update this fit the 4inch screen? Thank you very much!

  • Something's wrong

    by Laith Yasin

    For some reason i dunno, almost all the buttons in the app are out of place. IPhone 5 iOS7

  • Why?

    by Skyツ

    All was fantastic until your application has an ads to promote install pixlr express+ who looks visually dirty on pixlromatic+ I expected more professionalism with your work but I'm sure you aren't really interested to take care with your customers It's a shame!

  • Crashes

    by DANmadMAN

    Crash each time I try to save my photo! Fix it please! And please give us to adjust filters.


    by BradenA126

    I bought this app then found Pixlr Express+ which is a very similar app by the same company. It's free and so are all the other effects that you are paying for when you buy this app. It also has more features like red eye correction. Etc. check it out b4 you buy this app.

  • Permanent ad at the bottom of the paid app

    by soniasim

    I am giving one star just because of the constant ad at the launch of the app. I wouldn't mind if I was informed about your new app in the first launch after installing the update, but seeing it every single time I run the app, is totally annoying... And of course it made me hate the new app, before even trying it. Please remove the ad, other than that, I love everything about this app...

  • filters already free in pixlr express

    by Josh hallq

    These filters I just paid a dollar for are already free in pixlr express.... Thanks for the scam!

  • What?

    by slabstick

    I was really pleased with this app. until you added this "gay" crap on here. I think I'll just delete it now!

  • Bug

    by Brina123Sabby

    It doesn't let me even see the extra effects at all.

  • Filters Are Gone

    by Lexi1624

    This app was my favorite editing app, but I upgraded it, and now some of my favorite filters are gone and I dont know what happened.... I would like to use them again....

  • UPDATE!!!!

    by terrixoxo


  • Epic Fail


    This was THE BEST photo editing app on the App Store and now you can't apply an effect to a photo without ghost imaging on the photos. That alone makes it the worst photo editing app on the App Store. Your "paying customers" have spoken. Act like a REAL developer and fix it or refund our purchases!!!

  • Please fix!!!!!

    by Henpups

    I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because this app is amazing!!!......before it started glitching. Now it doesn't let me even open a photo. Please please fix!

  • No longer working

    by Kasper1014

    This was my favorite photo app....but with the latest upgrade, it no longer seems to work. Please fix!!!!

  • Doesn't allow cropping.

    by mike.delta

    Unless you can crop a photo it's not useful.

  • Bitter sweet

    by exXzZz

    While the app itself has a lot of really cool content, you can't use it all because when you mix certain stuff together is glitches and you get these weird purple pixels! Then you have to save ever 2 minute because the app is a ticking time bomb that will force close on you at any moment! I luv this app but t needs a lot of work!

  • Picture Anything

    by BigBiscuit

    Pixir-o-matic is fun and fantastic and huge. The amount of filters and options is almost overwhelming, but well worth 99¢! (if you upgrade to +) I quite literally spent an hour figuring out the best way to present a picture. Instagram—eat your heart out!!!

  • Yep

    by Chels190

    I like it a lot. I uninstalled the free one. All the extra add-ons you can get with this are worth the 1.00 spent. The free is fabulous too. But it's nice to have tons of options. I mean....tons of options

  • Update

    by Mini_Me10

    We Should Be Able To Move The Affects And Be Able To Move It And Make It Smaller And Bigger Other Than That The App Is Great

  • Everything is unavailable except the default filters

    by Tap7

    I would give it more stars if the extra filters were available.

  • Almost great

    by Eric McFarland

    Everything is good besides the fact that you can't overlay the effects or change the opacity of the an effect within the app. I would like to mix and match different effects. 5 stars if that ever happens.

  • Download

    by wii56789

    On my pixlr it doesn't download when I click the little battery thing it just shows the download then stops and says retry

  • Love ❤

    by Prodigy's Mrs.Right

    I Love this app, every time I upload a pic people are always asking what app I use

  • Unavailable

    by Duff.man

    I can't download all extras. They say unavailable. What was the point of buying it??

  • Good

    by cmneal187

    Really awesome app with beautiful effects. Must have

  • Plus packs don't work

    by Laur_laur88

    I can't use the plus packs (creative) fix this ASAP please it's the only reason I bought the app!other wise the app is great and pics come out beautiful;)

  • keeps crashing...

    by aevers12

    this is a great app, and i use it all the time; but today it started crashing. fix please?

  • Almost perfect

    by mustanglicious123

    I'm editing my own senior pics and this app rocks! I feel like I have downloaded every photo app out there and this is by far the best. Its like photobucket but more effects. I just wish I could adjust the amount of effect on each picture.

  • Different end result

    by Jonny Bones6355

    I love this app, such a wide variety of beautiful effects. However; the picture that I edit and the picture in my library look quite different. PLEASE FIX THIS

  • Love!!

    by Mikki18

    I rated this app badly earlier but it is working perfectly for me now. Love it. 5 stars!!

  • Hi

    by Pixlr o matic lover

    I love this app my photos come out beautiful and everyone of my friends is dying to know what the app is called thats how goregus the photos comeout

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