50,000+ WallPapers & FX Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: aone
  • Updated: Jun, 29 2010
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 17.23 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Liang Zhang

- add 35,000+ new wallPapers
- add art text function

Customer Ratings

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149 Ratings
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201 Ratings


The 50,000 + WallPapers has More than 50,000+ high quality iPhone and iPod touch wallpapers.
You can scroll the page vertically or horizontally to find the all 50,000+ pics in 120+ categories.
The differences from other wallpapers:
Not only provided the most wallpapers, but also provides photo effect function. You can easily process your own pictures with this function.

Wallpaper category
3D, Art, Animal, Fantasy, Illusion, Other, Abstract, Feelings, Architecture, Flower, Bird, Car, Food, City, Romantic, Cool, Drink, Sea, gift and so on.

Photo effect
- Normal
- B $ W
- Brighten
- Inverted
- Red
- Green
- Blue
- Woodcarve(version1.1)
- Pencil(version1.1)
- Carve(version1.1)
- Soften(version1.1)
- Glow(version1.1)
- Roma(version1.1)
- Laplacian(version1.1)
- Sepia(version1.1)
- Blur(version1.1)

- you can add cool Art text on your wallpaper!(version1.2)
- add new 35,000+ cool wallPapers(version1.2)

Customer Reviews

  • 50.000 + wallpapers

    by Lovepuppy1

    Won't open!!! ( v1.2 )

  • Good

    by Sirentookie

    It does have A LOT of wallpapers. And I really do like a lot of them. And I also haven't had any problems with crashing. That's why I'm giving 4 stars. BUT the pics are NOT high quality. Please PLEASE update for retina display. I'd really love to use some of them but they just look terrible.

  • wow

    by Licious123

    I can't stop looking at these amazing backgrounds!!!!

  • Really cool app!

    by Wallstreet123

    Does exactly what i expected! really cool wallpapers with awesome definition!

  • App crashes

    by A-j 13

    I can open up the app for about 2 minutes then it crashes, fix it.

  • Cool

    by sonicHuu

    I absolutely love this app! I love that I can create my own wallpaper. I have an iPod touch, which means I can't take pics on my iPod. So before this app I had to choose from the boring default pics for my wallpaper. Now, my wallpaper is whatever I want it to be! Buy this app, it'll be worth it!

  • Amazing

    by aug121

    I love this app! I use it just to add text to my photos!

  • Wow

    by wostm

    I think it's really amazing!

  • Nice

    by Tehrkdhxesfwgevfj

    Nice wallpapers but their is slot of bugs every time I go in the app it crashes

  • Love, love this app!!

    by Spquuu

    This is so awesome! There are so many great pics to choose from and top it off.

  • Highly recommended to iPhone4 users

    by cccUK85

    I love the high quality and crisp images!!

  • Amazing app!

    by JimeLala

    I absolutely love this app! I love that I can create my own wallpaper.

  • Good job!

    by MiniLite

    I like the new effects!!

  • Cool pics!

    by ItalyBoy123

    I 3> it!!!

  • More than 15,000+ pics!!!

    by HellEE

    Hi guys, you can just scroll the page to find all the wallpapers...

  • Love it!

    by AmealiKKji

    It not only has a huge number of pictures, but also has a lot of AMAZING effect. Very great!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Tanazi

    Best wallpaper app ever!!!!

  • Great job!

    by Happy APP123

    It's pretty cool, love it.

  • Rip off

    by Buddystar14

    Not surprised

  • Stupid

    by Kenwood1420

    More like 400 wallpapers not even the ones in the description r on the app pure garbage

  • Won't open

    by Jjdwood

    I want a refund please won't open

  • Won't open!!!

    by Mya1106

    I brought this app by accident and it does not open. Please send refund!!!

  • Does Not Open

    by KelBel31

    Waste of money. Did not open once for me

  • Won't open

    by Fakereviewmuch123

    90% of the positive reviews here either have 'amazing' or 'awesome', or the username ends with 123. Just sayin... Save a buck... :-/

  • Won't open, fake developers website

    by Jaejava

    How can Apple allow this to happen?? Everyone should get a refund. This product does not work and should be yanked!

  • Waste of money

    by Thisisurrequiem

    Bought this app and it won't open..save your money get a free one..wps was a good one .

  • Waste of money

    by Hates this app.

    I bought this app and it won't open! There is a button that says update but all it does is bring me to the review page. There was an install button on the page but when I clicked it it didn't do anything. Please, please fix this app!

  • Screen Saver

    by S SSSS

    HORRIBLE APP!! (And they dont care).

  • This app is GARBAGE!!!!

    by agerman1

    I bought this app and it won't even open! I wasted my money. This app doesn't deserve one star! But I had to pick it, in order to send my review on this piece of crapppppp app!!!

  • Crap!!!!!

    by Megannnn244

    15,000???? Try 20, worst dollar spent, liars

  • Alright, but could be better

    by Moo 123410

    The upside is that there are lots of pictures to choose from. Almost too many! :) The downsides: 1) Too many of the pictures are sideways instead of right-side up. Just a personal preference of mine. Maybe this doesn't bother some people. 2) Ever since the latest update, it will crash on me up to 10 or more times sometimes before I can get into the app. Quite frustrating. 3) It tends to crash alot the further along I get into the category pages. 4) It could be organized better. Many times, whenever I exit out of a category to go back to the main list, instead of taking me back to where I was, it will take me all the way back to the very first page of categories, and then I have to scroll aaalllll the way back to where I was to try to find where I left off. That's annoying, too. If you fixed these things, I would be happier. I have one of the original iphones if that makes any difference.

  • Ughhh..!?! X(

    by darca

    I can't open it.?!!! Wdf Is wrong with this son of a bitchhh I want mi damn money back!! Not happy I had to rate a one star...because shiddy wasn't a option l0l

  • Crashes a lot

    by Jodi Marie

    This app is buggy... It crashes all the time... Pic selection doesn't seem that great, but I didn't get to see many because it kept crashing.

  • Why won't it open??

    by VHux

    I've downloaded this app 3 times and it still won't open!! I've written that there's a problem with it but haven't gotten a response!! And I guess they've still charged me .99 cents!! Is this a joke?? Do not buy it!!

  • Crashes

    by Rj-33

    Plz fix, to many crashes

  • Grr.

    by Alliemazing

    Do not buy. There aren't many wallpapers to choose from!!! Not worth 99 cents.

  • Major fix required

    by Cam 1

    If you try to change the color of the wallpaper the app crashes

  • What a joke

    by Smellymely88

    Umm sooo where are the 1500+ wallpapers? There's only about 150 and none are very good. There are only about 5 categories and 30 pics in each. Completely annoying and not worth $ 0.01. Seriously how hard could it possibly be to actually put up good wallpaper pics on the app?!! I'm better off using my own pics. Lame and a waste of money

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