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Sketch objects, create textures, and make photo-realistic mock-ups ... this tutorial-video shows you how to create graphics from the ground-up in Photoshop.

This tutorial is now available!

In this 3-hour tutorial by industry-pro Mark Stope, you'll learn how to create photo-realistic mock-ups of objects using nothing but a Wacom Tablet and Photoshop.

Drawing objects in Photoshop is similar to drawing objects with a pen and pencil. First you sketch out the object as a rough line drawing, and then block it into place and wrap it with a final texture to provide realism. While it sounds easy, there's a few tricks to doing this on the computer that can make your artistic life a lot easier ... and this tutorial shows you the way.

Along the way, you'll learn how to mock-up a CD case, a security camera, a detailed rocket ship, and an old-school cannon. You'll start by seeing how easy it is to use a Wacom tablet to sketch-out line drawings of the objects you want to produce. Next, you'll see valuable skills for blocking out any real-life object using simple primitive shapes in Photoshop. Finally, you'll be taken through the fine art of finding and wrapping your objects with textures (either "liberated" from the Internet or created by hand) to provide stunning realism for the objects you make in Photoshop.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch it all. Use the search functions and detailed menus to quickly find important topics - that's the essence of Nonlinear Educating using N.E.D.!

Table of Contents:

01. Introduction
02. Creating Your File
03. Sketching the Object
04. Using Shapes to Build Your Object
05. Using Multiple Colors or Shades to Separate Your Planes
06. Using the Transform Tools to Adjust Your Planes
07. Transforming Multiple Layers at Once to Create a 3D (looking) Angle
08. Blocking by Copying Planes to Preserve Your Perspective
09. Sketching the Rocket
10. Cylinder
11. Nose Cone
12. Middle Fins
13. Adjusting for Perspective
14. Back Fins
15. Sketching the Camera
16. Blocking in a Cylindrical Shape
17. Using Shapes for Consistency
18. Making a Recess in the Cylinder
19. Transforming the Cylinder to Match the Perspective
20. Building Up Your Object
21. Building Up Your Object Further
22. Adding the Base of the Object
23. Blocking in the Hinge Details
24. Cleaning Up Your Object
25. Creating a Custom Grids Using the Guides and Line Tool
26. Blocking in the Cannon: Body
27. Blocking in the Cannon: Wheels
28. Blocking in the Cannon: Barrel
29. Blocking in the Cannon: Putting it Together
30. Liberating Textures from the Web
31. Free Textures, Texture Packs, and Photographed Textures
32. Selecting Textures and Using Smart Blur to Repair Low-Resolution Textures
33. Matching your Perspective and Copying Sections of Textures
34. Adjusting Planes within a Layer Using the Wand Tool
35. Copying Textures into Multiple Planes at Once
36. Organizing Your Layers
37. Saving Your Drawing in Stages
38. Adding Liberated Parts to Your Object
39. Considering Directional Lighting
40. Deciding Where to Add Shadows
41. Adding More Shadows
42. Adding General Surface Glare
43. Adding Edge Glares to Straight Edges
44. Adding Edge Glares to Curved Edges
45. How to Finish Your Drawing
46. Adjusting Colors of Select Parts of your Drawing
47. Cleaning up Your Drawing's Details
48. Enhancing your Object's Surface
49. Blurring your Glares
50. Adding Details to Your Object
51. Adding More Details and Shadows Cast From Your Object
52. The Final Details
53. The Final Touches
54. Intro to Surface Textures
55. Working with Wood: Fresh and Aged
56. Metal Work: Adding Rust
57. Working with Plastics: Adding Seams
58. Working with Surface Textures on the CD Case
59. Adding Details to the CD Case
60. Adding Glares (and Getting Carried Away)
61. Working With Brick
62. Working with Concrete or Cement
63. Making Large Surface Textures from Smaller Images


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