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Seller: AP Technologies Ltd.

- Experience the new look and feel with fresh iOS7 skin! (for iOS 7 users)
- Browser search in iOS7 style with unified search field (for iOS 7 users)
- iOS 7 fixes
- other improvements and bugfixes

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833 Ratings
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We believe that downloading to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad should be as easy as it is on your computer. That is why we created iDownloader Pro.

Now you can easily download anything from the web to your i-Device and then view/play the downloaded files or transfer them to your computer.

iDownloader Pro Key Features:

√ Web browser

- Built in Ad-Blocker!
- Multi-tab Safari-like browser
- Tap and hold to force download
- Full screen mode
- Bookmark manager
- Ability to spoof browser's user-agent
- HTTP authorization support
- Private browsing
- Search History
- Browsing history
- UTF addresses support
- Pop-UP blocker

Web Password Keeper integrated with in-app Web Browser (NEW!)
- Allows to Login into any website in just 3 taps
- Saves and manages as many user profiles for each website as you want
- Exclusions list allows switch off saving your passwords for selected websites
Note: to start the Web Password Keeper, please switch it “On” in the app’s Settings

√ Download manager

- Ultra fast downloading speed
- Up to 50 simultaneous downloads
- Download in background mode (10 min max due to iOS restrictions)
- Supports resumption of interrupted downloads
- Download Files over 3G

√ Music player
- Cover Flow
- Playback Fade-in Effects
- Music playback of mp3, wav and m4a formats
- Play folders as playlists
- Repeat and shuffle songs
- Background / Lock Screen playing mode
- Save the Audio play position.
- Album covers
- Lyrics

√ Video player

- Background Video Playback
- Video playback of mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp & m3u8 videos
- Thumbnails view
- AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)
- Video Playlists
- Save the Video play position

√ File manager
- AUTOMATICALLY rename downloaded songs by Artist and Song Title.
- Folder and sub-folder support
- Move, rename and delete files
- Sorting by name, type, size, date
- Extract zip & rar archives
- iTunes file sharing folder support
- USB Transfer to/from PC
- Sort files in ascending or descending order

√ File viewer

- Full-Featured Photo Viewer with slideshows
- Full-Featured Document Viewer that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html and .rtf file formats
- Video Viewer with Slideshow capabilities
- Open Files in other apps
- Share via USB or Email

√ Password lock your files
- Dot Lock pattern
- Digital Passcode

iDownloader Pro is constantly updated with new features. If there is anything you would like to see in the application, just drop us an email through the “Send Suggestion” link in the app’s “Settings” and we will do our best to add this feature in our next app update.

Please note:
The application may collect and transmit your mac address without prompting for perfomance reasons. We will never give your mac address to any third parties.

Customer Reviews

  • ok

    by sjakakskakdx

    good app

  • Good

    by ThePebble

    Love the app. Able to view videos offline

  • It's very useful

    by Ahmed WWII


  • Like

    by S.A.Dastmalchi


  • Awesome

    by AdminFTW

    I downloaded the new Of Mice & Men album, the quality is wonderful c:

  • Rate

    by TheRealYoungSavage

    Great app

  • love

    by ehsan3dx

    one if the bests.

  • Cool app

    by Qshady

    It's so cool! I love it so much!

  • by Citosis

    Nice app best ive could find so far

  • Exceptional

    by Sylvia Lin

    Well made.

  • Video

    by Trey Demps

    It comes in handy when you download stuff

  • I like it a lot! Very good app!

    by Spartans Whoo!

    Keep improving it. Fast downloads, maybe iCloud accessible Thanks!

  • Great app

    by Ttdyfd

    Wish you could download more songs but love it otherwise!

  • Great app!!

    by Ahasens

    It works great for downloading videos.

  • Good

    by Tavensmama<3

    So Far So Good

  • Great App!

    by Evo8man

    Great app, haven't had a problem with it!

  • Great App!

    by Bijoueyes

    Love this app! Super easy to use!

  • Marine1

    by Marines1371

    Great app movies look great but didn't let me download more than a few movies !!!!

  • Good

    by dip_and_spit95


  • Все отлично!

    by Grreeat

    Скачиваю без проблем фильмы на свой айпод. Радует слиптаймер в проигрывателе. Все работает, спасибо!

  • Didn't actually download anything

    by halleyscomet

    It didn't actually download anything.

  • Db4l

    by Derekbakerforlife

    Only allows a certain amount of downloads before getting cut off

  • Flash Player 9.0 and Higher Needed

    by NeonColorz<33

    I keep trying to download Animes Episodes but they won't allow the video to load onto the page since a Flash Player is need to support the videos. In this case 9.0 and higher. I wondering if you guys could make an update for Flash Player. Thanks for Reading!

  • Perfect downloader

    by Saraths89

    Perfect downloading app, simple and smooth UI. It's worth a try

  • Perfect for the lite version

    by Krx23


  • idownloader

    by mohammad from iran

    I love this app downloading in ipad is too nice

  • I like

    by Skdkapdjd

    It's good

  • My review

    by Miguel12tou

    This app is awesome it's a one of a kind SWAGG!!!

  • This is nice

    by Ginou Lee

    It so cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hate this app for music!

    by kimmbugg

    This app crashes constantly. Sends you to a website and then the App Store all while trying to download a song within the first 30 seconds. Absolutely do not recommend the app to anyone.

  • Great app

    by C2030

    Great app . Recommend it

  • Great app

    by AriaBella12

    I definitely recommend this over any of the other download apps.

