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Seller: Andrew Gates

- Warns user if they're not connected to the internet

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Find the location of ANY valid US phone number (and some Canadian)! Also includes Puerto Rico.

This is NOT a joke app like "Phone Tracker" or "iTrack Phone Locator" or "All phone GPS Tracker".

How To Use Call Locator

Type in the number you're looking for or the name of the contact you wish to search for. If searching for a contact, tap the name of the desired contact. If typing in a number, once you're finished tap "Search" to search. Call Locator then scans's extensive phone numbers database for a location associated with the phone number.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!

    by Mikeg951

    Awesome app. it really DOES work, with a degree of accuracy. like all GPS or tracking devices it is only accurate to within a certain number of miles. And it only finds landlines which arent very easy to find. so yeah it's good it works it's worth about $1. needs settings though.

  • Actually works!!!

    by Steven296

    This app is actually good. I trusted the description to find the location of the number i typed in, I tried 5 numbers all from different states and got accurate results. The only bad thing about this app is that it only finds the town and state that the number comes from. But it's impossible to make an app that finds a street address. Great app!!!

  • Plz Remove app

    by Dilefelix

    This app is a scam, please how can I get my money back?

  • Call Locator

    by Dawn Brown

    Should be taken off the list!! Worked once but gave a totally off the wall location for the phone!! A rip off for sure and I want my money back!!!!!

  • Looking for my runaway niece

    by Cherishyourfoxy

    This ap is total BS it only tells you the area the phone # is from....NOT the location the phone is in or where the caller was calling from!!! Anyone can call information 411 or google an area to find what city the number is for. FRAUD! Do not purchase!!

  • This app don't work

    by Churis

    This app don't works. It's very bad. Don't open when you push the app, you have to push several times for its open. Only give the location where the company of the phone is it.

  • Piece of ...

    by Kiki PR

    This app is wack it just for waste money because the information that gift this app its already in the recent Call log in the iPhone bellow the number or contac name. I want my money back.

  • Wack app

    by Ron Phaji

    I wanna give it 0 stars -10 don't work waste of my money

  • Scan

    by hectito101

    This is scan... It doesnot work dont buy it... Am trying for them to remborse the money...

  • Don't work

    by Crx si

    This should be a joke!!!! I want my money back. I will read reviews next time I buy an apps . Damm!!!!!

  • I should have read the reviews.

    by sleepydragon76

    It isn't accurate.

  • Full of bs

    by PAIPAY10

    Waste my money

  • Save your money!

    by NinaFAMU

    This is a waste of money.

  • Crashes on start up every time.

    by boringindierockboy

    App crashes on start up. Removing and reinstalling does not fix problem. Completely useless.

  • Won't work!

    by Maj1414

    The app will not even open!

  • Call Locater Comments

    by lowerliquid

    Do not buy this! It does not work. I tried this on numbers in my contact list- totally false readings on all tests, except one. You cannot rely on this!

  • Crap app

    by patternhunter

    Don't buy this sh!t

  • Crap

    by kinser77

    This app only tells you where the phone number was registered, not where the phone itself is. I could easly look up the area code and find the information myself, I wasted my money

  • App is crap

    by Rich poling

    Don't buy this bs

  • This is worst app ever

    by Esipiom

    This app is not working

  • Don't waste your money

    by Khary the barber

    This is the worst app I ever seen. Even if it was free. When u type in a number it ramdomly give a location that way off. I tried several numbers and it gave me different locations for the same number. Ex. 215-xxx-xx21 is sitting next to me n south Philly it told me the phone was in king of purssia, Chester never once showed up n south Philly. I should be able to sue the creator of this app for my $0.99 back !!!! Ps to apple test the apps before you sell them.

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