  • Can't live without

    by Dro_sss

    Great app!!

  • Awesome

    by sjkoroma87

    Really good I strongly recommend Thank you developers

  • This App Is Awesome && Really Easy To Use! :)

    by TN23

    This App Is Awesome && Really Easy To Use! :)

  • Nice

    by Chino005


  • Love it!!!

    by JJKKNN

    I love this! Also when you are searching for a song use it's

  • Works good

    by Irishstylin

    Does what you need it too. No problems or complaints.

  • Awesome

    by Tootallholmes

    Great app

  • Downloader

    by KingxGold89

    Great app.

  • برنامج رائع

    by Hakevil

    لقد تميزتوا في هذا البرنامج لا سيما انه مجاني

  • Great Music Player

    by Narhen

    Does what a good music player does

  • Sheens me

    by Hdjdjdjdjdjdjhxhdh


  • Great app

    by The best of the best magdalena

    Awesome app i love the new feel for it it deserves 5 stars

  • I truly luv it!!!

    by bella78nola

    Best music app ever!!!

  • by Dee bai

  • Great job!

    by Oraye

    Awesome app!

  • Bug

    by Jkhffdg

    When I tried to open a new Tab it opens what I had on the other... I tried deleting the history see if it would work but even though it's empty it open same thing over and over.

  • It cool

    by Chris21babi

    It could be better tho

  • Great app but just "Upgrade Now !!" Notifications

    by Bebogomaa


  • Excellent Replacement for iBooks

    by DTMy

    Needed a replacement for iBooks which crashes constantly. This app has a much better look and feel for downloaded documents. Folder structure is much more intuitive than iBooks and it,so far, appears to avoid the iBooks problem of caching the files to open them quickly. Be aware though, upgrades to the "pro" version does not move your documents. The purchase s a new, completely separate app and does not know how to find and move your video, music or books. Really bush league programming, in my opinion.

  • Great app

    by CHEVYGUY5

    I've used this app almost every day, downloading music videos and episodes of my favorite shows. Great app, never fails me!

  • Jeez

    by Skeptikone

    There! Now stop bothering me!

  • Great

    by ALawhon

    Very good app, I am pretty upset that you can only download a certain amount of songs though!!! IF YOU LIKE A LOT OF MUSIC, DO NOT GET THIS!!!!

  • Artine

    by Artine Tokmajian

    I like it

  • Buena aplicacion

    by Aberay


  • How do I use it

    by Gibster baller

    It seems good but how do I download music on my ipod

  • Love

    by Ryuga1

    Works very well.

  • Super cool

    by Cricildo


  • App

    by Kevinb23


  • Icogcog

    by L L COOL KAT

    Pretty good

  • Awesome app

    by Elizinho4

    This app is the best.

  • Awesome

    by 2_LiveIsChrist

    Great app

  • Impressed! Must be used by NSA.

    by tariqnisarahmed

    Well, not that they need any help. But I was having no luck in any browser downloading large pdf files. This did the trick!

  • Brutal!!

    by Dashiin

    Lo recomiendo 100%

  • Good but needs iOS 7.1 Support

    by iLLi

    The ads repeat, constantly and on iOS 7.1 beta 3+ titles are unavailable on the media player.

  • Great app

    by Sarstar3

    This app is really good , it's an easy music download .

  • Great

    by Blaylock flock

    Keeps track of all my crochet patterns.

  • iDownloader

    by Zachary Frank

    Great for porn...

  • Lomejor

    by Gamer4Shreder

    Es Lomas sexi

  • Use to download video

    by Ldsbishop

    On Sundays when I like to show a church video in class, most won't download into my iPad. But with I downloader I can download any file that allows downloading. Now I am not a the mercy of poor internet connections that plague LDS meeting houses.

  • Good app

    by SCarrillo85

    This is very good if you're downloading PDF files and such, I've not really explored all it's features but it does as it promises and If you have the Google Drive app it's very easy to upload your downloaded files for sharing... Only one tiny thing is the frequent pop ups asking you if you'd like to upgrade the app is a bit annoying, it wouldn't be so bad if it asked you once after or before your download but if you even minimize your iPhone to access another application and then return to the download in process it'll ask you again if you want to upgrade even if 15 seconds before you were asked the same thing. Other wise it's very good.

  • Review

    by DClay123456789


  • Nice

    by Sirsirrington

    I am happy therefore it works great!

  • hi

    by saadatni


  • Beenii

    by Bandwalkar

    I use it to download the super expensive course books. Thanks so much for the help. Planning to get the pro version soon.

  • Good!

    by Pitirre77


  • Drains battery too quickly!

    by Bloodios

    It's a good app, but it drains the battery way too quickly. It would be nice if it can be optimized to be more efficient in power consumption.

  • Cool

    by Fedecute

    Great app love it !!

  • Best music download app

    by klzr525

    I've been using this app for a while

  • Great

    by Onelowlife4u2c

    Great app

  • Great app!

    by Deboraxoxo

    This app is awesome but every time I try to download music a bunch of porn shows up and it freezes and makes my screen glitch -.-

  • Perfect!!

    by Fire and Ice54321

    I like this app. I can download music that I get get in my iTunes. But I think we should be able to add more songs

  • morteza ma

    by morteza ma

    good :)

  • Easy

    by Schkeeb Lewis

    Works great everytime

  • Great app

    by Devildadude101

    Good app no problems do far!!

  • eh

    by zoeandDiana

    its okay

  • Works great!!

    by Morpheusx80

    Does exactly what it says it will!!!

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